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Pray for missionaries in every nation!

Let's join together in prayer to lift up missionaries and outreach efforts in every country in the world. Please post a prayer in the Pray for the Nations Forum so that missionaries around the world can be encouraged by it! You can see the current Nation of the Day on the prayer calendar.

Please click on a link below for more information about a ministry...

  • Ferdie Flores - Igreja Baptista Kristaun de Manatuto, East Timor

  • Ajay David - Jesus Grace Assembly, India

  • Warwick & Maxine Shipway - The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, India

  • Valentine Aneke - Nigeria

    We are currently seeking to "adopt" more missionaries to pray for! If you are a missionary and would like us to pray for you, please go to the missionary signup page, and fill out the small application online. If you know any missionaries, feel free to tell them about the page so they can sign up to be prayed for. We are looking for missionaries in all countries!

    Missionary Signup Page

    map of the world

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