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Ferdie Flores - East Timor

Let's join together in prayer to lift up this missions outreach! Please post a prayer in the Pray for the Nations Forum.

Missionary Profile:

Name(s): Pastor Ferdie & Jeannie Flores, Abigail, Jennifer

Name of Ministry: Igreja Baptista Kristaun de Manatuto

Location: East Timor

Website Address: None

Description of Ministry: Coming soon...

The Flores Family

Ferdie Flores

More information about this nation: See East Timor

Prayer Needs/Updates:

November 13, 2005 - Letter from Pastor Flores

Dear Prayer Partners,

This letter is the sequel of my testimony related to the incident transpired in Laclo on October 08, 2005 and October 15, 2005 respectively.

Being tired of the very slow progress of the investigation, I decided myself to go back to Laclo to know the real name of the leaders of those who barge in the church memberís house and chase us out of Laclo.

November 9, 2005 I went back to Laclo, as I ask some people about the names of those involved, I told them that my intention is for them to show up and settle the problem amicably and I donít want them the world to know that Militia is still living in Laclo in the context of the violence that happened.

While I was sitting inside the house of the church member Deolinda and Manuel Soares, around 1:00 oíclock PM a mob led by the Village chief of Laku Mesak came and beat me. There are more or less 200 people surrounded the house but only more or less ten men were able to get inside and I donít know how many people did beat me. One of those young people rescued me covering my head but leaving my back exposed to punching and kicking. They held me hostage in that house for maybe one hour until one of the members slip out to call the Police.

While in agony and half conscious I still manage to drive the motorbike back to Manatuto. I went straight to the Police station and tell the Police Chief (Faria) about the incident. I ask him not to tell the problem to their Head in Dili as I still would like to settle the problem amicably and he told me that there is an order for them to report any incident implicating foreigners. After a brief talk to the phone (maybe a cohort in Dili) the chief proceeded to Dili while one of the police ferried me to the hospital. In the Hospital the nurses treated me well and give me a shot to ease my pain and control my blood pressure. My blood pressure rose to 170/110. I called my friend Jose Soares and he ferried me back to my house. Before I sleep, I pass water and in severe pain I noticed urine flows mixed with blood. A sedative (pill) help me sleep well that night.

The following day, November 10, 2005 police officer came to my house twice asking me to appear to the police chiefís office. The third time police officer came back with a police car force me to come to the police office, feeling very heavy I asked my wife to change my clothes as I ca even hardly get up. When I reach there the Police chief (Faria) told me I was a liar screaming at me without giving time to bring my witness. He condemned me and charges me guilty of inventing a story but I vehemently and consistently tell him that I was beaten. I was surprised because as a victim he did not even give me time so I could present my witnesses and deprived of my right to due process. The police chief (Faria) charged me guilty, when he is not a judge.

From the police office the Police chief brings me to Laclo told me that we will investigate the incident. I was very weak, have not drink medicine yet, and havenít eaten anything. Late when I know the Police chief deceived me because he bring inside the Roman Catholic campus. There the RC priest and lots of people there sitting already. I know I was set up. There I was belittled, mocked, insulted, defamed, jeered, accuse falsely as a thief. The crowd shouted several times that they are willing to go to jail after killing me. The priest told me never to come to that place because if the populace will kill me it is not their fault. The police also warned not to go out from my house as he is not accountable for my safety.

Fernando L. Flores
Pastor, Igreja Baptista Kristaun de Manatuto

November 1, 2005 - Letter from Pastor Robert D. Monteith

As of this morning we had received dozens of e-mails and phone calls from several countries from many concerned parties requesting information concerning rumors about the impending execution of Bro. Ferdie Flores. Apparently the information is circulating via e-mail and SMS. Iíve contacted a source close to Bro. Flores regarding those rumors. That source has responded as follows:

ďThe information you have received is not correct. That information has been going all over the Philippines and even to the States the last couple of days. Actually Ferdie and his family have experienced quite a bit of persecution recently instigated by the Roman Catholic Church. Several threats have been made by priests, but there has not been any physical harm done to Ferdie as of yet. Although last week a mob of about 250 people did surround Ferdie with stones, sticks, and machetes, but the Lord intervened and the crowd was dispersed without incident. As of now things are calm, but could erupt at any time. Ferdie has requested much prayer. But, he was never arrested and was never scheduled for execution as was reported. Hopefully this will clear things up for you. Thank you for writing.Ē

This is all the information we have at this time. Further updates will be posted on this page as we deem necessary to do so.

While we praise the Lord for this report, we do want to encourage you to continue in prayer for the Flores family.

Widest dissemination of this information is appreciated.


Robert D. Monteith

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