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This is very important for all PrayWay members...

Please join the PrayWay List so we can notify you about extremely urgent prayer requests, and important announcements from PrayWay. Being a registered member of PrayWay does NOT automatically make you a member of the list. You need to sign up for the list seperately. It's totally free, and of course we will not share your email address with any third party. We don't send out announcements very often, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

What will we send to you?

  • OCCASIONAL urgent prayer requests. We only send it out to the list on the rare occasion when we feel God wants us to alert everyone to a specific prayer need.
  • IMPORTANT announcements about PrayWay (For example if we launch a new feature of the site that everyone should be aware of.)
  • P.S.O.T.M. - You will receive a link to each new Prayer Story of The Month as they are published. These are inspirational stories that you'll want to read and share with your friends and family.

    DON'T BE LEFT OUT! Join today and be a part of our team as we reach the world for Christ through prayer and evangelism!

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