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The Unreached Peoples Prayer Profiles



For more information see the Ethiopia profile.

The People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, is a fertile mountain plateau surrounded by the deserts of the Red Sea coast, and borders on Somalia, Kenya and Sudan.

Ethiopia is in a state of shock from death, famine and war, and of the nation losing its sense of identity and purpose, which has left the country divided on regional and ethnic lines. Communism has left the land spiritually, economically and agriculturally bankrupt.

Ethiopia was one of the first Christian nations, and the Ethiopian Orthodox Church became the State Church until the 1974 Marxist revolution. The Marxist regime especially persecuted the evangelical Church.

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Arusi Galla, Danakil, Gawwada, Hamer-Banna, Harari, Hausa, Juba Somali, Libido, Somali, Sudanese Arab, Turkana, Yemeni Arab, Zayse.

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