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#261497 A new start

Posted by usmcsawgunner on 05 April 2010 - 11:14 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Lord I would first like to thank you, I became homeless you gave me a place to stay, I lost my car, you gave me a vehicle to drive. I see the blessings you have given me. Lord I ask you to make me whole again so I can stand next to you on my own to feet. please lead me to a better life and a family of my own. I have lost everything but I see you working in my life to make me whole again thank you lord. Please give me the strength to make it through this I am so tired and without joy,I know you want my life to be filled with joy and peace. Thank you lord for staying with me when everyone else has left . When I see what you have done for me these past few months I feel your love for me thank you. I trust where you are leading me. I am sorry for feeling impatient thank you for showing me

#260773 Is it for a season?

Posted by usmcsawgunner on 29 March 2010 - 12:02 PM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

I met "J" at a time when I needed someone and he needed someone. Over time we realize that what we have may be something special. Not people to rush not time soon will separate us and I wanted to get a sign from God as to whether meeting him was just for a season or more than that. I can't stop thinking about all the things that have occurred since meeting him and I really don't want him out of my life. So I am asking in prayer that God please send me a sign as to whether I should let go or hold on to "J". My mind is restless because I just don't know. Thank you. AMEN>

I pray god calms you so you can make the right decision for your life. god wont make choices for us but he will allways be with us no matter the choices we make.

#260630 Answered prayers

Posted by usmcsawgunner on 27 March 2010 - 11:45 PM in Praise Reports & Answered Prayers

Over the last month and a half I have been in a real bad place,I have prayed for answers and seemed not to get any answers I became frusterated and felt even more alone. The pain of my life became so strong I was going to end my life. I prayed yesterday for god to allow me to hear his answers to my prayers . I went to sleep and for the first time in a long time I was able to fall asleep soundly, while sleeping someone came to me the voice seemed framiliar It said jeff remember on your travels when one thing ends somthing else begins. I woke up and it seemed like someone was with me in my room I felt kind of confused, I was thirsty and decided to go the gas station to get somthing to drink, when I got into the work truck and started it on the radio was the song Have a little faith in me, It brought tears to my eyes. Im a marine and consider my self tough guy. But knowing god hasnt forgotten about me made me weep. Thank you lord I will keep my faith in you , and I know you have a better life prepared for me. forgive me of all my doubts ive had.

#260573 Need advice

Posted by usmcsawgunner on 27 March 2010 - 01:10 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Me and my girlfriend have been dating for over 2 years and to tell you the truth I am inlove with her, we have talked about getting married and she wants to have kids I do to but it really scares me, I was able to secretly save up a thousand dollars and I bought her a ring ,its hidden where she cant find it,I was waiting for the right time.We live in michigan and the economy there is terrible the company I work for went out of business, we were struggleing financially and she was paying most of the bills, I was able to find small jobs and keep some money coming in. I got a job that pays well but I have to travel out of state for these projects. We talked about it and we didnt want to be apart but we both decided it would be the best thing and we looked forward to getting ahead and able to finally save money. I left in feb for a 10 week project after the 2nd week she called me and told me she didnt love me and never did and she didnt want to ever see me again. She works for a law office and the week after I left she evicted me and I had 15 days to get my stuff out of the house,well being out of state I didint get the notice and she threw out my stuff everything. We also have a truck both of are names are on it she sent me an email saying I need to keep making the payments but I cannot have it back If I dont make the payments she will sue me and have my paychecks garnished. I have tried to call her and she said she has moved on and dont call again or she will put a restraining order against me. all I have is the clothes I brought with me and no where to go,I have no family. This whole thing has been a huge shock to me and has pretty much leveled me. Every one on the crew went home for a week and I stayed here having no where to go. Im so lost I have been dealing with this for over a month. I have been in some bad situations in the marine corps and thought I could handle most anything but I am floored over this, I cant eat and cant sleep for more than an hour keep having a dream about me dieing in a field .I have never been so scared in my life. I have been praying for guidance but I am not getting any answers . now paychecks are starting not to come in and theres talk about sending us home. When I think about the reality of my situation I get sick I know its not good, I have been trying to stay positive. I miss my girl so bad but at the same time I hate her. Im not sure how much longer I can handle this im starting to break down its getting real bad , I dont do drugs or drink but its starting to sound like a good Idea. sorry for the long post any advice would be appreciated thanks