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Prayers for my Mum

14 January 2012 - 08:21 PM

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ. I come to you tonight to ask for all of your prayers for my 86-year-old mother. She was suffering a back ailment and she took a nasty fall putting on her shoes. She is in bad pain in the hospital. Please pray for God to put his healing hands on her and take away the pain and make her whole again. Please pray that the hospital does not discharge her before she is ready - I am her only care giver and I have two broken feet which would make it hard for us all and impossible for me to tend to her needs. Thank you all so very much. In Jesus name I pray and I thank you all. Sincerely, Jo

A Christmas Miracle for Shane

19 December 2011 - 09:16 PM

Dear Friends in Christ could you please lift Shane up in prayer. I have attached the post his dear wife has put onto another website.

I need a Christmas miracle......
... ... Today, Shane and I received the unfortunate news that there is a small cancer tumor at the base of his spine (L4). The radiation Dr. that initially did Shane's radiation can only do mild radiation to the site which will ONLY shrink it and not take it away. The Dr's guess is that the tumor would grow back in 12-18 months.....and then there will be nothing more to offer.
However, Dr. Palma came in to potentially offer an intense version of radiation which would target the spine, liver, and lymph nodes. They are reviewing the case and we will meet with him again on Thursday. Dr. Palma understands that Shane wants him to try anything to help. We do need the surgeon to work with us in removing the lymphs if this treatment is going to work.....even then the odds are not great.
I know that I have asked before and in no way are we trying to be a bother.....but could you all please say some prayers and send positive energy to Shane? I would be grateful for continued prayer and am grateful for the constant emails from people that are praying. I have received emails from people I don't even know and from all over the world!! So please, on Wednesday night at 9pm......join us in a massive prayer chain that the Dr.'s will proceed with this treatment and that the treatment will work and Shane will live a long life. He so badly wants to be the best Daddy a boy could ask for.
This is my Christmas wish.....
Love, Shane, Jodie, Brett, Lindsay, Mike, Helen and Ian

ear Almighty Father, I lift Shane up to you. Please give him strength. Please cast this cancer out of him and make him whole again. Please give him the gift of being a daddy to his son, a husband to his wife, a son to his parents for a long, long time to come. I pray that you put your healing hands upon dear Shane.

Thank you Dear Jesus. In your name I pray!

Please Pray for My Bones to Heal

18 December 2011 - 08:47 AM

Good morning all :) I come to you all today to ask if you could please pray for me and my broken feet. I have 3 breaks in my left foot and 2 in my right. I have been told by the ortho doctors to absolutely have no weight put on my left foot. I am finding this a difficult task and occassionally, well more than occassionally actually, have to put it down. The crutches are very hard to use. Please pray for healings and please pray for me to be able to use the crutches better. Thank you all so much. Wishing each of you the Blessings of our Lord. Jo

Pray I keep my job please

28 November 2011 - 08:25 PM

I have worked for the same laboratory for nearly 25 years. 4 years ago we got sold to the hospital and the situation has had its difficulties. Our lab is now moving to the hospital location but no details are being given to us. I am concerned that my job may be in jeaopardy. I love what I do and I know I am good at it. I need this job to pay our medical benefits/pension etc as my husband does not have this. Please, please pray for me. Thank you. I know that through God all things are possible. Ask and yea shall receive. So I ask here and now for my job to be spared and I can continue doing what I love. In Jesus name, Amen.

Kidney pain

06 March 2011 - 07:07 PM

Hello Warriors. I come to you this evening to ask you all to pray for me. I woke up Tuesday morning with severe pain in my back over my left kidney. For sometime I have had "discomfort" in my left side. I went to the doctor and go for an ultrasound on Friday. Please pray that this is nothing serious and that the "infection" clear soon and I am left with no pain. Thank you Dear Lord for putting your healing hands on me. I know if we ask we shall receive so in Jesus name I ask for relief and for good news. You have given our family so many healings and miracles Dear Father and I thank you for each and every one of them. As you have promised.. you never forsake us. I know that you are with me always. Thank you Father for all you do for me. I pray for all those here and all those that we are praying for that sickness, sorrow, heartache, depression, and all things negative are cast out of all of your dear children. Please surround us with your Love, Peace and Healing. Please give support to those that need it. For family members dealing with sick loved ones. Prayer is Power. God is the Amighty healer. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.