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Need Prayers for Spiritual Guidance

23 January 2007 - 11:51 AM

I need prayers for Spiritual guidance. I KNOW the Lord has called me into Youth Ministy and I feel like it's time to step out in Faith, BUT everytime I try my husband freaks out on me. He doesn't understand that God has a calling for EVERYONE and refuses to beleive what I'm trying to tell him. I just ask for prayer for Spiritual guidance for both of us...me in knowing for sure that the time is right and this is in God's timing and just not me being impatient and for my husband, that God reveal the plan for his life to him and give him the faith he needs to step out in faith with me. I'm REALLY struggling here with trying to decide if it's God's timing and being disobedient to my husband by going against his will. I KNOW I'm suppose to put God first and live by his will for my life, but my husband keeps threatening to leave me if I do what "I want" and not stay home by his side. THANKS in advance for your prayers In Jesus Name ~ Amen

PLEASE pray for husbands salvation

23 January 2007 - 11:04 AM

I ask for interceeding prayer for my husband Jeff! Please pray that EVERY strong hold the devil has on him be broken, the spirits of confusion, selfishness, jelousy, hate, unforgiveness be bound, that ALL generational curses that hinder both of us be broken off us and our children. That God do a quick work in his life and set him free, & that he receives a desire to know God intimately. Also that God grant us unity in everything & help us become equally yoked. Please pray the Lord show me how to be a better wife & give me the knowledge & wisdom to help lead him. Pray he learn to feel comfort in the Lord & that God open his mind to learning the word & trusting in God so he can become the Spiritual head of our household. I THANK YOU with a humble heart ~ In Jesus Name ~ AMEN