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how can I make my marriage last

11 November 2015 - 07:55 PM

Dear Friends, I know I have asked for prayer for my marriage and I am going to keep praying that things will get better. My husband and I are having very bad marital problems and now I am starting to wonder if we will be seperated soon or later. I grew up believing that when a man and woman are married and become one flesh that there is no breaking of their marriage and I pray to our Heavenly Father to please please help me. My husband and I have been having a lot of verbal fighting. He is always snapping and talking down to me when I just ask him a simple question. He threw a pillow in my face today when I asked him how we can afford to eat till the end of this week. We are both on disabilty for our health concerns and there is never any funds left for the month since my husband cannot hold down a job. I worry about him wanting me to commit adultery since he has asked me about a sexual encounter with him and another male relative of his many of times. I am a very strong christian woman and very much go against any form of adultery against my husband and I would not expect the same from him. I have already had two miscarriages this year and my husband blames himself a lot for them saying that he had been too hard emotionally threatning me. I have tried talking with both sides of our families about this and all everyone ever say's is that I could have never married any better. I go to bed crying at night and fear for my emotional state. I love my husband dearly but there is only so much I can take sometimes. I don't have to strength to leave him or our beautiful home together but all I can do is pray for hope that God can solve our marriage some day. Thank-you all for your prayers. ~ Megan

I need my marriage to be saved

30 October 2015 - 10:07 PM

My husband and I got married on 2-28-2015. I was forced by my legal guardians to marry my husband because we was living together outside of marriage and I realized after being a christian since I was 14 years old that is was wrong for us to be together outside of being married. I thought that after our honeymoon that we would continue to be some what happy even though we was having emotional problems shortly after our 2 year engagement. I have suffered two miscarriages since we got married and it has been a very difficult time for me and my husband. We are financially struggling to make ends meet and we are having to live in a rough side of a apartment complex to we could not afford but got help from due to our minor disabilities. My husband and I are always snapping and saying very hurtful things to each other and I am battling depression and can barely stand to even look at my husband anymore. As soon as he comes home from work it is like a watch out zone. I love my husband and took a vow from God to be loyal to him but our marriage is really starting to fail. I have suggested marriage counseling and my husband refuses to go with me and he thinks we have a great marriage but I cannot stand to keep crying and deal with the yelling and arguing every day. Please pray for my marriage and that we can find some way to make our marriage work and not lead to future divorce. Thank-you all for your prayers and I will pray for you as well. ~ Megan