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In Topic: Please pray

07 March 2015 - 01:42 AM

Dear Father,



                      You're the creator you're the Destroyer, you are the only God made man with Mud and Gave life & we have your Soul still we are sinners you gave us Grace to live and change time for us.


And the way you gave life to us when we are still sinners in this world.


Ourselves to be Understand Now today we wanted to understand you were we are lacking, In the bible which you gave to us it was written only way to connect you is prayers ....Oooh Lord Jesus today I came towards you and surrendering you with all my faith and trust and never leave you in the life untill my death reaches me kindly heal me and protect me from the disease nystagmus :( Bless me Jesus Heal me Jesus Please release me from the problems and I will stand for you to this world as a great testimony and protect your souls to turn towards you with all my full fledged dedication ...Amen...In the name of Jesus believe Once you're healed with all faith and trust praying and connecting my Dad heal me.. Amen....



Jesus Loves you a Lot my dear brother... Only man come towards to his father when there is a problem if you get happy you will forget him..so sometimes he tests us that will we stand for him or we blame him ..... Please come out of sins and give your heart to god lets be friends.....everything get changed ..



I hope till now you have given all your days planned by yourself ...lets starts today give your life to god he plan you best of best way ..put him in all the prayers before you start anything which you wanted to do...........try to pray yourself alone he will listen to your words ......Dont give chance to connect with gods lets be a best friends.. he will talk to you amen......because your praying to living God..Amen....Good day...

In Topic: Need funds to move to a better place

07 March 2015 - 01:00 AM

My Dear Obbrace,


Good Day !


Lets start praying.....


In the name of Jesus your Blessed !  all the aspects which you desire come true,


Come lets pray with me Ohh Jesus Heavenly father we are coming towards you to connect with your soul through prayers with faith and trust please grace upon us connect with us and release us from the Evil from this world i believe you're the creator and destroyer, we all came in this world only by your grace, Jesus all the living standards are handovering towards your hands all our savings in your hands we are just opening truthful hearts towards you, please work and make our things better , your the creator you created this world through a word, the same way please shower on us your words to be healed out from all the problems & keep us from the problems and we are your sons and daughters your the only way to us to get out from this problems...please from today plan my meal plan my living standards plan my kids future plan my life in such a way never bend towards any problems always be with me &  plan me to worship you and praise you all the time and give more importance in my life rather than anything in this world ..i believe you're the living God and i trust you have cleared my problem. Right now


I Do a Job for you today I preach this miracle which is happen in my life to everyone ...Holy Father.





God bless you t.c