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In Topic: My mom and my family needs prayer

03 March 2010 - 02:52 AM

Father in the name of Jesus christ we honour you because there is no one like you. we pray that you heal her mom in the name of Jesus Christ. Thankyou for doing it for us. Amen

In Topic: I am in a hospital

24 February 2010 - 02:41 AM

Father in the name of Jesus christ i know that you have healed renji by faith in Jesus name.Amen

In Topic: employed

24 February 2010 - 02:19 AM

Thankyou lord for answering our prayers

In Topic: Prayer for a baby!

12 January 2010 - 03:11 AM

Isaiah 43:1 says, I have called you by name; You are mine when you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficult, they will not over flow you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. I command you to be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid; do not be dismayed for I, the Lord your God will be with you everywhere you go. Please remember those words and never loose hope, because God will provide you with children, have faith my sister. I and my wife have been praying for children for four years now, but we believe God will answer our prayers when his time comes and not our time. So continue praying and have faith in Him. God bless you

In Topic: Healing

07 January 2010 - 02:45 AM

May you please pray for me I was diagnose with HIV illnes.I am prgnant and I dont want to infect my unborn child .Please can you help me.Thanks

[Dear God, be our redeemer, our internal teacher and our divine physician.
Thank you for your presence in our lives.
We surrender to You all we are, all we think, all we feel and all we have.
We recognize in this moment that Yours is the power to heal and make us whole again.
You who have the power to work miracles, You who rule time and space, please take us in Your arms and hold us.
Dear Lord, please lift us up and heal us from negative thoughts, from our violence and anger, from all demons of our past and from all harsh and critical nature.
For we would be made new. We ask You for a new life, a new mind, a new body and a new spirit.
Dear God, please come into us and release us from our pain.

Father in the name of Jesus christ we honor you, you are our doctor to all ilness in this world, please heal our sister with HIV ilness and make her healthy again in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you lord for healing her.