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with god allthings are poossible..

02 September 2009 - 03:57 PM

thanx for evryone who prayed 4 me...dispite all the symptoms and fear ive been going thurr my results so how miraculassly return negative..this has surely proved to me that the lord will never let his children suffer and prayers are the only way ans whim hims all things aree possible

hiv test results tomrow

26 August 2009 - 03:01 PM

please pray 4 me that my hiv test results will be negative tomorow.i am so scared right now i dont want my goals to be destroyed i dont want want to shame my family and i relly dont want to loose my new girl friend that i love with all my heart i dont want to hurt her...please pray for me that the test will be negative tomorow..i want to change my life completly lord please help me i pray that u will let the results be negative

second hiv test results...need your prayers

23 August 2009 - 09:54 AM

thanks for all who have been prayin for me. i had to make another account because for some reason my first acount dont login.. it has been five months n i am still so stressed out and scared of being hiv positive....during these five month iv been going through evry single symptom of hiv ..i still have dry mouth sore throat and slightly swollen lymphe nodes in the aam pits... i am so cred right because i took the second hiv test last week thursday and i know that theres a high positbilty that it will be positive because of all these symptoms that iv been going through and wat because the not so pleasant things ive been hearin abot my ex grlfriend.can belive that this is actuallyhappenin to me..but through the five months i found another grl friend and we truly love each other..i love her with all my heart..she doesnt knw anything about "me maybe hiv positive" so this realy do hurt me..and i try my best to take things real slow with her because i love her so much and i dont want to hurt her or loose her.. i will be gettin the results on thursday n i pray that it willl be negative..please pray 4 me i am going through a ery hard time now..GOD PLEASE HELP ME....