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05 August 2009 - 10:53 PM

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[quote name='falsehope' date='Jul 28 2009, 11:13 PM' post='224428']
i met this guy year 2001 since then i cannot forget him and we lost contact i did everything just to search and find him how was he doin until 2007 i finally had contact with him again.we became friends thru text and phonecalls.eventually he told me that he has a difficult financial problem and again we lost contact in that one year of worrying for him i always including him in my prayers hoping that god will protect him and touch his heart to remember to call me.until december last year i got a surprised text from him i was so happy and thankful to god and everything went okay though his jobless and still in hard times last month he told me that his father suffered from stroke. a always telling him not to loose hope and im always praying for him and his dad.but eventually he started to get cold and colder he wouldnt reply on my text messages before he was to accomodating and warm.and the sad thing is that he trying to imply that i was the jinx in his life.it really pains me and brings me to tears every now and then.cant help but to ask god why would he allowed this sufferings he knows that in one year i waited patiently,worrying about him and praying then he would come back just to hurt me so painfully.

please help me praying for him to enlighten his heart and not to think that i was the jinx in his life and touch his heart to remember to keep in touch with me. right now im so depressed and down since i have financial problem with my family.it was a false hope.hope against hope.please help me praying.i couldnt bare this anymore so many confusions.so tired.

Father, You are the hope of this sister. Nothing/No one is too hopeless that You cannot change. Father, please restore the hope of this sister for only You can give her hope. Help her not to 'cling on' to that guy, even if he's Your choice for her - for only You can meet her need for love and security ALL THE TIME. Father, please take care of the financial problem that she has, for You are her Jehoveh Jireh.

Father, I also want to lift up before You the guy and his dad. Father, please provide this guy with a job soon so that he can solve his financial problem. Give him hope, Lord. Bring total healing to his dad so that he'll fully recover from stroke. Grant them salvation too, if they do not know You yet.

Glorify thy name, Lord, through Your divine help and provision. Thank You. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

thank you so much for your prayers.he texted me last sunday i hope you continue praying for my family and for the two of us to restore the warmness and the openess we had.god bless you all.thank you all