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In Topic: Had 2 spiritual dreams

29 April 2015 - 01:06 PM

I pray for our sister to have discernment in this matter.  The deceiver is very active in this, the end times.  Where I live "schools of prophesy" are cropping up leading God's people astray, twisting scripture and following false doctrine.  Prophets of old who we still can believe and trust in differ from those today who teach people to "name it and claim it" to "speak things into reality" when only God our Father did and can do that.  I pray that all those the Lord has called unto Himself will hear His voice and only His voice.  I see heretical teachers leading His lambs astray, like the enemy.  Prophecy is unfolding before our eyes and we need to discern the signs of the times.  Check out Ann Graham Lotz on Youtube "What Time Is This?" and "The Great Falling Away."  This is a time when we need to watch and pray.  The Lord is coming soon and it is no time to be led astray by false teaching and false doctrine.  He is coming!  The enemy is out to counterfeit and wants to raise up a False Prophet so please, please, please realise that all the prophesy we need is IN THE BIBLE and Jesus told His deciples when He was sitting on the Mount of Olives.  Matthew 24:3 The disciples came to him privately. "Tell us," they said, "when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?"  HE TOLD THEM!  Nothing changes.  We MUST RELY ON THE WORD OF GOD, nothing else.  If is is not in the Word He gave, then question it.  We must have discernment.  May God guide us.  May we be drawn back to the Lords Prayer.  Deliver us from the evil one and lead us away from temptation.  May we be fully rooted and grounded in the Truth of His Holy Word.  May we read, attend to, and obey His word and His word only.  His sheep hear His voice, not the many conflicting voices out to deceive.  Amen.

In Topic: High stress anxiety depression

29 April 2015 - 12:34 PM

It is normal and natural to get very irritated under stress and to lash out.  The Bible says it is ok to be angry.  God understands our emotions.  He does say "be angry and sin not," but it is difficult because the flesh wars against the Spirit, so rest assured that when Jesus lived as a man, was tempted as we all are, He understands you and you are forgiven, but I think the prayer I need to pray for you at this moment may be that as Jesus promised when He said "I will send another comforter" that you will feel His comfort and that perfect peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding. High stress and anxiety will never leave your life for good.  God is amazing!  Stress is there to tell us something.  In His mercy He has created in us a "safety mechanism" so please try to understand that our emothional reaction to stress is something for our own good because God wants us to stop, think, realise that we have to make life changes. He wants us to have that "Shalom" peace - a wholistic peace in body, soul and spirit.  God loves you.  I will pray that He reveals to you the root of your depression and that He gives you strength to say "No!" to depression and go out and enjoy life.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  God wants you to have a good life and all the answers to "how?" are in the Bible.  Teenage years and hormone changes are hard and parental and peer pressure can cause a storm in your mind, but Jesus can calm any storm.  I pray He calms the storm in your mind and that you will trust in God that He knows the plans He has for you, plans to prosper, not to harm you, plans for a hope and a future.  May He strengthen you as you work to remove the sources of your stress, or lead you into the lives of those who can help you to do that.  Amen x

In Topic: Please pray for my sister B-thyroid surgery tomorrow (4/28)

29 April 2015 - 12:10 PM

Father, You are the one who created all of us.  Lord, you knit us together in our Mother's womb.  You are in control, the One who can Heal and answer prayer.  You care about our tears and catch them in a bottle, every hair on our heads is counted.  You love us all. I pray that you surround the whole family with your love and comfort them.  Amen.