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In Topic: State testing

17 April 2012 - 08:30 AM

Please pray for our students (whatever state they are in) that are taking state testing right now. My school is doing them today through Friday.

Please pray that the students will be able to do their best on them. That they will remember what they have learned.


Lord God,

Guide the students doing testing today. Help them to keep focused and calm as they put forth the knowledge within them.

In Topic: Please pray for my husband

28 March 2012 - 05:49 AM

Father, thank you for bringing into our pathway a devoted Christian Sister who introduced my husband and I to Chan and his team members who will help my husband to lost weight. His target is at least 20 kg within this one month. Father, I ask in Jesus name that Your Holy Spirit will guide him to discipline himself and follow instruction with a joyful heart. To praise and glorify You Lord that health and healing comes from You. Watch over my husband, Lord while I am not around in the next few weeks. Thank you Lord for loving my family. Thank you, Lord for the assurance of your promise in Romans 8:28. Thank you by faith, Lord that he has achieved his target and this is for the glory of Your Holy Name. I ask all of these in Jesus name. Amen.

Lord our Father,
Praise and Glory to You as You send Your light and love down on Patches and her husband. As he strives to cleanse and enlighten the glorious temple You have given him. Help him Lord to stay on track and lose the weight he needs to in order to improve his health and life. Guide him in his daily decisions on food and exercise, show him Your love and help him to know You are so very proud of Your children who work hard to better themselves. You have blessed him with a body as a temple he is now working to honour that gift!
Lord Jesus Amen!

In Topic: Starting A New Business

28 March 2012 - 05:40 AM

I'm going to start a new gardening business part time at first -I'm asking for prayer for new clients-Thanks&God bless

Lord God,
Please help this business to grow and gain customers. Guide this new business owner in such an honest and pure endeavour that they may find the strength and inspiration to attract clients and keep a beautiful business.

In Topic: the voidless young girl/ woman

16 March 2012 - 05:12 AM

My ministry is broken women. Lately I have had the opportunity to work with God's beautiful hand maidens. Princess's a part of a aristocratic dynasty ( the kingdom of God) but they don't realize it. They idolized singers, rappers. They sell their bodies which have been brought and sold with a price. Help me lift these women up. Pray that I don't grow weary in my work and lose passion. Pray that I remain consistent.

Lord God,
Pray for those who help the lost lambs of your flock. Help them to guide them so that they know you are not a wrathful God but one of forgiveness and love when a sheep returns. Help these lost young women find the beauty in themselves and the love of God within them so they stop looking for love and acceptance in the dark places of this world.

In Topic: Prayer for pregnancy with complication

15 March 2012 - 07:59 AM

Dear All,

My name is Jill and I would like to request a prayer for my unborn child. The amniotic fluid is low and this may cause serious problems for my baby. Please pray that my baby will survive this and will be healthy and strong in the end. Please pray for me and my husband to take the right decisions so we can help our baby. Please God guide us so we can make it through this journey in a positive way.

Lord Father, there is nothing more precious in this world than an child. Please protect and guide this one into this world so it can feel the love of it's parents and family and grow to shine your light Lord into this place. I pray that you will send this Mother and baby a safe and happy delivery.
In the name of God the Father Amen!