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Humiliated in public

21 March 2018 - 02:20 AM

Dear All bros & sis in Christ,


Yesterday, there is this one man name Ricky who humiliated me in public in front of my lover-friend. By his remarks spoken out loud, i was suddenly taken a back for few moments and only realised that his remarks is aimed at me to humiliate and hurt my feelings. I feel like want to get even with this man and i would like to request kind believers and holy good Christians here in this forum to pray for me and also by God's Willing pray that this bad guy will pay dearly in whatever form or way for what he did to me in public. As " Vengeance Is Mine" , says The Lord. Therefore, with your prayers and intercessions for me i ask here My Good Lord Jesus to cure my hurt feelings and at the same time to bring justice to this man by dooming and damning him in your prayers for causing grievous "hurt" to my inner feelings. Mind you all...yes, i still feel the painful hurtful feelings until today. (xxxx you, Ricky. May God strike you dead !!!)


By the Sacred Blood of Jesus , I ask this in your Holy Name, Amen.


Yours in Christ,