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Pray for missionaries

23 November 2017 - 11:22 AM

Pls pray for our missionaries in affected areas, they witness the gospel of Jesus Christ not to the regular people only, but also to rebel groups like New People's Army (NPA). Philippines president Duterte has just signed a proclamation that the government will stop peace talks with rebels. Our missionaries need wisdom, safety, in navigating the new relationship dynamics. May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified, in this dangerous and difficult time. In Your Powerful Name we pray, Lord Jesus.

Benita's spiritual battle

22 September 2017 - 08:48 PM

She has been involved in pagtatawas, sewing clothes for Sto NiƱo, joins exorcisms by local mediums who are not pastors or priests. The family feels that this is spiritually a dangerous territory.

In the past 4 years, she has battled depression, and narcissistic personality disorder.

She has recently developed another new personality that shouts at her grandchildren, when she used to be caring of them.

She tells lies, like where she's been (to Mass) but she wasn't at Mass.

She avoids any contact with Christians, because in her own words "they meddle in other people's lives too much" .

She is often asking her sons for money to play bingo. She also asks for money to change her hair color, tattooed her eyebrows, lip filler, crow's feet filler, says she wants glutathione whitening, but uses lotions for now due to lack of budget.

Please pray for her to be free from any evil spirit/s preventing her from knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

pls pray that Ms. A. listens to her mom

26 April 2017 - 01:38 PM

LORD, it's only 3 days before her 18th bday. We pray she will learn from this painful experience, that as we show her Your Grace, she will listen to your voice & to her mom. In Jesus' Name.

Today, because of 2 days of severe pain, her mom took her to OB Gyn for checkup & OB said she was so pale, took some lab exams then had her admitted for surgery (D&C).

More than an H-mole which might also show two pink lines on pregnancy test, OB suspects a pregnancy (4mos or less) and incomplete miscarriage, or even possibly that the teen tried to get rid of a baby by some procedure or some forbidden medications.

She admits to OB that she has an older boyfriend & they are sexually active. She hasn't told mom. She avoided the topic of whether she did or didn't have a procedure or some forbidden medications. OB will show her grace.

Her mom worked hard to send 3 older sons to college, she's the youngest. When she finishes college in 2019, her mom plans to retire and enjoy life more.

After 3 sons, her mom thought about getting a procedure so she wouldn't have babies any more, but didn't. Ms A is the hoped-for daughter and her mom loves her very much.

I lift Ms A and her separated parents into your care, Lord. May we know and act on it when your Spirit leads us to share the gospel to them. May the brothers and sis-in-laws and grandchildren all come to know You too. In Jesus' Name.

take a shift, or resign?

28 February 2017 - 11:48 AM

Let me wrestle this with you, Lord. 

God loves mothers.


Baby is too young for some important vaccines - MMRV, meningitis vaccine

Chairman of the dept, being a father and not a mother, requires year 2000 or younger batch in the dept to take a shift in the ER once a month.

Please protect baby / family from illness

Let baby / family know that everything was done, short of resigning from work.


Tried to find a sub, none.

Personally requested the Chair to excuse mother from the once a month ER shift, at least until baby is old enough, done. Not given consideration.  

Even though all the other affected people are either single with no children or married with 7, 8 year olds and up


The next request would have to be in front of everyone (year 2000 or younger) and

that one might be given consideration but there would be some bad attitudes from certain people,

I don't think I can live with those bad attitudes for the rest of my working career.


Mother cannot resign, it is this precious baby that had her on bed rest last year, spending money but not earning any. 

For this baby, mother needs to stay, to work. 


By faith Daniel in the lions den was protected, Lord.

By faith

My powerful God, let the ER be empty of patients every time

Every once a month that mother is on duty at the ER, let it be empty of any patient, not even one. Thank you Lord, Amen.



Barfly and mother

10 December 2016 - 07:19 AM

The son is a barfly (finding paid women) and the mother 50+ is throwing herself at (unacceptable) young 20+ men. Please pray that both will know the LORD and that their spiritual and emotional needs may be met through Jesus and family love for one another. Amen.