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I need prayer for my back issues.

21 December 2018 - 01:34 PM

Hi everyone.My name is David and I would appreciate if you guys can pray for me and my ongoing back issues.I have been suffering with 2 disc bulges in my lower back for about 10 years, and about a month and a half ago I re-injured it and I ended up having an MRI which comfirmed a disc protrusion at l5 s1 and disc bulge at l4 l5.
I ended up taking off time from work because of the sciatica,leg pain and weakness and have been off work for about 2 weeks now and I havent really felt improvements.
I really want to go back to work,because I need the money to pay bills,etc and I am also in the process of sponsoring my wife from another country and I need the money for all the costs involved with that. I also plan on visiting my wife who is in Dominican Republic,but I fear I may not be able to anytime soon because of my injury.
It hurts to sit for long periods of time,and sitting in a plane for 4+ hours from Canada to DR seems torturous.
I feel really depressed,anxious and desperate to find a solution to this problem.I feel like it’s holding me back from doing certain things I need to do in my life,especially work.
I have considered surgical treatment,but here in Canada theres a 1 yr waiting list to get the procedure done,and it’s not a gaurantee,because alot of spine surgeries lead to failure and more surgeries,which I don’t want to go down that road.
I have tried chiro,physio and spinal decompression in the past for temporary relief but with failed outcomes.
It seems surgery is the last option,which I don’t want,but I don’t wanna live like this.
Please keep me in your prayers,and ask YHWH God to heal my back,so I can get back to my life and normal routines.
Also pray for my wife in Dominican Republic,that she will be able to come to Canada soon to be reunited with me.Her name is Ana,and my name is David.
Thank you.

God bless all