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Another endoscopy tomorrow-possible repeat ablation

09 October 2017 - 06:49 PM

Dear Lord,


I pray that the procedure tomorrow will go well + it won't be necessary to ablate the esophagus again. The last ablation was awful + it was 3 weeks before I could eat normally again. It made me weaker when I am already too weak.


May the Barrett's mucosa not have regrown; rather, may new, healthy + normal epithelial cells be present.


No matter what, I know You will help me endure.


I praise Your holy name, amen.

Daughter in E.R. at local hospital

19 September 2017 - 05:51 PM

Dear Lord,


I know You are watching over every tiny detail of A's life. Comfort her as she waits to find out the CT scan results. I didn't want her to get the dye they usually use for the scans but my message reached her too late. Protect her from any adverse effects of the dye or long-term damage. 


If this is a kidney stone again, protect her + help her to make any changes in diet she may need to make to help prevent recurrence. If it's something else, help her to deal with it. I pray for healing, but also that this issue will bring her closer to You + help her to realize how we are helpless w/o You + apart from You, we can do nothing. May she also be inspired to do all she can to protect her health.


TY, TY, + praise You for providing health insurance for her. I am beyond grateful.


In Your precious name, amen.

Violent protests in St. Louis

18 September 2017 - 07:39 PM

Dear Lord,


I pray for the St. Louis community. Protesters claim to be seeking justice but a contingent of them is causing wanton destruction at night, which helps no one + hurts innocent people. They aren't happy with a verdict of not guilty for a white police officer who killed a black man involved in an apparent drug deal. It was a bench trial, not a jury trial,+ the judge didn't feel there was proof of premeditated murder. The protesters weren't there when it happened + they likely didn't read the judge's 30-page decision, yet they are demanding justice. They say they will disrupt peace + hurt the economy till they get justice. They don't seem to realize that vandalism + throwing bricks + water bottles at police + even chemicals is only going to hurt them in the long run. If they take money away from the economy, it will affect them too. Some of them seem to be bent on anarchy + destruction. Demons are running free.


This community has had a lot of racial tension for a long time, + it only seems to be escalating. The protesters are making demands. It is costing the city a great deal of money to police them + keep others safe. Damaged businesses are losing money too.


I pray for a speedy + fair resolution to this crisis.


Please keep everyone safe. Protect the police officers + first responders, who are working overtime + under great stress,


In Your precious name, amen.

G.I. upset, cause unknown

12 September 2017 - 02:13 PM

Dear Lord,


I pray that this G.I. upset will resolve quickly. It can be dangerous bc it drops blood levels of the transplant drugs, increasing the risk of rejection. My labs were rescheduled for Fri. May the results be good + may this not happen again.


I pray for divine protection of the kidney + My health in general.


In Your precious name, amen.

Please pray for JF's family- mother died suddenly

11 September 2017 - 01:20 PM

Dear Lord,


I don't know what happened + I'm not sure the family knows yet what caused the mom's death. She was only about 50. I don't know either if she had a relationship with You. I think they went to church when the kids were small but may have fallen away.


May this inspire the family to return to You. May they not be angry at You, because You are only + always fair + just. 


This will be particularly hard on her husband. She was his soulmate. Help him to keep from falling into a pit of despair. He can only survive with Your help.


In Your precious name, amen.