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In Topic: Husband Uncle passed away early this morning

Yesterday, 09:41 AM

Dear Lord,


Bless Patches' family + ease their suffering. May they be comforted + filled with peace. If there are any family members who don't know You yet, we pray they will soon.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Please urgently pray for me and my two young grandchildren

Yesterday, 09:39 AM

Dear Lord,


Please allow all affected family members to heal quickly + completely.  I'm sorry to hear they get sick more often than some. 


Send healing rains to wash away some of the pollution where they live. Bless them + help them to remain strong.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Total hip replacement Monday, 9/10

Yesterday, 09:36 AM

Dear Lord,


TY that the surgeon felt the hip replacement went well overall. I pray for special protection from infection + any other complication.


This has been quite a challenge but mobility is starting to improve. I'm still very sore but it is not terrible. 


May the hip heal well + may I have full strength + flexibility. Protect me also from dislocation. I'm not sure how easily that can happen.


Bless B, who is staying with me for 2 weeks to help me thru the worst of it. Bless A, who is also helping, + Marty too.


I found out after the surgery that this doc is rated in the top 6 or orthopedic surgeons in the country. TY for arranging that he would do the surgery. Generally his patients do well, I'm told.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Seeking Christian husband for daughter

09 September 2018 - 06:03 PM

Dear Lord,


TY for all You've done for A. May she talk with Marty about his beliefs. I pray for his soon salvation.


May each do the best they can to take care of their health through healthy eating, exercising regularly, + getting enough sleep.


Bless their jobs. May A find a FT job in her field. TY that she at least has PT work, although there are no benefits + the salary is not commensurate with her skills + level of education.


Keep them safe + secure. Protect their identities, reputation, finances, + every aspect of their lives.


May A always make time for You + keep her relationship with You active.


May she always know she is Your child. Keep her faith strong + unwavering. Protect both of them from being deceived by false teachings.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Schizophrenic sister wants to move closer to me

09 September 2018 - 05:59 PM

Dear Lord,


Bless B + help her with all her health problems. TY that she finally has a good psychiatrist. May she learn better coping skills + may she do all she can to benefit her health. She struggles with overeating bc the psych drugs give her a ravenous appetite + cause restless leg syndrome, which is only alleviated by eating carbs.


Help me to help her. May we each find a first floor apt. that we'll be happy with.


In Your precious name, amen.