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02 November 2017 - 02:35 PM

Dear Lord,


So many prophecies are being fulfilled; surely You will return soon. I pray that those who revile You + your  people will instead allow Your Spirit to soften their hearts + open their eyes + unstop their ears. They do not recognize that they are dying spiritually.


I esp. pray for the US + Israel. Bless us, Lord, + turn our leaders from their corrupt ways. I know You will cont. to protect the people of Israel, but I pray they will turn from their unbelief soon + come to know + worship You as Lord.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Please pray for Gwen's dad

02 November 2017 - 02:07 PM

Dear Lord,


TY for blessing Gwen's time off + allowing her to see evidence of Your hand in her life. Please cont. to guide her as she makes decisions in her life + strives to follow Your will.


Please bless her role as leader of a new Bible study. May all go well.


Please cont. to bless her dad + give him the grace he needs to cope w/ his devastating illness. May he maintain a good level of cognition + the ability to communicate. May he not deteriorate to much physically. If possible, please heal him. In the meantime, bless + strengthen his wife + all those who care for him. They need Your grace to cope, too.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Schizophrenic sister going into hospital for ECT

02 November 2017 - 02:05 PM

Dear Lord,


Give me patience as I try to help B with these problems. It's difficult + stressful. I don't want to listen to her paranoid ideation; it's too upsetting. Help me to support her in every other way as needed.


Lord, I don't think I could tolerate living with her if it gets to the point that she can't live on her own. Please allow her to remain independent in spite of her mental issues.


I pray she will realize she is getting no help from her current psychiatrist, who overmedicates her + does not address anything except drugs. She only makes tangential references to  her paranoia + delusions but gives her no coping strategies.


Help B to find a good psychiatrist who is taking new patients.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Please pray for functioning of 2nd kidney transplant

02 November 2017 - 02:01 PM

Dear Lord,


TY again for the gift of this transplanted kidney. May it work well the rest of my life. May I get good results back on the next set of labs.


I cont. to pray for healing from all the other issues: , severe neuropathy, esophageal ulcers/high grade dysplasia, chronic pain in various areas, sleep apnea, osteopenia, spinal stenosis, arthritis, etc. I am also at risk for diabetes. May I not get it.


TY for the many miracles You've given me over the years.


In Your precious name, amen.

In Topic: Please pray for secure employment for daughter

02 November 2017 - 01:59 PM

Dear Lord,


I pray earnestly for deliverance in this case so A will be able to  keep her job. The chancellor at the college where she teaches won't even meet with the professors, who voted to unionize 3 years ago- he is blocking + stalling + there is a culture of intimidation of teachers there. It is ridiculous for a professional organization to behave in this way.


Ideally, I'd like for her to find a FT job with benefits at a different university. It is hard to break into academia these days, + her field is very specialized. Plus, the political climate makes it even more tenuous. I know You will use this situation to bring about good; we just can't see it. May she not get discouraged. TY that she has a few other transferable skills that will help her if she has to seek employment elsewhere. I just hate for her to have to do that when she's spent so much time + money on getting 2 degrees.


I will keep praying, but trust You to use this for her benefit.


In Your precious name, amen.