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In Topic: Horrid job conditions

12 May 2020 - 07:04 PM

Dear Lord,


May lian05 find relief from this terribly demoralizing situation. May she find stable, rewarding employment elsewhere.


In Your name, amen.

In Topic: Please pray for functioning of 2nd kidney transplant

12 May 2020 - 07:03 PM

Dear Lord,


I cont. to pray for protection for the kidney transplant. May it work well the rest of my life.


The esophageal ulcers are a problem too. They're quite uncomfortable, plus they increase the risk of cancer. I can't get another endoscopy in the midst of a pandemic; nor can I have the re-do hiatal hernia repair. It's not worth the risk of getting Covid-19. All this interferes with my ability to sleep + my health in general.


I also pray for the other problems-the stubborn hypertension, which has required a doubling of medication, the tremors, the neuropathy, etc. Give me patience + help me to cope with it all.


TY for Your astounding grace, mercy, + the many ways You've delivered me from certain death.


In Your name, amen.

In Topic: Please pray for job security for my daughter + son-in-law

12 May 2020 - 06:58 PM

Dear Lord,


It looks like A may not get to teach at WU this summer d/t the pandemic + disruptions in student visa issuances- still waiting for updates on that. I pray for the best solution to the problem.


She has to take about 3 weeks of online instruction for the community college in case the students attending there in the fall have to do so online. What's outrageous is she would not be paid for this class, even tho' it's mandated. The other university has not done this, at least not so far.


She finds it much more stressful to teach online bc the students can't get the help they need-the kind that is only available in person.


I pray this resolves soon- the whole pandemic, plus the economy + the employment problems. TY that Marty's job is pretty stable so far + they're OK financially.


Guide them to make wise decisions, + to be sure to make time for You.


In Your name, amen.

In Topic: Prayer for the US

01 May 2020 - 07:18 PM

Dear Lord,


What's going on in our country is pretty terrifying. It's not just the pandemic or the crashing economy + loss of jobs; it's the loss of our civil rights. Our leaders-almost all of them--are terribly corrupt + have reprobate minds.


The apostasy is astounding as well. Top evangelical leaders are compromised. You told us this would happen, but it's hard to witness.


Protect Your people. I know You will, bc You keep Your promises, but it's not fun going thru this. Deliver us from this evil ASAP, please.


Turn the hearts of our leaders + other people back before it's too late.


Give our children + loved ones the strength to resist evil + stay firm in their faith, regardless of the material cost.


In Your name, amen.

In Topic: Prayer Request is for My Oral Health.

01 May 2020 - 07:14 PM

Dear Lord,


May RGPWUN make the right decisions re: his or her dental health. It sounds like there are a lot of problems here.


In your name, amen.