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13 March 2006 - 08:45 AM

Heavenly Father, there are so m any needs here and I haven't been on in such a long time...11 pages of new requests. Move in these people's lives. Where there are financial burdens, jobs needed, homes needed and any other financial burden, move. Move in the lives of those waiting for your healing to be manifest in them. By faith in Jesus, heal them. God, where there are relationship issues, move. Where there is loneliness, dispair, grief....MOVE. God you are moving here today, by the power of your holy spirit move. In Jesus name, amen.

please pray for my boss

12 December 2005 - 11:07 AM

Hello my prayway family. I am in need of prayer today. This might sound silly to some but it is really heavy on my heart. I have been a stay at home mom for 10 years and am now working part time. (Since this past spring.) My job is so fun. I work at a neighborhood espresso bar and ice cream shop. I love the whole atmosphere of the serving industry. I think I fit there naturally because it is all have been doing since I have had my kids, and it is truly a joy. I love serving the customers. It has been so fun meeting people and hearing about their lives. God has allowed me to pray for some, offer encouragement to others. I am able to utilize my passion for Jesus in a secular environment to reach out to the world with a smile, nice word, just being genuinly interested in people. It couldn't be a better job. My issue is my boss. She started this business a month before she hired me. She has owned several business' but not one having to deal with food. She has had some fun ideas to increase the customer base like serving soups and sandwich wraps to name a couple. But the problem is she doesnt want to serve anything that isn't made "homemade" which is great IF she knew how to make anything. She is a self professed "non cook" and all of the pressure of the food has fallen on myself and my best friend who also works at the shop. The other reality is that she is very set in her ways...which is fine because she owns the shop...but if you tell your employees that you don't know what you are you are doing and tell them to figure it out...then when they do figure it out you micro manage everything but do not MANAGE it is really hard to get results. I am frustrated because I have tried to do everything I can just to do what she wants and she has a terrible habit verbally attacking me or whan she isn't verbally attacking me she is complaining to me about the other employees. Needless to say, I am stressed. I have tried not to let it affect me. I really believe I need help praying for her. Yesterday she confronted me about something and it ended up being very ugly. She accuses me of stuff and then when the truth is out there and she realizes she is wrong she back pedals and turns things around and I end up confused. I want to continue to work there, i just need prayer support. Thank you so much! Teri


27 October 2005 - 06:52 PM

Please pray for Jim, Heidi, Gretchen and Lukeand the rest of their team. They are headed to Nicaragua Sunday. There is a team already there that are coming home Sunday. The hurricane is projected to hit land Saturday night into Sunday. This would prevent these teams from traveling. Please pray that God would have HIS way. Pray for protection, wisdom and discernment for the teams & leaders. Thank you Prayway family.

Family headed to mission field

24 October 2005 - 11:35 AM

Our friends Jim, Heidi, Gretchen (14) and Luke (9) are headed to Nicaragua on a short term Medical Mission. Please pray for them. They are asking for prayer of protection for their family and all of those on their team. They are also asking for prayer that their kids lives would be profoundly affected by the Lord as they serve. All of their financial needs have been met and they just want the power of God to touch their lives and those they are ministering to and ministering with. Thank you Prayway family. Their teams will be there Oct 24th thru Nov 6th. Thanks again, Teri

prayer fpr my boss

24 October 2005 - 11:29 AM

My boss Peggy has had cancer twice. She had basal carcinoma on her skin which was removed and she didn't need treatment and she has had breast cancer which after the lump was removed she didn't need any furthur treatment. She also had a precancerous polyp removed from her colon last year while undergoing a colonoscopy. Recently she has been going through tests, as a precaution. She has had a few questionable moles removed and has to have a mammogram. The skin doc called today and said they needed to take a little more skin because of pre cancerous cells. Needless to say, with her history she is freaked out big time and full of worry. Honestly she is truly tormented. I have encouraged her with the word of God and have prayed with her. She was raised Baptist but isn't a church goer. She has a heart of gold and loves God. She just doesn't know the power in the cross and what is hers in Jesus Christ. Please pray for her. I am going to share with her the scripture from Healing Minister's post that one time about healing and hopefully it will plant seeds. Did I say she is such a great woman??? Yes I did! She is awesome and I hate that she is tormented. Thank you prayway family!!! Teri