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Prayer for my sister

30 July 2015 - 06:25 AM

Hello Prayer Family ,  I would like to ask that you prayer for my sister ...there are several things going on in her life and she has been very depressed .   The first issue is that our father passed away about 9 months ago and I know she is struggling greatly with this ,  then my Dad had left her some things and through some confusion what she was suppose to receive ( personal items from my Dad..not worth a lot monetarily but worth a lot to my sister because they were my Dads and he had told her he wanted her to have them), are not being given to her and she is so hurt by the situation ...I think  as a result she is reliving the original loss of him .   Then to add more she is struggling financially due to a car that has one thing after another wrong with it and the last thing cost her over $3000 to fix and just last week the car stopped working again and still isn't fixed, its in the shop and she is dreading that the cost of this new repair is something she can not afford, she is suppose to receive the estimate today.    I just ask that you would keep her in your prayers and that you would ask God to touch this situation , give her some peace and help her both emotionally and financially.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Prayer for Daughter and son in law

30 July 2015 - 06:14 AM

Dear Prayer Family ,


I would like to ask for Prayer for my Daughter and Son in Law.   They are having problems becoming pregnant and would so like to have a child . I would like to ask for prayer the God will bless them with a child , either one biologically or one that they can adopt.  They are a wonderful couple with so much love to offer a child.    The issue of not being able to conceive is very stressful for my daughter and I asked that you would pray that she can trust and find peace in what ever God has planned for her.



Death in the family and personal prayer needed

05 November 2014 - 07:40 PM

Dear Friends ,  I would like to ask that you would pray for my family , just a week ago we lost my father due to cardiac arrest.  We are all struggling with the loss ... we know he is in a better place but their is an emptiness for all of us.  My own mother passed away many years ago but my step mother is struggling in many ways , please pray that she will have peace.    Then finally on a personal note I ask for prayer for myself ...prayers for the loss of my father , who was truly a good man and great father and then  one more thing... just 2 weeks  before my dad's passing a man that I dated in the past came back into my life , I was very hurt when we broke up .... and very happy to be back in contact , he has been so supportive in the last weeks and I thank God for bringing him back into my life.... I am not sure what will happen, I like him a lot and would like to attempt a relationship with him again.  He is a hard man to read and had some pain from past relationships , I ask for prayer that he can let go of this hurt and really open his heart and allow our relationship to rekindle.   I ask that you pray that we can openly communicate with each other and that if this is God's will we will begin dating on an ongoing basis and if its not God's will that I will not be hurt when he steps out of my life again.