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In Topic: Prayers for forgiveness and mercy for my immaturity

20 July 2008 - 09:14 PM

Nothing bad ever came of it, so thank you everyone for responding and praying for this silly little prayer request. Very immature of me indeed. But I do thank you all again.

In Topic: Sickness in my throat

05 July 2008 - 08:09 PM

I've seen a new "head doctor" recently, and talked about this issue and one similar it it. You see, I never had a good father figure growing up so I've always looked to movie characters to play a fatherly role in my life, and she told me I feel guilt because I insulted my "father's". Which makes perfect sense and made me feel better. So I am hoping things will go well with her.

In Topic: Furious at my Mother.

15 June 2008 - 08:05 PM

Alright, here's an update: My father used to play for a band locally. He stopped for a while, but recently returned. Anyway, my Mother and I were going to go out with him since there was a biker ralley in town this weekend, and sometimes when that happens..we go out there. We didn't go out Friday night, that was when the infamous fight happened. But we were going to go out Saturday. I decided to still go, and try to forgive and forget. This was decided at the last minute, but as we were almost at the door...my Father a.k.a. the world's biggest 5-years old throws this temper tauntrum and is ringing the door bell and screaming and cursing at the top of his lungs because he's worried that he's going to be late because of us. Right there and then I decided not to go, and wished him good-bye. My Mother also decided not to go after that ut burst, and my father just stormed off. My Mother and I later went out on our own with a friend of the family's. So how about that? We made up because of my father's actions. The Lord works in a strange way. I recall as a kid whenever my sister and I fought, and we brought the problem to our father, he'd always freak out and lose his temper and scream and curse at us, and when he did that..my sister and I made up. I guess my father is good for a few things after all, but that's another subject. Anyway, I know I am way too old for this nonsense. Way too old. And I am a 25-year old man too. I sometimes wish I was a woman because society doesn't judge women as much for living at home since a "man" hasn't come in and taken them away. It's embarrassing at my age to have to go through this. I originally was going to move out next summer, but it may have to be in the next few months. In closing, I thank you guys for the prayers. My whole point of this is that I was upset for my night be ruined, but truly...I ruined for myself. I'm too sensitive and shouldn't let things get to me. But I'm moving on. Like I said, there will be other Friday night's, and so much worst has happened in life. I am finally seeing a new head doctor tomorrow that has a few voodoo tricks to deal with my O. C. D. issues. Please pray it goes well.

In Topic: Furious at my Mother.

14 June 2008 - 10:51 AM

I'll go ahead and tell you all what happened. A relaxing evening I was looking forward to last night was ruined because of my Mother. But I am at fault too for being so sensitive and overreacting. I'm wanting to move out. I was just paid from work and was just telling her how much money I had saved up. So she pulls out a piece of paper and pen and starts writing all this stuff down, trying to prove to me that I can't move out. Even though I plan to save and get a second job. But she tells me in a very annoyed and frustrated voice that I don't understand, but I think she's the one who doesn't understand. I also know that she doesn't want me to move out. She is always telling me how every bit of money I make will have to go towards rent, and I'm fine with that. I just wish she would support my dream. Anyway, last night all I wanted to do was having a relaxing evening and watch some films, but she upset me so much that I couldn't and the whole night was ruined for me. A night I was looking forward to. She ruined last Friday night for me too...another night I was looking forward to with her nonsense, but that's a different story. I'm also way too sensitive, and I suffer from O. C. D. where I obsess over bad memories. Being like this had lead me to having acid reflex anytime I get upset, or anytime I see something that reminds me of a bad memory. Anyway, I'm worried now that when I do go to watch those movies that I'm going to be reminded of the fight and get acid reflex, and the movies will be ruined for me. My Mother and I are back on talking terms, but I'm not over it. I'm still upset, and even got only four hours of sleep last night. I couldn't sleep for a long time, then when I did sleep..it was only for two hours. I was up for a while, but then finally fell asleep, but again it was only for two hours. I'm pretty tired now and feel hung-over.