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17 March 2008 - 05:20 PM

my mother has faced leukemia for 15 years. This week we have been faced with the 2 month "cocktails" to treat her cancer. She is 72 and she has been such a great example of a christian, wife, mother and grandmother. I can't imagine this world without her, but I do not want to see her suffer. Please pray for her, she is loved, admired, respected by so many. No one could ever fill her shoes. She is so strong and it is only by her faith in God that she has been here for us. She was on the oral treatments and now for the past 5 years the intravenus drips. This series is for 2 months every other week at 4 days per week. It makes her weak, dizzy, sick to her stomach and her bones hurt. But she hasn't let that get her down. Please pray for her strength and healing. Her faith in the Lord is strong and she has never doubted his love. Thank you.