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Street Child

07 November 2005 - 09:31 AM

We just returned from a short term medical mission trip in Nicaragua, on Wednesday we had a 12 year old street child come to the clinic. When I turned and seen the boy for the first time, my heart broke for the anguish and pain the childs eyes. He had a headsche and just wanted some help. When I turned and saw him, I saw my own child standing there. Those saging eyes, with tears from hurting and just wanting it to go away. He had the same look as my own son when he has a migrain. I felt the Lord call me to him and I layed hands him and prayed to God to help this child and the doctor from there prayed the sinners prayer, with the child repeating it back. Praise God! But we still need to pray constantly to God, that help is on the way for this child. We don't even know his name, but Jesus does! I would ask for everyone that has a heart for children to pray every day for God to open doors for this child and others like him. Thank God for what he has already done and thank you for your prayers!