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In Topic: broken and so very tired

20 May 2017 - 07:36 AM

thank you both for your prayers for my house and brendas house.we need all the prayers that we can get.God knows the truth of what's happening and i know that He will answer in His timing.but its so hard and very stressful going through this very evil time.this is changing me-can't sleep i'm snappy-i've been swearing in my house.this is not good for my soul and spirit.i just pray that God will take this trial away from me and give me peace of mind-also breand.again thank you both for you prayers.in Jesus name amen

In Topic: urgent prayers needed

04 May 2017 - 07:27 AM

thank you for your prayers.things as of today 5/4/2017 are getting worse.i have been praying and praying to God for something to change but its getting worse.i'm getting myself sick physically-emotionally.i just don't understand why my prayers are going unanswered.i know that God has His own timing but i'm falling apart.its going to be two years and 5 months now all the time.i just don't understand the laws in nys.this man has done this to every person that he lived next to since 2003-i don't know before 2003---i just want piece of mind.i just pray that God will do something before i get any sicker.Father i beg You to help me with this really bad situation.i just can't live like this any more.Father i also ask to to help brenda on the other side of his house which he was doing things to her at least a year or so before he stated on me.Father You know the truth about this please please please help.surround my house and brendas house with Your Angels.send Your fighting angel michael to help out.also i have these feelings of anger and now i will say close to hate for thhese people.this is not a good feeling.please bring me pace.in Jesus name amen

In Topic: fulled with anger and total dislike for the people next to me

12 February 2017 - 10:04 AM

up date-this situation with the people next to me is getting really bad.this man just won't stop.everyday he turns his porch light on around 8 oclock-which he changes the light on porch about 4 months ago.light shines on my driveway-my porc-shines on the woman on the other side's porch also-shines into the street and into the people's window across the street.this person mark put that light in so it could blind anyone going into my driveway.since 2014 he has video people coming into my house even when they park on the streest.he's the one that is totally wrong and he calls the cops and cops just don't care.he now is boldly going on the his porch(or should i say the girl friends porch)standing on the edge with his cell phone with whose in front of me house and when grandson goes into my driveway.this is a everyday thing with him.he's been doing things like this to people who live next to him since 2003-he got sued and the woman won but he continues to do it to anyone who lives next to him.i'm falling apart-can't sleep and i'm getting where i want to just die.the cops in the city where i live tell me that he can have a video on my house and use his cell phone all he wants its legal.he also does the same thing to the woman on the other side of him.but with my he has called me and my granson all filfty names i can't write it down so bad.he and his girlfriend are really evil.if anyone sees how evil he looks you would just know that satan is with him.i have prayed to Jesus all this time but its getting worse.this may sound like a simple issue but its not.i don't know why Jesus is not answering my prayers.i just can't live like this any more.please if anyone has the time please pray that Jesus helps me and my familt thank you in Jesus name amen-------only Jesus can stop this man&woman