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thanks to all of you love you all and my God

05 September 2007 - 08:40 AM

Just a small hello all here to my family of Gods that i love Bryan was home when i got homw from work we talked ,i cooked dinner and no negtive words was said from my mouth he went to work im at work and i have so much peace and faith that all will still be great by my {our}loving God, im learning to give this fear up,and to forget the past so im still praying for fear or anything i or bryan has in mind hearts is cast away by Jesus blood,and all that have marriage trouble God will finish what he started he sees the finish path and his plan will over do any enemies lies i know that God gave me Bryan back it wasnt me or Bryan it was God the Holy Spirit talking to Bryan daily and nightly i love all of you hear

Bryan is home in Pettus with me family

04 September 2007 - 11:40 AM

i give my loving God all my glory and praise today and allways if it wasnt for his will and my and all your prayers this would not have been done,Bryan is home in Pettus and all is going great we talk eat meals laugh and everytime the devil trys to mess eith me i judt tell him to get behind me for God did this ,,praying that i keep faith not listen to devil i at times say to Bryan not knowing small things like are you coming home tonight from work,that he going to leave me again, and i catch myself and then ask forgivness ans pray to God that my tongue stop i need to be saying thank you my Lord for all these blessings of Bryan home and we so happy and that this stupid false fear be cast away by the blood of Jesus,so i come to my family here again just asking for prayers in all the fear in me or Bryan is gone and for me to keep in Beliveing in what God has given back to me us i love each and everyone of you and again thanks for so much confort prayers and advice you all gave me this last month or so ,,and God does listen to our crys prayer i love all of you here thanks so much i dont know if i would have made it with out you all

praying for young woman to be strong

04 September 2007 - 08:56 AM

praying for Gloria Torres to stand strong have encouragement,keep faith that she her son anthony can will make it for Gods will she finally did it she packed all the mans things took her house key gave his truck keys they said their good byes but she has been calling him every few hours saying she needs money praying she get a job,she leave this man alone she will keep trying with new man her age she been talking to for awhile thanks for praying for her with me

Gods will for my marriage/home

30 August 2007 - 07:42 AM

i give my God all praise and glory i come asking for agreement in praying that if i have sin today yesterday im forgiving by ny God,the ones i sinned against praying that Bryan Ross be home to Pettus very soon, he will call daily and God sends His angels to show Bryan how much I love him and God loves him that if its Gods will Bryan will be home as my husband, God will not let any woman nor man nor devil lies tear us apart again also praying for Gloria Torres to get job to be own her own with son not needing older man in home for money amen amen

im so depressed i need help

28 August 2007 - 07:08 AM

i give my Lord all my praises and glory i come for agreement in prayer for Gods favor in forgivness of any hidden sins i need to confess for saying texting someone out of hurt pain anger for what the family has done said about me i asked the familys forgivness and im asking Gods forgiveness i have repented confess and i recieve his love forgivness i pray for my home job and marriage to Bryan the devil is working hard on destroying my family home marriage due to my faithfullness i have for my God praying for favor in all my desires for im a child of Jesus i declare this favor recieved prayer answer by Gods will amen amen