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Please please pray for us

09 September 2009 - 04:59 PM

Today some scientists will be thawing my only tiny frozen embryo, tomorrow I pray they will be giving me this baby back and that it will stay in me to term and grow into a beautiful baby.
Please pray with me for these scientists to have God watching over them and guiding them today with this precious life, this baby means the world to me and my family, please pray with me that I will be able to hold this baby and show it all the love that we feel.
Please pray with me that it is Gods will that this baby be born, that it's God's will that I be trusted to raise this child, and that I have the strength to deal with Gods decision on this matter.
Please also pray with me for all the little embryos as they can't yet pray for themselves and for all people struggling with infertility as it is a sad lonely place to be.

Please pray for our Embryo

24 August 2009 - 06:44 AM

Hi, Thanks for reading my prayer request, Just over 2yrs ago My Husband and I went through our first cycle of IVF, I requested prayer and we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. We had one embryo that was frozen at the time. soon I will be transfering that embryo and pray that we are blessed with a successful pregnancy and another child. Please pray with me that my little embryo is safe and that he/she is strong and able to undergo the thaw process, that he/she will stay with me and grow and be born healthy and happy. I also pray that I am able to be strong and able to cope with the injections that begin tomorrow and that I am able to handle the stress of the treatment and the unknown, I pray that I'm able to have faith that this is in Gods hands, to know that it is not me or the Dr's that decide who is to be born. I pray that God is willing to bless me again and I thank God as I am so grateful for my beautiful daughter I also pray for my five babies that were not born, I will never forget them. I pray for all others that suffer from infertility, that they can be strong and that they are also blessed with a family. Thank you for praying for me and my family, may God Bless you! :)