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29 Trapped Pike Creek Coal Miners

20 November 2010 - 07:38 PM

Please need everyones prayers for 29 trapped miners at the Pike Creek Coal mine in the South Island, New Zealand. So far its has been about 36 - 48 hours. With not knowing how they are down there. For more info read http://www.dailytele...0-1225956810538 . So i just pray to the Lord that all the miners will be rescued alive and well soon. And i also want to pray for the friends & families of the miners to help them through this tough situation. AMEN

Need A Bigger House & Income

18 September 2010 - 04:32 AM

Hi, My name is Jayden Langley i have a wife Ronel and a daughter Shakilar who is 10 weeks old tomorrow :D . And we are in need of a bigger place, at the moment we live in a 1 bedroom flat which is to small and has no room for a cot or anything. My wife isn't going back to work after maternity leave. Instead shes going to study which will mean i will be the main supporter for about 3 years which is going to make things very hard. We do get support but not very much. So i just ask the Lord if he can help us out to find a new place in our price range and big enough for us and can help us with our finances and pray that everything will go fine and fall into place. AMEN