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restored faith

08 August 2005 - 06:23 AM

The lord has been so great to me! He speaks to me in various ways, he sends his angels to be with me. my grandmother, since i was a little girl has always raised me in the church and made sure that the lord was a part of my life. the problem was back then I didn't care much or had very little respect for god. I thought that if i couldn't see him or talk to him and have him answer me back, then there was no one there. but i continue to pray to him through out the years because i knew thats what my grandmother wanted. Now I'm 27 married, two kids which are only here by the grace of god! You see both of my kids were premature. the first weighing in at 3lbs 10oz and the second weighing in at 1lb 16oz. My body for some reason can not carry full term. My kids now are 6 and 4 and beautiful, healthy, and full of life and they know and love god and jesus. Now I pray not because I have to, but because I want to. I know that when I need the lord he is there for me when know one else is. If i need someone to talk to he is there. my life now has meaning and I am thankful for that. God has taught me some very hard lessons! but without those lessons who knows where I would be. I love god, I love my church, I love being catholic, I love life, I love my family, and I love myself!

Please pray for me and my family

08 August 2005 - 06:10 AM

I'm very excited about my joining prayway, I ask that the lord please watch over me and my family and keep us healthy physically and mentally. my our bodies be free of disease of any kind, me we continue to worship him as a family and my be be around for many years to come in perfect health.