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#1 hvnsentangel38


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Posted 19 August 2005 - 12:04 PM

:( I'M asking in the name of Jesus Christ that yall will pray with me on behalf of our 17 year old sons illness.He has just had surgery on August 4th and the Dr. thought that they removed all of the tumor, it had to be removed because it was definately cancer and that it was at least one of the five.while they did the surgery,Maurice Gomez Jr. came out okay,thanks to God and the Dr.said it was a cinch and that everything looked good,however when we took him back for the followup appt.the Dr.told us that he is sorry and that the catscan should of showed exactly where the cancer was, but it didn't and he said somewhere invading his body was this testicular cancer and that it was or is in his main artery and that he has to have chemo,and or to have all of his lymph nodes removed because the first thing it will attack is his heart,kidneys and lungs.on aug26th he has a appt.with oncoligist{cancer Dr.}to have more blood work done to see how far it has gone and that he is sorry but that he doesn't just have one cancers but four.He really could use all of the prayers,support,cards etc.that he can get cause I know and I believe that faith can AND WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS.If yall have any prayer requests or problems please feel free to email me.I am now a ordained" Prophetic Minister for God's Kingdom,"Praise be to God, hallelujah!!!Father God has blessed me with healing powers and wants me to go out into the world and let it be known.I have many many testemonies and witnesses that will tell you that they are healed and how God healed them and works through me.It is not me that does the healings, it is the Holy Spirit himself.praise be to God.He's alive,he's alive,he's alive. TO GOD BE ALL OF THE GLORY,THE POWER,THE HONOR AND THE PRAISE!!FATHER GOD WE LIFT UP OUR HEARTS TO YOU,WE LIFT UP OUR MINDS TO YOU, WE LIFT UP OUR MINDS TO YOU AND WE LIFT UP OUR SOULS TO YOU.WE ARE YOUR'S, "FATHER GOD DO WITH US WHATEVER THOU WILT DO TO LET YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN" .BRING HEALING TO ALL OF YOUR CHILDREN AND TO YOUR NATION, TO YOUR WORLD BRING PEACE,LOVE,JOY,HAPPINESS,WISDOM,KNOWLEDGE,ABUNDANCE, STRENGTH,PATIENCE,UNDERSTANDING,FAITH FOR US TO BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE HERE AND THAT ALL OF OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN AND THAT BY JESUS'S STRIPES WE ARE HEALED!!PRAISE BE TO GOD.WE HUMBLE OURSELVES TO YOU FATHER GOD AND COME TO YOU IN ONE ACCORD AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS IN CHRIST JESUS.WE ASK YOU TO HAVE MERCY ON US ALL AND FORGIVE US FOR ALL OF OUR SINS AND WIPE AWAY ALL OF THESE TEARS THAT WE HAVE CRIED.WE ASK YOU TO COME AND RENEW YOUR COVENANT WITH US AND TO BRING TO US THE PROMISES YOU MADE TO US CAUSE YOU ARE OUR FATHER AND WE ARE YOUR CHILDREN AND YOU SAID WE ARE YOUR HEIRS AND THAT YOU WOULD SEND DOWN BLESSINGS OF GRACE,ABUNDANCE AND WEALTH, THAT THE POOR WOULDN'T ALWAYS BE POOR.THAT ALL EVIL WOULD COME TO A END ONCE AND FOR ALL. BY GRACE YOU HAVE SET ALL OF THE CAPTIVES FREE.PRAISE BE TO GOD HALLELUJAH OUR GOD REIGNS.IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. WE ASK FOR YOU TO RESTORE YOUR LAND AND TO RESTORE AND TO TAKE BACK everything the devil stole from you and from us we speak life and not death,we speak healing,not sickness we speak prosperity and wealth,we ask you to removeall of the poverty and hunger.We ask you to HEAL EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US THAT ARE WRITTEN IN YOUR BOOK OF LIFE in the name of JESUS CHRIST.EVERYBODY SAY HALLELUJAH!!!!!PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!OUR GOD REIGNS AND HE HAS DECLARED VICTORY OVER SATAN NOW ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!. MAY THIS BE THE BEGINNING OF A BRAND NEW START FOR EACH AND EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US.IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST WE ASK YOU TO COME AND BEWITH US FOREVER AND EVER YOU PROMISED THAT YOU WOULD NEVER LEAVE US OR FORSAKE US AND WE NEED YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER WE ARE THE POOR BANISHED CHILDREN OF EVE CRYING OUT TO YOU, "ABBA FATHER" may God's blessings shower us all from heaven above. love, your sister in Christ Jesus, RHONDA GOMEZ hvnsentangel38@aol.com hvnsentangel38@yahoo.com curandera@minister.com

#2 giselle0211


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Posted 19 August 2005 - 05:03 PM

Oh consuming fire, I thank you for Rhonda for she has great compassion towards you, and has been assigned to be one of your mightly soldiers. Oh Abba Father, I pray right now with both of my hands in the air to reach to you to ask you to heal your child, Maurice Gomez, Jr . Oh ..........lord you are everywhere - I cry out to you for this child is in great dispair. May your mighty mighty hands take great hold of those tumors and ripe them out in your name Christ Jesus. You are the rock that keeps us strong through EVERY tribulation. Oh my sister in Christ...your son is in very good hands .....prayers may not be answered "today" because God wants us to wait for him thus proving to him that we trust in him with all of our all. It truly builds strong charactor and prepares us to fight the good fight for future battles. May you, Maurice and your family be FULLY EMBRACED with God's power and healing.....in Jesus' name - AMEN !! Great big hugs to you and Maurice....your sister in Christ, Giselle

#3 Melissa


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Posted 19 August 2005 - 10:29 PM

Father, I join with giselle and rhonda in prayer for this young man! I also pray for complete healing and miracles! You are mighty God and you have the victory! Matthew 4:23-24 "Jesus went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed, and he healed them."

#4 blackbirdsinginginthedeadofnight


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Posted 20 August 2005 - 02:09 PM

Lord God, I come to add my voice and join in prayer over the life of Maurice Gomez Jr. Replace his cancerous tumors of all kinds, with the return of healthy cells instead. Come, Lord Jesus, and heal his body from all that has made him ill. Renew his strength. Give him the wings he need to soar above this illness. Transform and reclaim his life, Lord God. Praise to You, Lord God. Thank You for Rhonda and bless her tremendous faith. Bless her in her boldness! Hear us, O Lord! We love You and we come before You in every matter of our lives! In Jesus Name, We lift these prayers up to You! AMEN!

#5 kelvin klinbert

kelvin klinbert

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Posted 21 August 2005 - 01:08 PM

Father i thank you for Maurice Gomez jnr, Lord i believe in your report which says by the stripe of Jesus we are healed. Jesus i lift up maurice to you the great healer touch him with your hands of love and let your healing power heat him now in the name of jesus. In the name of jesus i command every tumour to die from his body, i speak even now in the name of jesus. Lord i thank you becos his testimony will be online as an encouragement to all who needs your touch. Thank you lord becos i know you've done it already, in jesus name i pray Amen

#6 Anne27


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Posted 21 August 2005 - 03:03 PM

Lord, I can scarcely imagine the heartbreak, anxiety, and disappointment of being faced with the news that a child has cancer. Even with family members who work in this field, I will never get used to it or understand why you allow it. Please help Maurice and his family. There are so many children and families praying for this kind of healing and intervention. Oh if only each and every one of them could receive a miracle today! But for this moment, I give you this boy and his family and pray that you would do whatever it takes to bring healing and comfort to them. Guide every medical professional and every care-giver. Make this family a blessing to all who come in contact with them. Help them in every way, and if you will please bring them miraculous healing and the promise of a long, healthy, and satisfying life for your son, we will be so humble in praising you for it. We have no hope apart from your mercy and grace. Don't spare these people any of it. IJN Amen