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Posted 15 December 2004 - 12:15 AM


Welcome to PrayWay, we’re glad you found us! PrayWay is a nondenominational Christian prayer ministry. In case you’re new to this type of thing, “nondenominational” means we aren’t affiliated with any particular church or church denomination, and “Christian” means we uphold and abide by the fundamental values and beliefs of Christianity (see the What We Believe section for more info). We are truly a global prayer community. Anyone may join, and anyone may post their prayers and prayer requests.

PrayWay exists to serve the ecumenical body of Christ as an online venue for prayer requests to be received, and for Christians to minister to others through interactive prayer.

How PrayWay is Different

Most prayer websites offer the ability to post prayer requests, but only a handful actually offer the opportunity to get involved by posting a prayer in response to a prayer request. Out of the few that do provide such an opportunity, there is not much emphasis placed on the posting of prayers, and the format of those sites does not generally facilitate an interactive prayer forum. Far beyond a place to post a prayer need, PrayWay is a place where people actively minister to each other in an online forum. An equal emphasis is placed on the posting of prayers themselves as it is on the posting of the requests.

Why is important to post the prayers in addition to the requests? There are several reasons. First, it provides more edification to the person who posted the request. While prayer is just as effective and God answers prayers regardless of whether or not it is written or heard, there is also something powerful about being able to see or hear the prayer. That’s why as Christians we frequently pray out loud when we’re in a group setting or praying for an individual. It creates a dynamic that isn’t experienced in silent prayer. It strengthens the faith of the hearer or reader of the prayer by involving them in it (Rom. 10:17 Faith comes by hearing…). It also allows the opportunity of everyone who hears or reads the prayer to come into agreement with it (Matt. 18:19 If two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for…). Someone who posts a prayer request may not know how to pray for their need. By reading the prayers of others posted in response to their need, the requesters can come into agreement with those prayers and effectually learn to pray for themselves. In essence, those prayers posted become a point of contact which allows that person to release their faith to receive from God.

By placing an emphasis on posting prayers, PrayWay is just as much a place to give as it is to receive. We want to build up a team of online missionaries who have a heart to reach the internet world for Christ through prayer. PrayWay uses the same popular format as many of today’s hugely successful online forums. Users must register before posting prayers and requests. This helps create a community environment by establishing a unique identity for each member of the forum. A username helps members gain a sense of familiarity as they recognize and grow to trust each other through continued interaction. Statistics allow users to see which members have been around the longest, and which ones have made the most posts.

Again, to emphasize the importance of posting prayers in addition to the requests, here are the reasons PrayWay utilizes this format:

1) It edifies the person who originally posted the request.
2) It strengthens the faith of the person who posted the request.
3) It allows everyone who reads it to come into agreement with it.
4) It can help someone know how to pray on their own.
5) It creates a point of contact for the requester to release their faith.
6) It creates opportunities for ministry and online prayer missionaries.
7) It creates a testimony of unity in the body of Christ.
8) It creates a record which helps claim the internet for Christ.

Keep in mind we’re not de-emphasizing the effectiveness or importance of any other prayer ministries or websites; we’re just explaining what makes PrayWay different. We are committed to unity in the body of Christ, and we encourage you to visit and use the websites of other prayer ministries. You can find links to many of them in our Resource section.