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Posted 11 June 2009 - 04:15 AM

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please would you again pray with me & my family as we truly need divine intervention in all areas of our life, family & marriage. As you all know my marriage is truly a master piece of Godís handy work, God has restored our love, passion and every emotional area of our relationship. We are also very founded in the word of God and I have taken my role as the head & spiritual leader of our family, my prayer just is that we will follow after Godís heart and be His hands and feet every possible way and do His will and not ours. I want our lives to be honorable to God and live a life of Worship & Bible reading. My hearts desire is for our family also to be in full time ministry and I believe we have a calling upon our lives. I would like to study Theology again and also study Psychology and counseling to go into Pastoring & Marriage counseling. My wife has a desire to sing and I believe God has anointed her voice for ministry please pray that if it is in Godís will that He will be our provision and that we may pursue our hearts desire yet also according to His perfect will and plan. Else that we both may have open doors in a good job where we may be able to provide a good home for our children. We have a beautiful Daughter Zaydene Amaya Khan and have just heard that my wife might be expecting our next child as she has ALL the signs for a month now and we will go for her pregnancy test tomorrow. Please also pray that if God has decided to bless us with our next child that He may take away any fear of finances and any other fears and that we may be the parents both our children required. Currently my wife lives with her parents and Iím renting a room in someoneís flat due to lack of finances, please pray for financial outpouring upon our marriage. Also that we both as we now go for our learner and drivers license that we may be blessed with a car each. Please please please pray for all these areas and for Godís perfect will & plan for our lives to unfold. Raymond Zane Khan & Valdene Merle Khan

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Posted 11 June 2009 - 04:38 PM

Dear Father,I bring Raymond and Valdene Khan b4 You in prayer and in faith. First of all,Father,I praise You, for the wonderful miracles You have performed in this couple's life.Father You continue to inspire me and touch my heart,for You keep providing continued proof of the many ways You love and provide and care for Your children.You have restored this couple's marriage,and placed their marriage back on the rock.Thankyou Mighty God. Father,You know that Your child,Raymond,desires he and his family to be in full time Ministry,and he believes that they have a calling on their lives.We thankyou,Lord,that this family is obediant to Your Will,Father,and that they are "doer's" of the Word and not just "hearers". Father,I pray that You will help this family to continue to follow after Your heart,and be Your hands and feet in every possible way. Father,I pray that Raymond and his family,walk in a manner worthy of You Lord,fully pleasing to You,(as is Raymond's desire)and desiring to please You in all things,for faith is required to please You,and faith is what Raymond and his family need,for faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God,and by the Word of God,I pray that they shall know the Promises that You have given to all Your children.I pray that You give them divine revelation of those promises,together with a strong faith,so that in complete confidence, they boldly confess them over themselves and their lives,finances,hearts desires,and wants and needs.For Your Word is very clear that these things are already available to Raymond and his family.Lord help them to confess all these promises of Yours,so that they can bring them out of the spiritual and into the physical as is Your desire for them.For faith produces great fruit,and You give according to faith.(Matthew 9:29)So,Lord,I pray that You grant Raymond,and his family, the measure of faith required to bring to fruition ALL his hearts desires,his needs,wants,and that of his families,(finances,cars,home,desire to work f/time in Ministry,to be God's hands and feet,be walking in God's perfect wisdom and Will,study theology,study psychology and counselling,provide for their children,be in worship Ministry,all provisions for new baby,full license,and for a spirit-controlled life.) Dear Father,I thankyou that it is Your Will that Raymond and his family ..."prosper in all things and be in health,just as their soul prospers(3 Jn 2). Father,I can see that Raymond is a good Godly man,and I am glad that You will ..."direct his steps by Your Word..."(Psalm 119:133)For I know that "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord"(Psalm 37:23a). Father,I know that You are ..."ready to perform Your Word (Jer 1:12) over Raymond and his family,and,so,I ask,and Raymond and his family will receive,that their joy may be filled"(Jn 16:24) I thankyou Father that the answer is in God's Word,and I pray, that Raymond and his family be "fixed and established on Your Word"(Psalm 112) Father,I pray that Raymond and his family confess the Word over their lives,needs and wants, "hold fast to their confessions of faith in God's Word"(11 Cor 5:7),and praise You for it and the victory now,b4 any manifestation,so that You may give acordingly to their measure of faith,and that they may reap generously from Your storehouses,good measure,pressed down and running over!.Praise God. Lord God Almighty,I thankyou that You Will is shown in Your Word,so that ......."now this is the confidence that Raymond and his family have in Him,that if they ask anything according to His Will (Word) He hears them.And if they know that He hears them,WHATEVER they ask, they know that they have the petitions that they have asked of Him!"(1Jn 5:14-15) Father,I desire to please You,and so I pray ,as You would have me do,for it is assuredly Your Will.I pray in line with Your Word,for Raymond and his family,and I rejoice that You will be faithful to Your Word for Raymond and his family,for You say You will,in Your Word! And I stand on Your Word,Lord,that says that if I ask anything in the Name of Jesus You will do it.(Jn 14:14)So,I give thanks ahead of time for all the blessings and fruition of Raymond and his families wishes and hearts desires, that You are working on right now,for Your Word will not return to You void. Thankyou God,in Jesus Christs name I pray,-Amen!.