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#1 phuish


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Posted 01 June 2009 - 04:46 PM

We are in dire need of Godís help. Everything is going wrong & I canít take anymore!Iíve been praying forever & nothing changes. I feel like God is not going to help me &Iím ready to quit trying; I canít live like this anymore. I want to end it all! I suffer from seizures and Bipolar. I do not qualify for disability because I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 15 years & do not have enough recent work hours. We need the money so I need togo back to work even though my health is bad. I canít find a job anywhere. My marriage is failing. He wants a divorce. He treats our children & me horribly. He has been verbally, mentally & emotionally abusive to us all. This is not how a family should be. I know he is depressed, worried overworked, and tired. However, I really worry that our kids are growing up thinking & believing this is the correct way married people should act towards each other & their kids. If I knew, it was the right thing to do to make everyone happier, that we could afford to support the kids, while keeping the house so we would not disrupt their lives as they are used to living in a house. Also be able to keep the pets and not upset their lives either, I would think of his wish for a divorce. I feel like the children & I deserve to be treated with more love, respect & tenderness. I miss being hugged, loved, and treated with tenderness & having a co-parent in this marriage. The children have often commented that he treats our pets with more attention, tenderness & love than he does them or me. The kids always ask me why dad does not want to be with them or love them? I just tell them Dad is just tired. I make excuses for his actions. However, I feel the same way. I wish I had a husband, friend and lover. My husband blames me for anything and everything. Our children are unhappy & starting to be depressed.We need to be better parents & better role models. The home we live in is too small for us. It also needs many repairs. It has termites, which is going to cost $1,500 to treat. It also has other things that need fixing. We donít the money. My husband just took a pay cut at work. I do not know how we are going to pay our bills. We had trouble doing it before the pay cut so how are we going to manage now, God? We cannot afford to move or make the needed repairs & changes on our house. I know we are blessed to have a home. Even though itís falling apart all around us. I worry about our future. I feel jealous of all the people who have money & spend without worry. I am jealous of our neighbors who have sold their homes & bought brand new, larger ones. Please pray for our financial problems, that my marriage will be healed if that is what God wishes or show me the way if you think it would be best if we were to split up, God. Please, God, show me the way! I just want all of us to be happy again! Please pray I will get a great job with hours that will allow me to be home when the kids are home from school. I feel so down, depressed and hopeless. I do not see a way out of this for the kids & me. I keep praying that God will send us a windfall of money, help me find the perfect job, heal all my illnesses, take away my jealous feelings & touch my husbandís heart so he will not be so aloof & mean to us any longer. Help heal his depression, his anger and his worries. Please pray for all of us. Please, God, answer my prayers NOW, not later! We need help NOW! Thank you! Amen.

#2 Manasseh Lului

Manasseh Lului

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Posted 01 June 2009 - 05:29 PM

Wow! What a challenging situation! My dear, you see, I personally see problems as blessings and challenges that come to shape, mold and equip my christian experience. I thank God for allowing these blessings to come upon me to get me connected with Him everyday (although, sometimes I forget to do my part). While we throw our challenges at God for Him to handle and resolve, we should be also ready to accept the blessings He is ready to pour upon us in whatever form. We have to be prepared each day by spending quality time with Him through the study of His Word. There is life in His word. Life that has abundant blessings to make us to live to the fullest. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. But Jesus says, I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10). Stay connected with Him (John 15:1-5) everyday and listen to Him speak to you just as much you would like Him to listen to you when you talk to Him in prayer. In everything God works for the good of those who love (Roms 8:28). Father, I commit this dear family who are struggling right now in Mighty hands ask that You restore what devil has taken from them. Anything that devil wants to bring to destroy this home, Father I rebuke the devil in the powerful name of Jesus and may Your grace and love surround them. Lift them up from the pit they have been thrown in and set their feets on higher ground. Please visit them now in the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Amen!!

#3 Wilhelm


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Posted 02 June 2009 - 03:39 AM

When I read this I realise that my problems are relatively minor by comparison. Heavenly Father, praised be your wonderful Name for the opportunities you create for us each day. Praised and exalted be Your Name for the way you open our eyes to all our wonderful privileges, ones we will only see if we stop bemoaning our lot. Thank you for wnderfully strong, Inspirational people like Manasseh Luluih, who is obviously in such a horrible situation, but manages to only aspire to a stronger faith through his trials. Loving Father, I ask you to bless these people. Amen!

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Posted 02 June 2009 - 08:26 AM

My Dear Sister in Christ Phuish, I can imagine how it's like the whole world is your burden right now, and if there's any comfort I can give you... its that I shall be joining you in prayer for you and your family. But never underestimate the power of prayer... or of your faith for that matter. We all undergo different trials. Some are small and some are unmeasurable like the salt content of the Pacific Ocean, but GOD knows of all of these and our faith and prayers are always seen and heard by HIM. All we have to do is believe and trust HIM completely. Surrender everything to HIM and let HIM be in control of all our struggles. I know... that's too easy to say. How can we ever not mind this huge deal of a problem that we face everyday. Everything seems to fall apart, and GOD cannot be seen in any of it. Please know that GOD has lead you here at prayway because HE wants you to hear HIM. HE wants to talk to you through the many people that you'll find who cares and loves you as our sister in Christ. Of course, this outpouring of love may not be the solution to all your problems... but HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS. Read on from the different posts... be inspired... be heartbroken... join in the triumphs... GOD has measured your problems and HE says don't worry... in HIS right time and season your cup of suffering shall too pass and in its place HIS crown of glory... unconditional love... and promise of a future and a hope for you life. He has counted your tears, searched your heart, and saw your faith... HE will not forsake you and will raise your hands in victory. HE only asks that you trust HIM. I truly hope you'll believe some of what I've told you my dear sister... that's actually the first step to your struggle's solution. BELIEVE and HAVE STRENGTHENED FAITH IN HIM. Don't take my word for it... TAKE HIS... I'm just a witness to HIS GREAT and UNDYING LOVE... and HE calls you to be one too. Take refuge in HIS great outpouring of love. Heavenly Father, we seek Your divine mercy for our sister phuish in all her troubles and anxieties. Never let the enemy come closer to ruining her spirit. Cleanse her heart Father and show her Your unconditional love. Grant her strength and faith in You so that she may face all her struggles knowing that You have already triumphed for her. Father, we ask You to oversee the situation her family. Convict her husband Father so that he may come to You and acknowledge his wrongdoings. Lord Restore their friendship, love, and marriage for the sake of the children. lord GOD you our sister who have a mother's heart. We trust You Lord as our Father in heaven to always be in control and grant us hope... and what's only best for our lives Lord. But please Lord, touch this husband's heart... touch his heart as a father... touch his heart as Your child. Grant our sister comfort , peace and healing. Grant her love and the embrace she has always longed for. Father, in You is joyful rest and a confident spirit. We ask this for our sister as she waits in faith for Your holy Will... In Jesus Name we pray... Amen.