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A man in need of help

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Posted 05 March 2009 - 11:17 PM

About a week and a half ago my wife was waiting for me on the living room couch when I came home from work and told me that she wanted a divorce. She has her reasons for wanting a divorce none of which I think can't be worked out between us but she doesn't want to even try. She says she is unhappy and doesn't see why she should sacrafice her happiness to stay in our marriage. We are getting together tomorrow to (well later today) to talk about things and I'm going to ask her to consider counciling or something like that to try and work things out. I don't believe my wife's happiness and our marriage have to be mutually exclusive. I'm am not a controlling or abusive husband and I have always encouraged her to reach for her goals and dreams. I don't believe there is another man, but I do suspect that a friend of hers most likely a friend at work has her ear and is acting against me and my attempts to reconcile things. What I would like to ask is for your prayers for God to move upon my wife's heart and allowher to see that we can work things out and she can be happy without getting a divorce. I would also like for you to pray that anyone's attempts to interfear with out marraige will no longer be successful. I have been very devestated by all this as you can imagine so I would also ask for you to pray that God gives me the strength to make it through this.



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Posted 06 March 2009 - 02:31 AM

Our father who at in heaven i come to you this wonderful moment to pray for this marriage it has really touched me i know i have the same proplem but i take this strength to pray for this marriage so that as you do miracle to my marriage also you do to this couple.father i have prayed for you almost two moths now day and night the time has come know to answer our prays see how satan want to manifest in various family but am declaring him defeated now he is powerless you are paralysed and anything you are planning in this marriages is cancelled in jesus name. satan now take your belonging and powers move out of that family and my family now,there is no room for you.jesus who liveth forever and ever heal this marriage now bring them together.when they meet to talk let you spirit and angels stand between them and everything will be well.the demonic spirit that is showing this madam to devorce is own husband i palalyse it through the power you have give me .in jesus name Amen

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Posted 06 March 2009 - 06:04 AM

Heavenly Father, I join this child of Yours in humbly and fervently praying for His marriage. Many of us have fallen to the selfishness, anger and pride that evil has planted in our marriages, but O Lord, when it seems impossible for man to fix broken relationships, You say but a word and everything falls in its rightful place. Dear Father, you have joined TrevorK and his wife in as one flesh Your holy sacrament of matrimony, I pray that you may manifest Your great love for our brother, healing and restoring this relationship in Your most holy name. Dear Father cast away those who are intent on breaking up this union You have brought together, and bind this Husband and Wife with Your unconditional love. Trample all the evil's lies that come between them and lead them both to Your holy path... so they may serve You as one body... Amen. My brother TervorK, I feel your heart and am sincerely with you in winning back the love of your life. No matter how it seems hopeless, no matter how many times we might get rejected by those who love us... God will never fail us. We, who at one time or another have also rejected Him for our own selfishness. Come humbly to the Lord and lift up your wife to Him, and God will tap her heart and open her eyes to the truth. If this does not come immediately, strengthen your faith in Him, and serve him with joy in Your heart... for only He can tell us the right time and season in our lives. Remember... sometimes breaks our hearts open, but only because He loves us so much, He wants to come in it. I too share this predicament with you as my wife, Marion has lost her love for me and prefers the company of the world, than mine. But let's not give up on the blessing God has given us for life... and let's bring them back in service to the FAther... for His greater glory. Also... as many of us here at prayway may suggest... watch the movie FIREPROOF... and if possible see it with your wife... God's message to the both of you is in it. Keep strong... Keep believing my brother in Christ. We are all with you in this fight!