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Posted 14 January 2009 - 12:54 PM

-by Andrew Strom.

Even though we have strongly warned the Body of Christ about
Jill Austin's ministry for years, it is with sadness that we note her
unexpected passing at the age of just 60 this week.

While not wanting to be insensitive or to go into too many details
at such a time, I believe that sadly we had good reason to oppose
Ms. Austin's ministry. As many of you know, she was a major
instigator in spreading the same kinds of manifestations, 'angel'
experiences, "second heaven" visitations, drunkenness, etc, as
people like Todd Bentley and Patricia King. After her death,
members of her staff wrote- “She is now with her best friend, Holy
Spirit, and dancing with her destiny.” Charisma magazine wrote
a very glowing send-off, which included a statement by one of her
colleagues that "Angels were her companions."

Personally I find it very distasteful and awful to have to bring up
anything negative when somebody has just passed away, but it
is difficult to remain silent when I believe so much damage has
been done to the Body of Christ. Sadly it even appears that IHOP
in Kansas City had her training the young people at their ministry
school there. But as I said, it is with sadness that we note her
untimely passing - as with anyone.

On a similarly tragic note, for those familiar with the "Kansas City
prophets" movement, there is an important aspect of it that came
to a similar sad ending not long ago. Mike Bickle - who heads up
that movement (and also IHOP) - had a paralyzed brother named
Pat Bickle - and one of the major prophecies over the entire
movement was that he would one day be dramatically healed,
and this would spark off the big revival that everyone has been
waiting for. This prophecy was at the very center of the whole
Kansas City movement. But tragically, in May 2007, Pat Bickle
passed away - after years of battling his disability.

It really is a tragedy, because I understand that Pat was a strong
advocate of real Revival and "clean heart" holiness preaching. (He
had distanced himself from the movement over the lack of this).

Again, it is distasteful and awful to have to speak of such things,
but don't these tragedies ever make Mike Bickle stop and wonder
whether his entire movement is off on the wrong track and mired
in deception? Doesn't it ever give him pause?

First Pat Bickle, then the Todd Bentley disaster, and now Jill Austin.
Doesn't it seem as though God is saying through these tragedies
that your movement has gone completely off the rails, Mr Bickle?
(I hate to say such things at a time like this and I do so with
genuine pity. But surely somebody has to raise such questions?)

For those who want to understand why we oppose the bizarre
"manifestations" of people like Patricia King and Todd Bentley,
please see our videos - "AN INSIDER's WARNING" on Youtube.

Here is the link-

Yours in sadness at the tragedy of it all,

Andrew Strom.