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dad and bro

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#1 Friend of peace

Friend of peace

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 03:35 PM

Please pray for my dad and brother who have not spoken to each other in 14 years. Pray for reconciation and that they would both become Christians. Thanks.

#2 AngelRachel


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Posted 28 October 2008 - 06:01 PM

FAther God in JESUS name speak into this son and Dads heart soften and break down the walls melt there hearts and let them draw near to you drawnearto them HOLYSPIRITCONVICT thereheartsbut youdothis so well LORD without condmnation and we praise and love you LORD be there father there provider there everything nowlet them hunger for you until theyfindyou LORD send laborors people men of GOD to speak truth and wisdom into there lives. Life isshort tomorow is notpromisedtoanyone LORDJESUS Sink this truth deep deep into there heart that TODAY IS THE DAY OF SALVATION and totmorow might betoo late LORD HAVE MERCY ON THEM AND LET THEM RELIZE no matter what happened that they love each other and you LOVE THem FATHER GIVETHEMTHE DESIRE to forgive each other even ifthey think they are not at fault Father GOD LET THEM PUT AWAY PRIDE which is the biggestbarrior wall BUTLORD BREAK DOWN THERE SPIRITS OF PRIDEI F THEY HAVE ANY BITTERNESS UNFORGIVENESS AND ANGER RENEW THERE MINDS AS THEY SEEK YOU BRING PEOPLE INTO THERE LIVES TO SPEAK TO THEM BRIN OPPURTUNITYS AND SITUATIONS AND ALLOW THEM TOCOME TOGTHER BEFORE THE END OFTHE YEAR LETIT BE A FRESH START AST EHY SErve YOU AND LOVE YOU AND EACH OTHER. WE CLAIM THIS BELEIVING AND HAVING FAITH THAT YOU ARE ALREADY MAKING THIS WORKOUT YOUGOD ARE WOKRING BEHIND THE SCENES LORD EVEN WHEN WE DONT SEE WITH OUR EYES. FORWE KNOW ITS A SPITRULEBATTLE LORD HEAL THERE HEARTS WOUNDS AND PASTTODAY IN JESUS NAME LETTHEM SEE TAHT TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE AND THAT THEY NEED EACH OTHER AND TO FORGIVE EACH OTHER NOWAND FOREVER IN JESUS NAME GIVE THEM THIS STREAGTHN AND ABILITY AND BREAK DOWN THE PRIDE HEAL THE HURT MAKE IT SMOOTH AND EASY WE ASKYOU AND PRIASE ANS WORSHIP YOU MEAN WHILE.............AS WE WAIT FORYOUR WONDEROUS MIRACLE thankyou FATHER ABBA YOU ARE AREHEAVELYDADDY WE LOVE YOU IN JESUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN :) Sweety :D keep praising God and thankinghim and worshipping him while you prayerforyourdad and brother.........remember theres hidden power in praising GOD AND just telling him how wonderful he is. TAlk tohim as a friend butreverenceGodasthe Kingof Kings yet he is your gentle hevenly FAther. TRy to get the book called The Prayer that changes everything " The Hidden Power of Praising God" by Stormie Omartian, its a softcover book she also has a littlepocketone, but get the big book I just finished mine today :lol: I learned more in this book then I did allthe yearsof my christian life. GODLOVES PRAISE HE MOVES WHEN HE SEES WE PRAISE AND THANK HIM WITH ALL OUR HEARTS, it STOPS THE ENEMY THE DEVIL IN HIS TRACK ( DEVIL HATES PRAISE , he used to bethe TOP ANGEL WORSHIP LEADER IN HEAVEN "LUCIFER" washis name) HE GOT DE THRONED CAUSE HE WANTED TO BE ABOVE GOD, thatswhen GOD SAID " NO WAY DUDE GOODBYE " and he was forever cursed and he took a third of his angels with him which are now demons, or spirtuale evil beings. SO WHEN YOU PRAISE GOD IT DESTROYS THE ENEMY AND THEY FLEEFROM YOU :rolleyes: KEE PRAYINGAND PRAISING GOD. HE LOVES YOU AND YOUR FAMILY GODBLESS~~Rachel

#3 Autumn Chaulklin

Autumn Chaulklin

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 06:50 PM

Father, your word says in the last verses of Malachi that the hearts of Fathers and Sons should be turned towards each other, lest their land be cursed. Father, we bind this curse in the precious name of Jesus, because Jesus became curse on the cross when he died for our sins so we do not have to live under the curse, but we live in your mighty blessing. Father, I pray for this family, in the name of Jesus, that the walls be torn down, that father and son reconcile and profess love and forgiveness. May this answered prayer be a testimony to your glory, God. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.