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Calling all Prayer Warriors (this is war)

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Posted 23 December 2017 - 08:54 AM



1) During my 3:38am prayer for our marriage this morning, I knew (never know what God has planned) I was posting here to you today.

I have been criticized for coming on here "periodically" (May, Sept. and Dec) to wish you well (on whatever date it is) by a friend who stated that God sent he/she here to support us ( and if one is saying it, then dozens are thinking it) but my obligation is to you only, not to this person or this site (God is #1 and you are my #1 concern on this earth). SO, HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY HOPE!!! 

2) I know that you think you divorced me, and that justisfies your actions since, but everytime I talk to God about you, He says that we are still married (at the time we were so sure that God was marrying us that we had our children stand and sign as witnesses) (Really, this is a question that you should be asking God, please do.)

3) I need to hear from you, please call Susan Montgomery or me (I will keep my contact info in my profile) I told you in my last post that I would invite you to join me where ever God sends me (that is still the plan IF He moves me from T or C, NM) right now it is looking like Dallas, TX (since we no longer know each other (we will begin again as friends) I need to know if your preference for large metropolitan areas still stands) (He is going to move you from your "comfort zone" dear one - if not, He would have moved me there - I certainly applied enough)

4) You are still much loved and totally forgiven. (Please go to the cross, your answers await you there)



Your Michael 



PS: I was having raspberries for lunch and thinking of you....

We have SO much to be thankful for:

1) God leading me to this site very late on Brett's birthday.

2) Eric asking me to moderate the site.

3) God bringing you here (keeping our connection alive) and the very brief encounters I had with Proverbs Dove and Chosen Daughter.

4) The future that God has in store for us....


I love you Hope, can't wait!

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Posted 23 February 2018 - 11:19 AM





You have stopped pinging, everything written on this thread is true.  You have obviously lost faith and given up.

There is a saying posted outside my church: "Hope is believing HE can do it, Faith is knowing He will." (Don't worry Dear One, I have enough hope and faith for both of us)

I am very much looking forward to being the best husband that you have ever had....  I never heard from Dallas, Thursday morning I am headed for Florida (I know that you think that I am partial to Southern California, and I am, but it is too expensive (and materialistic) ... and Florida is where the retirees are.  Once I get established I will invite you to join me.  I am picking the state, I'll let you pick the city. I expect to land somewhere near Jacksonville (since it is the largest city in FL)

God has a gift for you: Zach Williams "Fear is a Lier"  (can't wait to be your dragon slayer again....)





PS: Thank you for pinging EVERYTHING! (love you)

Love Your Michael, 

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Posted 14 March 2018 - 02:31 PM


I did not leave NM last Thursday.

I left NM on Saturday,  and have arrived

in Florida already.

Now, to find us a place.

I think you will like it here (like the Midwest, but no winter) - I have been to FL many times (I always wanted to live here, but God had to intervene to get me here)

Keep the faith dear one - this summer I will go home to visit (haven't been "home" since 2015)

And then will be available to come and see you (I remember that you are a curious girl) and can help you move and/or drive your rental truck)


Love, your Michael

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Posted 23 March 2018 - 07:55 AM

You are invited:


 1) to join me in St. Augustine, FL (you don't need to work, I am happy to support both of us)(the address is in my profile)

I thought I knew you, but God says that I do not (or your resources) so if you wait until I come back to IL or not (it does not matter)

If you come now, then we will go to IL (and MN) together...

(Follow the bread crumbs home Hope.)

2) Things you need to know - ever since I received your "safe harbor" card and "man of God" bookmark (years ago, have saved to show you) I have asked God if there was anything I could have done differently, God has showed me 2 things that I could have done during our marriage to insure that you knew that I was a man of God (and I promise to do those two things now and until "death do us part") - I AM SO, SO SORRY...... Never again will you doubt that I am a man of God, nor will I ever leave you. (promise) 

(By I AM's authority, i am to gently lead you.)

3) I believe that your fear is real (to you) - I remember grates and thunderstorms specifically - and although there is little that I fear, I look forward to becoming your dragon-slayer again.

3a) I can not and will not ask you to marry me (your turn) and you will need to say the words that God gave me prior to that ( no problem for the repentant soul and contrite heart)

("Fear not!" - the most repeated command in the Bible.)

4) OUR MINISTRY - Is up to you, we do not do it, unless you want to. (all I am committed to is writing the book - "God Said:") 

(Mike4Hope, Mike for hope, Mike for HOPE.)

5) YOU MAY VISIT - as much as you need (no obligation) I know you are curious - what I look like now and how it would be, I have nothing to hide from you .

(" I know the plans I have for 'you and me'....")

6) SALVATION - I am worried Dear One about your salvation, as I have never known someone who has never done the "will of

God" in their life... You know that I have been told that I was the only one that would wait for you, if God tells me to move on, I do so immediately.  Don't  outwait your grace dear one - and we both are having milestone birthdays this year

I am serious when I say that there needs to be "Jesus - between - us", If you have turned away (you are SO forgiven)

While in New Mexico (at FBC) I was able to read most of  "The Left Behind" series - I strongly recommend it.



(The Jesus between us.)


Please provide, protect, love on, and lead my Hope Abba Father.

My hope is in You.

Save her for me.

Amen   (You are still beautiful to me-just come!)



Deja Vu - just doing what I am told.)

Even if I were to die first, still give your life to Christ.

I have promised God to love you and adore you till death do us part,

and to reflect Jesus' love and grace to you.

As well as wait for you as long as it takes... (yes, I will stay single)

I am standing on Your promises Lord... ("God Said:")

Please call me with your decision.

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Posted 19 April 2018 - 08:07 AM

True Story: I have waited much in my life, be it Illinois, California, back to Illinois, New Mexico, Florida my assignment seems to be to wait on Hope's return.
I was doing such a mundane day yesterday, when God chose to impress upon me. I was doing the normal (walk to the library, buy cards for
friends in New Mexico, attend Wed. nt. church) I walked home and then promptly got severe stomach cramps. I thought I was going to die. I had licked the envelope of a card to New Mexico (and immediately regretted it) I prayed and asked a friend in New Mexico to pray for me (Susan Montgomery) and God impressed upon me that He had cleared the way for me and Hope (including possible homicides involving poisons on envelopes) I came away healed and impressed that we were called. (Obviously a bigger deal than I first thought......)
SO, I plan to come home the month of _________ (the month you took me to Hudson, WI and I parked on a steep hill .... and the car would not start due to the angle and the low gas level) I will be in central IL first, then Elgin (up by Chicago) best to see you from there.(pls call)
I hope that you have a plan to join me, because I see a warning to you in yesterday's events.
When you made your decision against our marriage your life was likely blessed (health, relationships, job, etc.)
I have never ignored God's will for my life, But I can assure you that He likely would sour the very same to bring you back. (I pray that you have a plan)

Abba Father:
You know that I am trusting You completely to return Hope to me.
Pease do not hurt her in any way, for I believe that she has a plan.
If not, then we are both at your mercy.
If our ministry is critical to Your plan sir, please know that I have left that up to Hope.
I promise to thank You the second that I see her.

In Jesus name,


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Posted 23 April 2018 - 02:22 PM

Dear Lord,


TY for healing Mike from whatever made him sick.


We know You hate divorce, but Satan loves separating people from their loved ones. Only You + Hope know what is going through her mind, heart + emotions. May she not let fear or the time that's passed prevent her from being willing to try again.


May this marriage be restored soon, according to Your will.


In Your precious name, amen.

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Posted 15 June 2018 - 07:56 AM

Words from God on Hopes birthday (May 10)
"Hope has chosen to have a life with you, your job will be to never, ever let her down."
Yea!, PTL!, God's Will! I have two objectives for coming to IL: to see my sons and to recapture
"the love of my life" - Hope, be sure to call and ask (I can do all things through Christ) Oh, and I could have sent this from any computer along the way.
See you very soon.
Love Your Michael


PS - I know that you are scared, even at "fearless", I am too, it's natural, it's is OK, I promise to take care of you dear Hope. 

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Posted 27 July 2018 - 09:43 AM

God already knew :

Dear Hope,


I can remember the last time you disappointed me like this, it was September 21, 2006 when you asked me to leave you and our marriage in MN.

FYI: I leave for Florida tomorrow morning.  You did not call me as I expected, now I go back to Florida to pack up and move back to IL.  I have been diagnosed with a condition that strongly suggests that I live where family and friends can support me (yes, on this trip).  I had warned you that God may change circumstances to fulfill His will, please call me today (my # is in my profile) (we can still live in FL.)  I am sorry that either your fear of leaving Ramsey County or your life style changes have such a draw on you. When God first spoke to me regarding you, I agreed with Him that you are worth it.   I know that you do not deserve me, that is the definition of grace.  God has granted me so much grace it would be an honor for me to shower you with grace all of our days. 

I am not afraid of your opposition as I consider myself to be "faith - strong" and not afraid of much.

I love you Hope, I need you now, I will pine for you as long as I live.....


Your Michael

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Posted 06 August 2018 - 12:54 PM

Father, please love on Mike and Hope.  Give them each your perfect will for their lives, together or apart.  I lift up Mike to you right now, for the condition he has been diagnosed with.  Lord, I ask you to give him courage to face what he needs to do and a strong will to push through, and also rest when need be.  YOU are our Great Physician Jesus, and I ask you to heal Mike like you healed when you were walking this Earth.  Touch him from the top of his head to the bottoms of his feet.  He has been a faithful Servant, still is and will be the rest of his life.  Touch him mightily Lord.  Looking forward to the Praise Report in the powerful name of Jesus......amen