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Calling all Prayer Warriors (this is war)

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Posted 23 December 2017 - 08:54 AM



1) During my 3:38am prayer for our marriage this morning, I knew (never know what God has planned) I was posting here to you today.

I have been criticized for coming on here "periodically" (May, Sept. and Dec) to wish you well (on whatever date it is) by a friend who stated that God sent he/she here to support us ( and if one is saying it, then dozens are thinking it) but my obligation is to you only, not to this person or this site (God is #1 and you are my #1 concern on this earth). SO, HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY HOPE!!! 

2) I know that you think you divorced me, and that justisfies your actions since, but everytime I talk to God about you, He says that we are still married (at the time we were so sure that God was marrying us that we had our children stand and sign as witnesses) (Really, this is a question that you should be asking God, please do.)

3) I need to hear from you, please call Susan Montgomery or me (I will keep my contact info in my profile) I told you in my last post that I would invite you to join me where ever God sends me (that is still the plan IF He moves me from T or C, NM) right now it is looking like Dallas, TX (since we no longer know each other (we will begin again as friends) I need to know if your preference for large metropolitan areas still stands) (He is going to move you from your "comfort zone" dear one - if not, He would have moved me there - I certainly applied enough)

4) You are still much loved and totally forgiven. (Please go to the cross, your answers await you there)



Your Michael 



PS: I was having raspberries for lunch and thinking of you....

We have SO much to be thankful for:

1) God leading me to this site very late on Brett's birthday.

2) Eric asking me to moderate the site.

3) God bringing you here (keeping our connection alive) and the very brief encounters I had with Proverbs Dove and Chosen Daughter.

4) The future that God has in store for us....


I love you Hope, can't wait!