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Son killed in auto accident

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Posted 26 September 2007 - 01:04 AM

Be encouraged, for there is one who knows your pain, For God gave his only begotten son for you and I. He sent his son down and knew he would suffer much, that we would have a chance to have eternal life. God of all people knows what your feeling, the why is not for us to ask. I recently preached a message about man asking God to shorten his Cross because it was so heavy and big, three times he asked this and God granted him this, now there were others also walking along the same path both male and female alike, they didn't not ask God for this they bared it the best they could. They can upon this large split in the road they didn't know how they would press forward. But one had idea if they laid their cross down they could use them to bridge the gap and walk across on the cross. All of them begin to set their cross down and they were long enough that they did just that. But the one man who had ask God to make his cross short so it would be easier to carry, discovered that all the rest were able to get to the other side but now his cross was to short to use it to cross over the large gap. My point is this, we do not always know the reason why things happen but we must trust the Lord our God for he loves. Lord God as you know so well to love the one you love is a great pain. I lift this family up and ask that the body would draw near and remember that if the hand was hurting the body would not cut it off but see ways to get it better. Let us be apart of that healing process.For we have a body part that is hurting dearly. Lord Grant them the strength to hold on to your unchanging word, Give them the wisdom to speak to their grand child. I pray for a season of healing and renewing of the mind and of the heart. I pray that you would extend your hand through their local church, that those who are apart of the Christian family would come and do what Paul has told us to do. To laugh when our brother or sister laugh. To cry with them when they cry. When they are not able to bare up their burdens then we are to do that also. So Lord I thank you for the time you gave them with their son. Let them give you thanks for all the joy he gave them and the memories they have.

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Posted 28 September 2007 - 01:14 PM

I want to thank you dear heavenly Father for the strength you have given me these last few days. I am hurting and need you Father. Please wrap your arms around me and my family and comfort us. I pray you continue to keep Wyatt in remission. I pray he only remembers the good times with Mike and that everyone around him keeps Mike's memory alive for him, children seem to forget all too soon. Father, thank you for loaning me my wonderful son, Mike. Please help ease my pain. Amen. To those praying for my family I want to thank you. I know your prayers working because this week I had more strength than ever before ( I tend to be the one to fall apart). While everyone around me was falling apart I was the one picking up the pieces and trying to comfort each one even though my pain was unbearable. We buried Mike yesterday. I pray no mother has to go through burying their child but I know that is impossible. It is heartbreaking. I just keep telling myself GOD had only loaned Mike to me and I am honored to have been his mother. I am thankful to God for letting us have Mike in our household these last 9 months, being separated from his wife was difficult and I tried to comfort him the best I knew how. There were a lot of good times in our house the last 9 months. I believe God was preparing me for the death of my son.I have comfort in knowing my son was not at fault in the accident and he tested negative to alcohol or drugs. The person who did this to my son will have his judgement day with God. I hold no ill will against this person, nothing will bring my son back to me. Mike was a loving son and father. He was having a really hard time being separated from his wife and truly died with a broken heart. He is at peace now even though I ache to hear his voice, his laughter, or just see him, I know he is in a better place. He is in heaven with his favorite uncle (Uncle Mike, my brother) and they are both looking down on us trying to protect us from hurt and pain. My life will never be the same but this was what God wanted, it is not for me to question. God must have a better plan for me, I will just have to wait and see what it is. God is good. I ask you all to continue to pray for me and my family. Thank you. Mimi

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Posted 28 September 2007 - 07:45 PM

Sweet Jesus, I lift up Mimi to you now and ask you to wrap her in your arms of kindness and love. Hold her close, comfort her as she mourns, daily renew her strength. What a precious, and beautiful woman of love she is! Bless her Jesus! Please minister to her family in the way only you can. Thank you that Mike is dearly loved by you. Thank you for the joy and laughter he is experiencing right now in your presence. Oh Father, you are good all of the time. Thank you for your words of truth, life, and encouragement for Mimi and her family. In Jesus name i pray.