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Letters to God

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#31 Guest_adedayo omoshalewa odubajo

Guest_adedayo omoshalewa odubajo
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:46 PM

Dear God, I was reading one of the national dailies published in my country the other day when a caption caught my attention, it read, THE STATE OF THE NATION, my heartbeat began a race and I fearfully thought to myself “ Was the cardiac arrest which killed the monster with leprous fingers coming for me too?” A voice told me not to read but I could not stop my eyes from reading on, it was really an eye opener, it was as if I had been blinded by ignorance as I shockingly realized that my once appealing society was now a repelling one and as I turned to the last page of the article, I asked myself “ What can I do to change all these?” and as if they had been waiting for me to ask, the power generators struck, no wonder their acronym had been said to mean Never Expect Light Always{N. E. P. A}, the heat was murderous and sadly, I realized that there was definitely no one to talk to as everyone who could make a difference had also caught the incurable flu which was corruption while others just decided to pretend not to know what was happening but suddenly an idea popped up, an idea I almost laughed off because I thought it childish but then I decided to do it all the same, maybe I would just switch on my generator but then I remembered that I had been unable to buy just a few litres of petrol because I was still not able to get used to the ridiculous fuel price that had just been enforced by the authoritarian that formed the government. Today welcomes the morning sun which rushes into my bedroom like a lover who had just managed to steal some time to be alone with his mistress, his anxiousness fills this lover with delight but in our case, we do not have some stolen happy moments but we as lovers, are left with the bitter feelings of betrayal and anger to burn our hearts and kill our souls. Dear God, My country is no longer what it used to be, there is so much happening and I don’t even know where or how to start. Do you remember the day the Jack was lowered, and the joy of all those that were around, it was the birth of a new dawn, so many hopes and aspirations but today, what are we left with? Those whose hearts have been stained by greed and evil, those who are only interested in their own welfare, those who are not willing to serve but are eager to embezzle, we are left with the bad eggs whose yokes are rotten and ought to be discarded. Josephine, a neighbour’s daughter told me a story that made me cry, it was about her family and why she had become a prostitute Her father was an ex- military man and her mom a retired teacher both had not been paid their pensions for years, her brother who had wanted to become a medical doctor had to drop out of medical school as there were no sponsors and then out of frustration, a young man, once with hopes and dreams had to swap these hopes of a better future with armed robbery and Josephine, his younger sister was also pushed to the street and has now become a prostitute and the little change both kids make I got to find out was for the upkeep of their family. Such is the lot of this family and theirs is just one of the numerous stories that I have heard and will still tell, what if this girl was already a carrier of the deadly virus transmitted most of the time through indiscriminate sexual acts-H.I.V and what if her brother got killed during one of his raids? What if? Its now too dark to write another word but can’t get myself to stop, I promise to continue tomorrow when the sun comes once again to bathe our sweat soaked skins and with heavy eyes I say goodnight. FROM, ME. Dear God, The sun shines brightly seeming anxious to bring back life into our unlived lives. I started with Josephine’s story and I can’t stop telling you now the story of my people. He promised us well, he promised to improve our living standard but what do we have now? A situation where people can’t even have a balanced meal in a day while many more are jobless and the rate of organized crimes in the society is alarming. Sometime ago, I saw a broadcast on t.v where he asked all of us to embrace our local products, I was impressed as I thought “Finally, he wants to do something” But what do we have now, a situation where the custom officers only keep the confiscated goods for themselves. He asked us to embrace our locally made products, purchase them and in effect help our economy grow but the reason why this can not happen now is because our products are inferior and until the right resources are put in place to help to produce quality products, we have no choice but to import. How we once had our breasts filled with milk ready to be sucked by our babies and how our husbands hungered for the sweetened sugar we poured in their tea, how many lived in a world of plenty, how we knew not what it meant to be hungry, but what do we have now? A situation where peace and plenty, security and serenity are now scarce commodities that are beyond our reach because their prices are now like diamonds which belong to the elite in our society. God, there are times that I get so angry, so angry that I end up not knowing how to react, this was how I felt yesterday when I read a notice which he sent to us asking us to be willing to make more sacrifices, this request might have been granted if it did not come as an order that it actually was. Once a soldier, always a soldier. "How much can we take, how much pain and suffering can we take?” I ask myself, we are incarcerated even in our homes and locked up in the pigeonholes he had dug, we feel rejected and we don’t know what to do. Why is this happening to us? Two men died yesterday, thank You it was not an assassination this time around but a motor accident, they died as heroes and we now have a longer list of martyrs and these seeming loses only make us stronger, they were protesters and guardians of the masses, it was about the recent fuel hike and even if to some of us, these protests and rallies seem not too make much impact, we believe in their dream of a better community. I believe that at this point in my letter which tells of some of the stories that make my world, I would rest my fingers hoping that you have been able to feel the betrayal and rejection I also feel but at the same time, not letting the my hope in You die. I would rest my fingers now, but not my ticking brain and leave You to make the right decisions that would benefit us and those that are yet to come. Goodnight FROM, ME

#32 Guest_Adell V. Foster

Guest_Adell V. Foster
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:47 PM

Dear Lord(God)it's me again, Lord in the past I've always asked your proctection over all the members ofmy family. Those near to me dear, to me and those who are far away too continually bless them in your most benevolent way. I've asked your blessings for those who have sinned against me knowing you'd make things turn out right. Every day that I wake up rain or shine is a blessing from you. I appreciate all the seasons and the fresh air instead of the artificial air being pumped through the respirators. Lord I thank you for all the saints who came to my bed side too commune with me and lift me up in prayer. I can appreciate the birds singing, the geese, the ducks and the swans swimming in the ponds near by. Lord you allowed me to come back and teach my grandson too fish when I did'nt have the full use of my right side of my body for almost a year, too be able to exercise mylungs with songs of praise with no blood clots there. I want to thank you for allowing me to remember that I'm only taking the tour and that this life is only temporary and on your strength I can rely. To persevere to endure all things that are shot my way; Please Dear Lord never let me forget to pray. I pray for the sick and the shut in, all the children who are in lack let there be an abundance overflowing,the disturbed mind who are troubled by demons let your true love light shine through all that twisted wrought and bind up the serpents that help spew the unlawful poisons thoughout the world, provide them with the Faith, the Will,and the Grace to find the Peace of the Messiah which is so freely given yet so rarely received. I stand firm on the Word provided by the New Covenant between You and I before the date of my birth, which you so lovingly gave your beloved son in order too save and sustain my life and I know that even as I go through the transition of sheddingthe skin of this mortal life that I will continue the dream of that perfect day when I'll here you say, you can now join the bridal feast, all sin shall be no more, there will be no more heart ache, no more tears, there will be rejoicing in abundance and I can dwell in the house of the MOst High forever. Until then I want to be able to speak out against unrighteousness, without fear. Too boldly stand against all adversity, too abide humbly with those who surround me. Lord Father GOD you made us all in your Image, and the serpent came to corruptus. You gave a Savior too Sustain ua nd grant us Peace. You gave us the Living Waters so that we should never thirst, you continually prepare our table before us with the Manna of Life. You have given us the free will in order to choose too partake in the Feast of Eternal Life and never ending joy. So Dear Lord Father, provider of my soul I call upon you once again in all the names that you allow us to call upon you with all due Respect and Praise unfathomable. Lord It's Me Again, I just wanted to say thank you for always there and being my true friend. Please Dear Lord never let me forget too pray.

#33 Guest_Ayoade M.A

Guest_Ayoade M.A
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:49 PM

Dear God, It's with sorrow mingled with heart-ache that i write to you today,many things are happening Father which i don't think you really like.I decided to write as i know that the solution to our problem rest in your word. Ever since you created Man,he has sort out a lot of inventions for himself,both good and bad,but the bad things invented by Man is more than the good things he created.Perhaps you may wonder what i mean by this,(I know you understand all things but let me explain to you).He builds farms,cities,temples,monuments and a host of other interesting structures to take care of himself and his "people". This can not be compared with the hatred he kindles for his likes for some reasons or none at all,thus he devise weapons of destruction to exterminate them.This has led to wars,famine and unfathomable hardships.The wisdom you've given them they use to make gunpowder,guns,missiles,shelling weapons,atomic bombs......Man is the maker of his own enemy,the victim of his own venom,the drinker of his own blood. Oh God,the little he took from you he has buried,he forgets you will ask him what he did with that talent-of course you know the answer.Lord, Man do not care anymore(though a few still do),he seeks his own desire,money is his utmost desire,he pretends a lot to be what he is not. Contemporarily corruption is the order of the day,i do not even know when you placed a difference between black and white as rasicm,tribalism and discrimination has eaten deep into us.The cankerworm of injustice and deprivation of helpless has devoured our so called society.Lord it's rare to find love,instead lust and infatuation have overtaken many. " Moreover our youths are growing out of hand"they seek for quick money with luxury,the girls now go on the streets almost naked,while the boys with the heavy chains on their neck makes me wonder if they are dragging styles with canines.Some have their bodies turned to drawing-books,while some now wear trousers which gives the street-sweeper less work to do. All these in the name of civilization,is this not" crazilization" instead?The world is getting worse everyday,there is no hope for the idealist,he will be fustrated,there remains little hope for the righteous,he may compromise,there is little hope for the meek,he will be intimidated,for the hardworking,he will wear out,for the holy,he will be corrupted,this makes obeying you quite difficult. Save oh God we depend on you,we few that are striving,deliver us,terrorism is everywhere,animousity spreads with the wind,trust has gone with" 1978 autumn",honesty died and was buried fifteen centuries ago,lies are cherished,what, many more! Nevertheless i know you see all these,you know;but why do you wait,i believe you should fight for yourself,let no man fight for you.I still ask myself day by day,how long will wickedness prevail. Yours sincerely, Ayoade M.A

#34 Guest_adithi

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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:50 PM

Dear GOD, You might be thinking that this is just another letter asking for love, money, or more basic things like food. If I had written this letter a few days ago, then you would have been right on the mark. I might have written how I absolutely had to have the latest i-pod in the market, and a rich man to love me and his bank account to call my own. Ya that’s right, a regular selfish girl. Maybe as a post script I would have asked for world peace with the vain hope that you would not think me greedy. Yes, only a few days back things would have been so different. Being shallow had become a habit and I was stuck in a rut. I am not saying that I have turned over a new leaf, wanting nothing to do with the material world. If I did I would be lying. I love all the trappings of the world. Man’s lust to attain more than what he has is fascinating. And I am one in the crowd. Though my wants haven’t changed I feel my perspective has undergone a transformation. No miraculous incident had occurred. I was walking home one day in a desperate attempt to save petrol by not using my bike. It was one more of my attempt to save money for nicer things. I was as usual pondering ways to get rich quickly (Marriage was shelved for the time being). I was so deep in thought that I hardly noticed where I was going. Suddenly this child who could not have been more than 3 rushed in front of me hugged my legs. I almost lost my balance but somehow managed to avoid toppling both of us to the ground. Looking down at the gleeful look on the child’s face I started to smile in return, but that was a heartbeat before I noticed his hands. His hands were completely smeared with mud. With a sinking heart I looked down at the muddy patches on my brand new white jeans ( I had bought them after saving pocket money for five months). My anger knew no bounds. Though logic told me the child hadn’t meant to soil my precious jeans I was not a forgiving person. Seeing my thunderous glare the happy expression of the kid dissolved. His lips trembled and he took a step back. His mother who had been hauling bricks at a nearby construction site ran over and began scolding the child for spoiling the memsahib’s clothing. She whacked the child twice to drive home the point. The helpless child wailed loudly and ran back into a hut crushing a house he had made out of the mud piled in front of the house. Though I will never know for sure I felt that he had run to me, a stranger he wanted to impress, to proudly display his talent. The woman muttered something under her breath and went back to her work ignoring the loud sobbing from the hut. The guilt of what I had done tore at me. I had spoiled that precious babe’s happiness for such a small thing. The mud stains would wash away but the guilt won’t. His innocent pride in his creation had been such a pure thing. He had been inviting me to share his happy world for a few minutes. Because of my unthinking selfishness I denied myself that slice of paradise. A day hasn’t passed that I haven’t thought of him. I will always be grateful to him for teaching me to be happy with what I have. To strive for higher things but not at the cost of happiness. Thank you for listening to me god, please give that boy a kiss from me. Yours admiringly Adithi p.s – and let there be world peace :)

#35 Guest_aditya bhaskara

Guest_aditya bhaskara
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:50 PM


#36 Guest_Trudy Rushforth

Guest_Trudy Rushforth
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:51 PM

Dear God, I know that You know everything that’s going on in the world, but I thought I should let You know that the often overlooked 3rd Commandment is being rampantly violated these days. “Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain.” People down here are profaning Your holy name on a regular basis. This happens not just as a result of people saying “Oh my G-d!” whenever they are upset. Other examples are when people use Your name without authority. There are people on the left wing of politics seeking official acceptance of sin because You are a God of love. There are also people on the right wing of politics claiming Your approval for their policies. The business world is involved as well. I get spam (unsolicited commercial e-mail) in my inbox on a daily basis asking me to refinance my home with a “Christian mortgage”, or to buy “Christian auto insurance”. I don’t recall reading in the Bible, or any of Your other press releases, any place where You gave Your seal of approval to any specific business in these, or any other, industries. I regret to inform you that even the legal profession is getting in on it. In my first year of law school, I was learning about contracts. Many contracts contain a “Force Majerue” clause, which voids the contract if performance becomes impossible due to an “act of God”, such as a fire, flood, earthquake, and so forth. Law professors are teaching that these things are somehow Your fault. As of late, there is very little You can do to defend yourself. Your free speech rights have been sharply curtailed by Supreme Court decisions. If You try to speak in public, someone usually sues to make You stop. Local governments are afraid to let You speak, out of concern for the litigation that will almost certainly follow. Here are the remedies that I propose. You should sue the law professors for libel and slander for blaming You for natural disasters. You should sue the businesses that use Your name in their advertising to make them give You royalties. You should sue both the right wing and the left wing of American politics to get an injunction to make them both stop falsely claiming Your endorsement. You should sue the US Supreme Court for violating Your free speech rights. Go ahead and sue anyone else who has offended You lately. I have a long list of people and organizations who my colleagues say "have more money than God". A lawsuit is even more effective than Your usual tactics of locusts and the like. Of course, to do all of this, You will need a lawyer. I humbly volunteer for the task, and I’ll even work pro bono. I would be delighted to add the title “God’s Attorney” to my business cards. Sincerely, Ayam A. Satirist

#37 Guest_Arpita Sutradhar

Guest_Arpita Sutradhar
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:51 PM

Dear God, Hello! It is morning, and the sun has just taken a lazy yawn through the broken clouds, and the sea is calm, the waves making lazy circles around my toes, as I stand with my hands outstretched, trying to connect with you in this silence of a peaceful morning. I had thought time and again of speaking to you, getting the pain and bitterness out of my soul, but each time I could not find the energy to connect with you. My physical pain was a blanket in my head and I could not focus through that haze. Do you remember the last time I had connected with you? That was in the evening, sitting on the park seat facing the joggers, when I saw this beautiful chubby baby girl walk up to me with a wide grin. She had an ice-cream cone in a pudgy hand, the ice-cream devouring more of her dress and hair and face, than she making a valiant act to lick it off, and I suddenly felt this pain in my gut. I too wanted to have a beautiful child, reaching out to me with her soft hands, cooing incomprehensible words, and there I reached out to you. "Oh God, please work a miracle". I remember, waiting for a sign from you, that well, you have heard me... but, u hadn't. Nevertheless, I felt, that somewhere, somehow I had connected with you. Maybe you had kept my appeal for future judgment! I guess that you would know what happened after that. After all, it was all your design, to let me know that things cannot be rosy for ever. However, I wish you had warned me somehow, you know. At least I would have been prepared to face life in my worst phase ever. I guess, you were testing me against the pressures of life. So what do you think? Did I emerge a winner? Was I able to keep a hold on myself, despite the fact that I had a disease which would kill me and a life too short to even thank those who made me smile in my pain? Well, if you have been busy [you get letters like this every second], I just want to fill you in. I was in the hospital the past two years, with needles poking my arms, so much so that I felt like skewered meat, those endless tests, and the white room with its green curtains. A month back, mom came with a bunch of sunflowers and put them in a vase. You will not believe, but I had a feeling that you had just walked in and grinned at me and said, "See, you are pulling it off. Not bad girl, not bad at all. I think we will see more of you". I suddenly had this vision of dancing in bright sunshine, in a garden of sunflowers and I knew that should I die, heaven would be beautiful, because you would make it so. I do not think that I can thank you enough. Okay, I know you must be smiling at this silly sentimental overture, but honestly, you made everything so right for me. Had it not been for you, I would have lost my battle with death. Had it not been for you, I would have never realized how much my parents and my husband cared for me. Had it not been for you, I would never have spared a second look at life, and now when I do I find life bursting with ripe sunshine colors. So thank you, God, for giving me the miracle of a second chance at life, even though for only a few years. Today, as I stand alone with my arms outspread, I can feel you, yes really feel you. I know you just whispered and lovingly lifted my hair with the soft sea breeze, and said, “child look, there is life waiting for you. Go on and get hold of it”. I will heed this gift of life you have given me, because I now know that when my time comes, you will be right beside me, in that bright sunshine and the swaying sunflower fields. I will finish my letter here. Before I sign off, I have got to tell you this – we have adopted a baby girl and I am a proud mother. Another of your gifts, and the very best! My life is now complete. Thank you Dear God. Hope to see you soon Love Arpita

#38 Guest_Kathleen R. Collins

Guest_Kathleen R. Collins
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:52 PM

God Anywhere Wherever you may be Someplace outside our Galaxy? Dear God, As I am sure you are aware, I am not one of your devout followers. As I consider myself a person of science, I need good, solid facts in order to make most decisions and I've decided that since I do not have these facts, there is no room for belief. But, even though I am not a Christian, I am still greatly spiritual. In fact, I am currently living in Thailand and pursuing Buddhism through the practice of meditation. While this is not a way "to God", it is my way of becoming clearer and more focused in my everyday life - something I have felt the need for everyday of my life. Because life is so diverse and the challenges and stresses so vast, I feel that we as a people have lost touch with what it means to truly live. It is a shame that the more people are given the more we want. In my world, I am trying to overcome this selfishness and need for everything and anything when I want it!!! What a horrible waste it is for the majority of this planet to think this way. What have we become? Were we ever anything different? Were past generations the same as we are today - wanting, wanting, wanting and never GIVING???! Living in Thailand as I have the past month (and expecting to be here at least until December or January 2006)I have seen people with nothing smiling, laughing, LIVING and I feel greedy and selfish and AMERICAN for not handing over all I have to the first bedraggled little child, or adult wandering the streets. But, I don't, knowing it will cause mass hysteria or at least a following of the unwanted and decrepit. Something I cannot, or will not, allow to happen. I really believe that there is in most of us a need, a desire, urge, whatever you want to call it, to become a better person and why is it that the way to becoming a better person (for most of us) is to help others? Why is this always the answer to feeling better about oneself? Could if be because this is all there is? Helping your fellow man or woman or child? Dear God, I think this is the answer and I think that those of us so-called non-believers are non-believers because we KNOW beyond any doubt, instinctively, that there is a truth beyond religion, beyond any sacred writings, beyond anything yet to be written or learned or spoken.. We are only here because of our need for one another and our need to help one another and love one another. This is all there is and it is the best reason in this world, or any world... I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.. Kindest Regards, Kathy

#39 Guest_afsia

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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:52 PM

Dear God, When I rise You are holding me In Strength and Glory By your Might. When I fall You are lifting me In Grace and Mercy By Your love. When I rise Yes,I feel Your warmth Yes,I feel your care Wken I fall.

#40 Guest_Teresa Figley

Guest_Teresa Figley
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:53 PM

Dear God, It is me again, yes Teresa unable to pay my bills once again. What have I done did I beat thin rich people in a past life? If I did please understand this is no reason to make it so ruff on me. I was thinking if you could give me a “do over” You know like it was when we played jacks if you messed up you got to do over that turn. It might be nice if you would offer at least one do over per life. Hey I am still not sure this is not a big game you are playing a board game a great deal like Monopoly. God some news for you God I am so tired of being on Baltic Avenue could you take my house at least move me to Marvin Gardens. Hey, I am not asking for Boardwalk. I need to tell you when you go finally pass go the government takes your 200 dollars and keeps it until you die then they send it to your family then they take it and go out to eat. You may think I am kidding but I am not. I am not sure this was the plan or maybe you have some secret hidden that will be fantastic for everyone. I hope so President Bush needs to give the American People something maybe forgive everyone’s depts. Maybe even wipe the old credit slate clean give everyone a chance to recoup after all our country has been undertaking lately. Amy way, getting back to what I wanted, I do know you are busy. roll the dice for me put me on some wonderful property but please give me the money I need to live on to have lights, gas along with water . I hope asking for this is not asking for to much I understand some have even less but you are the one that made me then gave me the drive to want more. Thanks God for letting me blow off steam please help me get the money to pay I bills. As always I ask you this in you son’s name Jesus Amen.

#41 Guest_Amy Hovater

Guest_Amy Hovater
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:54 PM

Dear God, My life as we know it is painful, knowing, though one day will be joyful. For all the good that I have done, For all the wrong, has seen your Son. For all the reason I have argued, For all the pain you have subdued. For all the children whom you carry, For all the wishin, voices vary. I know you here us, from afar. If we are walking or in our car. If we cant think you lead us through. After all, isnt that what you want to do? Dear God, how I love and adore you so, For giving my life so I may watch it grow. Three children, three felines and expecting more, To watch the life grow as I have before. Dear God, I thank you for your very presence. Dear God, I thank you for lifes every menace. For I know dear God, when it is my time to go. Together we will watch, as the world grows.

#42 Guest_Aidi Amin Yazid

Guest_Aidi Amin Yazid
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:54 PM

Dear God, If only i could share with you my feelings to what mankind has stumbled upon. The problems of diversity which you have bless us with has turn us against each other. I realize we can never have the same doctrines of idolating u God but why must it destroy the umbrella of paternalistic image of God you want us to perceive and expect from you. Humanity is at its loss when men learnt to capitalize and profit from the resources you bless us with. I thank you God for what you've given us but why can't must you let us suffer from the tyrannical behaviour of those who are incensed by greed! Save us! Show us the love we deserve! We have the hardware to make it in life but it's our software that has been corrupted. The firewall to primitive promptings of humanity has left us all disillusioned. I seek for nothing more but an intranet of emotions where different religions could just surpass the confinement of religious indoctrination and make us all live life to make life worth living. God grant me the window of oppurtunity to speak as a voice, one that extends throughout the globe, that pops up in the web interface to say just one word and God give them just a touch of conscience so they could strive to understand the thrust of the word to be shared and perpetuated. I wish not to prolong your time of reading this letter God for your infinite duties has marvelled me with curiosity as to how could u have ever managed everything. But God just let me say the word i wish to express to the globe. Let us all not question what has happened to the world but tell ourselves what we can do to start it all again by a single powerful word that would spark the momentum of spiritual divinity. "Unity"

#43 Guest_Thomas Walker

Guest_Thomas Walker
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:55 PM

Dear God, Thank you for creating me and sustaining me so far. Thank you for creating Man and sustaining all forms of life in this glorious earth so far. We humans believe in one Almighty Power which governs everything, is present everywhere and divine beyond comprehension. I am writing this letter to you with the help of Software, Internet and Computers all created by ‘us Humans’ applying the Intelligence and thinking power provided by thee. I wonder how the sponsors are going to reach my letter to you! Though we have created these computers and robots we don’t know how to make them conscious. Imagine what will happen if these ‘human creations’ try to think and wonder about their creator. We are indeed playing God to them and we move them around and do whatever we want with them. Some of them are quite intelligent and we humans are unable to beat them over a game of Chess!! We humans are faced with the same plight when we imagine about our Creator - God. You have given us sufficient knowledge of the Universe to appreciate its enormity and scope. Therefore, may be it is quite preposterous of Humans to think that we are created in your image. How can a created product comprehend its creator? So, as we are grappling with our understanding of creation, physics and gravitation etc. we are limited by our own frailty and mortality. Our great thinkers like Galileo, Newton and Einstein are all dead and gone. And what happened to their sagacious logic and thinking power and resultant consciousness. Imagine, if it is possible to continue to think from where Einstein left from his own brain!!! I really need your divine guidance and help to fathom Big bang and Black holes and know what is what. I remain, yours truly, devoted creation till you keep me in this present life and thereafter into eternity. Wg Cdr Thomas Walker PS : God, It pains me to see in the name religious fervor people fight and destroy each other. Can you help me to eradicate this madness!

#44 Guest_Amanda Burchell

Guest_Amanda Burchell
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:56 PM

Dear God, I’ve decided to write you a formal letter of complaint because many of my prayers don’t seem to be getting through. I thought perhaps that you might have gone on holiday? I suppose you’re entitled to one. You know, I am not really very thrilled with things down here, too many wars and so forth. As Chief Executive Officer, I would have expected You to have taken some interventional measures to ensure a more equitable environment for Your first-class regulars. It appears that all the praying in the world hasn’t helped those God-Fearing, hallelujah singing saints to accomplish much! On the other hand, I admit that my behaviour could hardly be called persuasive either. You appear to favour some humans over others, and I sense that I am not as beloved as some people I could mention. I mean, take a look at me! You didn’t favour me with model looks or a great brain and You’ve placed me in a humdrum household, which struggles to make ends meet. Also, in spite of my best intentions and friendly overtures, I keep rubbing people up the wrong way with my big mouth and assertive views. Just as well You didn’t make me a missionary! I’d have liked this letter to be cordial, affectionate, whilst singing Your Praises, etc., but what have You done to make me want to sing Your Praises lately? Do I hear You asking me to count my blessings? O.K. Let me see if I can think of something… thinking, thinking… umn, well all right! I’m grateful that I have a good husband and two reasonably pleasant children. But I don’t like my job! And I’m not partial to the miserly exchange for my labour, which equates to a subsistence life style. I would be much happier if I could have the means to write without having to worry about bills. I’m afraid of the letterbox for goodness sake! When I hear the postman’s scooter arriving, I cower. I think it would have been a better idea to let us know what was in the offing when we arrived here on earth, what You really wanted of us. You gave us free will, but You don’t seem to like it, when we exercise this option. Speaking for myself, I don’t like having to rely on Yours’ or anyone else’s Good Graces to get by. I would prefer more autonomy; yes, I know You’re the boss, but I know what I’m doing. On a more amiable and conciliatory note I want to thank You for appearing to answer some recent prayers for quality friendships and more time to write. Even if the latter means not getting enough work to pay for debts or more importantly, continuing to patronise fine dining establishments as often as I’d like. What I’m really petitioning for is to win the lotto, that’s what this letter is all about. Or You could grant most of my writing a financially successful reception at significant destination points. I just do not like being poor! I promise to be generous to those less fortunate and I will do many good deeds and I will try to stop swearing. Furthermore, I will attempt to curb other bad habits, which You don’t approve of. Do You like the sound of all that? I sure hope so, because I would like You to get off my case and give me a break! Ohh, o.k. You and I both know things could be worse. I am grateful for having a roof over my head, food in the house and enough spare cash to keep me in chocolate biscuits while I write this letter. I’m also grateful that my children are safe and my husband has a steady job, enabling me to work part-time, instead of full time, which would be awful! Yes, there’s lots to be thankful for, but You know what? This is Your work appraisal sheet as well as being a personal communiqué between us. So I would just like You to note; there is room for improvement in Your performance. But you have lots of admirers down here, and just the other day, I came across a new pizza place, which had been named after You - Big Daddy! With Lots of Love >From Me XOXOXO

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Guest_Ms. Anumeet Kaur Bedi
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:57 PM

Dear God, The entire day today, I kept waiting to hear from you, but you didn't call...You, my best friend, my mentor...It's been a long time now, that I've heard from you. Today could have been the best occasion! Yes, today...because it's my birthday today. I went looking for you from one place to another, hoping against hope to find you, but alas! You didn't even bother to come in a disguise...I wonder why you're hiding from me...I always walked the road you showed to my eyes, always voiced the decision you whispered to my ears, in those long, quiet moments, when there were just the two of us. You gave me the strength to walk past all obstacles. You helped me break the clutches of the horrifying monster of darkness, and introduced me to glowing, radiant angels... Why then, o friend, have you disappeared into the world of silence? Do you even remember how long it has been that we spoke to each other? Don't you miss the moments we shared? The moments of tears and laughter, the moments of love and hatred... I miss those days, dear God, when you were by my side. I miss the love-hate relationship we shared. You spoke to me frequently; you were there to help me choose between right and wrong, even if you had to camouflage your identity...You have been away for so long now, and I’m tired of fighting alone, tired of walking the path that will lead to the realization of my dreams. The path that never ends... Please come back, o friend, as you are very dear to me. And at this point of life, I need to feel your presence around me... I miss my friend, my mentor...Please come back, dear God, please come back...