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Letters to God

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#16 Guest_Anna Antonucci

Guest_Anna Antonucci
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:27 PM

Dear God, There is so much to cherish about the world we have been born into. First, I enjoy all the beauty of the wildflowers--the California Poppies that you sent to my front yard after I had been unable to plant anything because of arthritis. I love the skies , cloudy and beautiful in blues and pinks. They remind me of the four babies I gave birth to , and who have brought so much to my life in music, joy, and even pain, but the pain too, is good, for it tells me that there is a price to pay for all the treasures in this life. I love the people I am blessed with as friends even though they sometimes annoy me. They cause me to think and to reach out in lovingkindness for they, like me have needs which are sometimes overwhelming. Through their interactions we all are better to share and fulfill our lives. When the final rekoning is administered from the final evaluator, I Think we will all be glad we were allowed to live this amazing, challenging, painful and fulfilling drama we call our lives. Thank you , God for this wonderful role, and for the opportunity it flaunts. Thank you for all the learning that I have experienced. It gives me wisdom and peace. If I could live my life over, I would do it again. There would be better choices sometimes, but know that I always tried to do my best and know that I am greatful to you.

#17 Guest_Shamsi Ahmad Asadi

Guest_Shamsi Ahmad Asadi
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:28 PM

Dear God, How come you can forgive and I can not. You have told us that we representing you here on the earth. Why you have put such a nasty reprensentative. Human being should have all your characters. But only I am conceren about the forgiveness. All the people are following themselves, nobody is looking for the others. even if they are helping the others, they are expecting a reward or something. good manner has been died long back, human being should not be that cruel.

#18 Guest_Deepali Chanana

Guest_Deepali Chanana
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:29 PM

Dear God, “God, I am drawn towards you, For I heard that you love me, more than I do, For I heard you are the greatest, & the foremost, you are the nearest. Everyday was shallow, hollow, & painful Missing you, oh lord! Come to me, come to me, For I am the needy, the loving, the left one!” “Being the poorest soul, of the universal content Which you filled in me, I could take a form nor be a being, Unborn for millions of years, The time is so vast that my little flesh is Unable to recall and my small heart is unable Hold the ….. Precious love you have been Showering upon me, Oh lord! The immeasurable blessing you showered upon Me by keeping me your lap, I love you, oh lord, thanks for everything; I would say for billions of times Till my breathe lasts & even after that ….. Today, I have decided to open before you all those feelings which I have been long waiting to share with you. You have created this universe, where you first gave Adam & Eve, Eden to live in, the world you’ve made has been continuing till now as generations have been multiplying in vast numbers. The beauty of your creation is completely unimaginable. I have just passed seventeen years, my parents, my siblings, my friends & foe were all decided by you.I am thankful to you for creating such place where I have been brought up with love & affection but that lasted for only ten years, since then I’ve been away from them in boarding school and it was then the bond between you and me started to strengthen. I had a pure soul that could understanding you and did not bother about distractions. I loved you deeply nor material comforts nor my parent’s love did pull me away from you but sadly today as I have grown up , the horizon of my mind has deepened so wide that the worldly things distract me now. My mind is not pure now for I have known over million of things that are advancing with the world today. I remember you every second and want to be fully connected to you but the world has been so much poisoned that it is impossible to clean it off.The scientific knowledge compels me to believe of only the tangible.The whole world today is ….. believing in electricity, oxygen etc. which are not visible, unfortunately are not ready to believe the supreme benefactor of all these things—you. . You try to teach me & my siblings the wisdom of love, affection and universal brotherhood --‘The unworldly and the very essential purpose of a man to come to earth’, I try to drink up those drops of wisdom but unfortunately the distractions to my mind --the anger, greed, pride, ego, the impure thinking keeps my mind in action. ‘As mind in action is in Bondage & without action is in liberation.’ . My mind always remains occupied with confusion, worry and desires. This has become impossible for me to imagine a world where I can live peacefully. There is no place for the innocent mind to stay .The world is of show- buzz where money is worshipped as deify. Daily when I see thousands of weak and homeless people lying down roadside with very less cloth to cover themselves…,while others drowned in oceans due to hurricanes like in Tsunami - children become orphans, women become widows, and thousands become homeless, tears roll out of my eyes. Oh lord, was this world u made? There is so much sufferings in this world.. God, everyone says marriage is the true bondage where the two are bonded forever where they swear in front of you to live & respect each other for whole life but ‘It doesn’t take a lot of strength to Hang on. It takes a lot of strength to let go’ - J.C. Walt But, the truth is there are reports of women being killed for dowry etc. Women, still in some parts of my country are treated as the sole of the foot. The condition is really worsening day by day. “Treacherous, lecherous, remorseless” men in this world, have made the lives of women miserable. The hungry monsters do not look for age and the innocence of girls; do not take much time to spoil their lives. O God, I feel bad living in this world now. I feel afraid to walk in solitude because there is a fear of being engulfed by the cruel monsters. I always want place where all these sins are not committed & that’s your paradise.... . God, socially in India, there are more religious activities performed than anywhere in the world. There are some who try act as such holy men as if they were just your angles. They dress up as ‘prophets’. They mislead people by making them false promises & poor people in search of you fall prey of these people for the motive of gaining fame & name. Some people readily accept them as their lord because they believe in only ‘VISIBLE GODS’ & you are invisible so they worship them. They do not think that every mortal has to die one day and that their supreme creature is you. . The concept of ‘visibility’ derives from advances in Science & Technology. Today the world has limited its horizon. . Your knowledge is so vast which cannot fit in our brain so it is obvious that the human mind cannot think of your miracles. ’What fools these mortals be’. “The Humanity has to be replenished again; the millions weeping hearts have to be loved by you once again…” “Don’t be sad” “I go to my father now so that the Holy Spirit can come to you. Then you will receive power to tell everyone about me in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, in the entire world!” Do you remember lord this is what is said to your children? & so, its time for you to come & remove the darkness of ignorance .I’ve been running whole my life in search of you but I’m tired now & I still haven’t reached, please help me, MY LORD! ‘Test of love always ends badly’ So, I would just say that I love you in immeasurable quantities & beg in front of you to take me into your lap once again for now I am lost , lost into those millions of creatures from where I cannot return . There is no one to hold my hand & show me the right path.. I pray you, Oh my dear father, Bring enlightenment once again in everyone’s life so that--- ‘There will be only love & peace in this world. There is escape from all evils, Where there is freedom of thought & there is truthfulness & happiness & this world becomes a heaven to live in!” This will be true only when…….. Your foot touches the earth again! …. So, Today…. I am joining with your angels ….. ‘ASATOMA SATGAMAYA, TAMASOMA JYOTHIRGAMAYA, MRITYOMA AMRITAMGAMAYA’ (Oh God! You please come to lead us from untruth to truth, Please lead us from darkness to light, Please lead us from mortality to immortality.) Yours loving daughter, Deepali.

#19 Guest_Antony Ashwin Kagoo

Guest_Antony Ashwin Kagoo
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:30 PM

Dear God, My prayers to you, My praises to you, I pray my wishes come true. I was sent to the brim of death, You took me out of it and gave me rebirth. Here I am thanking, For your blessing, That was doubly blessed, Sent from above to be my guest. This is my prayer, That as askin for blessins to shower. To you i give my life. Which is the reason for me to live. Those tears i cried, You turned them into the laughters i laughed. You are my lord, The gracious almighty giving God. This is my prayer of thanking to thee, for giving me a reason to live for thee. Oh!Gracious Almighty Loving God.

#20 Guest_Aarthi Prakash

Guest_Aarthi Prakash
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:31 PM

How are you? Not too bad? I am doing ok too…Oh well! That was an outright lie. I don’t want to upset you dear God but…you are my only friend. You seem to be the only one whom I can talk to and perhaps get listened to too and get my questions answered as well. Till date, you have always failed me. I know that in the future too the situation’s going to be any different. Yet I keep hoping again and again and again that you will have a change of heart and smile upon me…today…tomorrow…someday… Allah…I…Oh! Ammi Jaan tells me you are worshipped world over. I am sure you must be having a hard time remembering names and their needs. You have perhaps forgotten me. Is that why you are not answering me? Let me introduce myself all over again. Hi God! I am Kaniz Khan. I live in a small wooden hut in the Kashmir Valley. Some say we are Indians. Some say we are Pakistanis. Abba says one day we are Indians. And Pakistanis the next day. It all depends on the political maahol (Atmosphere). I don’t understand what he can mean by that. I think we are poor, hungry, lonely and…scared. Deathly scared! Our little hut is too little to house my parents, three elder brothers, a little sister and brother and me. There is not enough food too. Our schooling has been stopped. All around there are sounds of bullet fires and a strange restlessness like a huge dam is about to burst open releasing torrents of water that would destroy everything that is precious to us. On top of that there are these frequent fights between my Ammi and Abba that invariably ends with Abba beating Ammi black and blue and then Abba scuttling off to an obscure sharaab ka adda (Alehouse). I am sacred God. Can’t you stop this dear God? Please? And who are those evil looking men who keep visiting us at unearthly hour, with long beards and bushy moustaches and burly voices and hard beady eyes? Whenever they come to our hut, my parents become extremely tense. They want Abba to send Aamir, Sohail and Rashid with them to some cam. They always talk of guns, some kind of training, bombs and destroying Hindustan (India). One day, I got very angry and screamed “My Hindustan is great! I will die for Bharat Maata (Mother India). Don’t…” My mother gasped and dragged me into the toilet as the only room of our hut was occupied by them and slapped me very hard several times telling me “We are Muslims. We are not supposed to utter such nonsense. We will be killed.” I stared at and said slowly “But Ammi, we are Indians first.” Ammi’s eyes filled with tears as she caressed my burning cheeks and whispered “We are humans first. Our children are most important to me and your Abba. These people…(Her eyes filled with hatred) they will never understand. Allah loved peace. These animals love blood. You are too young Kaniz…some day you will understand…” God, I don’t understand. Nor do I want to. I just want this terror to end. I don’t want us to live the way we are living like we don’t know if we will see tomorrow or not. One fine day they dragged away my elder brothers. Five days later, Noor’s body was found in the lake. Iqbal was in the Bus that had a bomb in it a few days back…we couldn’t even find his body. The hut has become very spacious now. But I rather it was crowded with my brothers and sister. Our Hindu neighbors no longer speak with us. They look at us like we are murderers. Ammi wants to go away from this hell. But Abba says Kashmir is our motherland. We were born here and we will die in our mother’s arms! Dear God, Please make everything alright. I dread going out to play in the snow. These days, it seems to be permanently soaked in red blood… How I long for those olden peaceful days to be back…the white pristine snow, the greenery…get together parties of Muslims and Hindus…we children chasing and pelting each other with snow balls…the resultant dressing-down from our elders…Paro Aunty bathing us and then feeding us with hot delicious Chhole and Puri… God Dear, some call you Rama. Some call you Jesus. Yet some others call you Allah. I will call you ‘Friend’ and ask from you just one favor “GIVE ME DEATH”! Yours Forever

#21 Guest_Veronda L Rooks

Guest_Veronda L Rooks
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:31 PM

Dear God, This is your daughter once again. I am coming to you first to ask for forgiveness. I want to be blameless in yor sight oh God. I want to know one thing. How can you love such a wretch like me. When I want to do right, I continue to do wrong. I know why oh God. You are an Awesome Wonder. You are Love. You are Strength. You are all of the wonders of the world. You are the alpha and omega. You start and finish everything. You make me to rest when it is time. You make me to forgive even when Im angry. You are the best thing that could ever have happened to me. Oh God thow mighty one. You sacrificed your only son, to make sure that I will have a right to the tree of life. You help me to see that in the end only you matter. Even when my enemies are camped around me you comfort me. Your rod and staff they protect me. You gave me gifts when I didnt deserve them. Oh mighty God, thow gracious won. I just uplift my hands to you. You are such an awesome wonder, I never feel like I can give you just do by just expressing mere words to you. Your presence provokes love. It allows even the dumbest person to say I love you God and thank you for another day to inhale your sweat contenance. Purge me oh Lord. Wash Me oh God. That one day I may be as white as snow. Who but you oh God could take Red and Black and turn it into white. Even when we damned our souls to hell, you protected us from ourselves to have a way out of death. Oh mighty God how excellent is thy name!

#22 Guest_Abigail Harvey

Guest_Abigail Harvey
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:32 PM

Dear God, This will be the final letter I write to you, in hopes that you spare me, as I do this unspeakable thing I am about to committ. I know it is against all that is written and in many beliefs a cowardily, selffish act. But I feel I am lost and I cannot find the inner beauty that I once possessed. Do you know what it is like to wake up each morning feeling so alone, and so unwanted in a world that just doesn't understand you... I am guessing probably not, you are the purity in a newborn, the sparkle in a star, the essence of everything beautiful and divine. Why did you make my life hell, when all around me seem so content so perfect in their own little world. People walk pass me on the street and they look at me with disgust and pity in their eyes. Why do they do this? I may not have been perfect but I am a person too, just because I don't make as much, I may not have a college degree, I'm not the brightest girl, and certainly not the best looking. I was not born into a perfect family, far from it. My mother who abused me and a father who drank himself to sleep everynight, a sister who slept with anyone and I mean anyone, and then there was me, this girl with her own inner demons to battle, and still am as write this letter. What's the point anyhow, to you I am just another voice to be heard, and there are millions, billions of people asking for help everynight. Well I am threw with it. I didn't ask to be brought into this world, and you let me come here. Unprepared...Unaware...Unequipped... I weep and stare at the wall wondering if anyone could love me and I've come to the realization that is a big fat NO! My heart has been broken for the last time, I've worked my last day in a dead end job, I 've ate my last meal. I find my body aches, my hands are soiled with this burden of a life, and that is why I will end it tonight. And if this all means that my soul is damned than so be it. I'm giving up on myself, just like you have given up on me.

#23 Guest_abigail bengwayan

Guest_abigail bengwayan
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:39 PM

Dear God, I cannot remember when we first moved to this place; I only know that here, the sunshine seems to fall more freely on my face. Without pretension or fear. It weakens my spirit, now that I must leave to continue my quest for meaning and life. It is not a matter of philosophy — though partly, it is, I must admit. The heart of the matter is the gaping wound my spirit carries. Perhaps it is in the nature of man to hunger for meaning as he ages. I am famished; and it can only be killed temporarily with those singular moments of life’s beauty. Like the little girl who clasps her old man’s hand a little after 7 AM around the block. She doesn’t let go his hand. Her life depends on the armor of his clasp. Or the dew that hangs from the tips of leaves after the rain. It seems a rat race — life lived in search of meaning or life lived with perceived meaning. I can only hold on to living it with these mental fortresses of books and poetry at my every isolated shot at the world. It kills me, but it also amuses me to wake up the next morning grasping new radiance. But at this point, I am afraid to find it a truth. And when these realizations, which I cannot admit, pass me in the dusk of my mind, again I would search for sunshine in this place I have come to love and find peace in. I have, at one time in midsummer, felt and knew this moment of peace with the world. Exhilarating calm in rough waters. I am aging. Most often I am afraid doing so without any permanence of being. But I am anxious, if this ruggedness is the struggle to completeness. I cried when I first knew it, literally having lived my life one day at a time in the past three years. It was basically downing a mug of unadulterated, brewed coffee each morning to rev up my soul engine. I cannot say how many more fortresses I need to build to sweep away the cobwebs of my mind, much worse, my struggling spirit. …When I leave, I will search once more for that unconditional sunshine. There is a sun for each traveling soul. It cannot be so far away. And when I do, I just might write you a other letter.


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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:40 PM

Dear God, Sincere greetings to You over there.How are things? I believe things over there are under Your control. My sincere gratitude for the air we breathe in,since all these days you have not privatized it,had it been You have done so it would have been too disastrous. Sir, i do not wish to disturb the perfect tranquility{if any}being experienced over there but to inform You of some happenings that is going on here,i would have done so before now but i could not find a medium to do so. Firstly,let me inform You of my latest arguement with Mr Inner Curiosity.Do You know him?I believe You should because you are the one who created it right inside man.However this guy haave been given me a lot of stress and headache of recent.Why?You may ask?Mr Inner curiosity have been asking me a series of questions like: whom You are?Believe me,i will answer him that You are the creator of all things...imagine,he will go further,asking me if you are also the creator of bad things?I will reply him,you are not the creator of bad things but you can decide whether any evil is going to happen anywhere or not...believe me or not Mr curiosity would laugh uncontrollably as if he had won a jackpot and just when i am about having a sigh of relief, he will raise his ugly head again probing YOUR very existence.He will ask,is God real?Guess my reponse?Ah! Haba! Shut up!Stop the rubbish!Instead of having a sense of remorse he will laugh uncontrolably.With all sense of responsibility as human being,i will answer,even if you can not see God physically,what about the freshness of the morning,the shinning brilliance of the afternoon,the coolness of the evening,the gentleness of grasses, the dancing of trees in the forest{especially when the wind want to show that his presence can be felt},talkless of the 'physical signatory' of Mountain Everest and Victoria falls, all showing the beauty of Your 'hands'.However i'm sure my answers have not been convincing enough to Mr Curiosity doubts. I sincerely believe when You are replying this letter you will consider it as a matter of urgency to inform me about whom You are and the proof of Your existence. Sir,since you do not only dictate what is going to happen there in heaven,Your headquarters,i mean you also decide what is going to happen right here on earth,Your footstool.Please ensure You do something quickly to avert future natural disasters that might be on our way.Of recent earthquake,volcano,flood have been a serious threat,i know You have not forgotten Tsunamy disaster of which thousands of people left here unceremoniously due to cold hands of flood. Human race is in COMA,as i'm writing to you tonight: A starving mother is hearing her baby soft breath end. A dictator is signing a death warrant. A trembling addict is reaching for one more needle. In the world tonight, a farmer's hopes is drying up with his crop. A little girl sobs softly while her parents yell at each other. A stone throw from here,there is a little boy walking along the street abandoned alone. Are these not pathetic enough? Dear God,lest i forget help us caution Your servant,Mr Death,the guy is too arrogant; according to information available here:1 person commits suicide every 40 seconds,1 person is being murdered every 60 seconds,1 person dies in armed conflict every 100 seconds and a child is dying of hunger every 5 seconds!Is that not over-seriousness of highest order.It is high time you cautioned him before he took all of us in a hurry! Extend my greetings to my grandparents,i was told here that they are there with You.Not fogetting Late Mother Theresa,Late ex-presidents Nkrumah of Ghana and Ronald Raegan of USA.I will want to know whether they are ruling as presidents over there when i see you physically,but please i'm not ready to come now for i still have a lot of dreams and aspirations here on earth. I will appreciate it if you can find time to re-orientate my fellow human beings here on earth;tens of war are being fought at the behest of,with the connivance of,or with the sponsorship of the state in the name of religion,have splattered the pages of history with the blood of millions.In more modern times,German troops went into battle in WORLD WAR 1 sporting belt bucklesinscribed 'Gott mit uns'-God with us. I would be expecting Your feedbacks on all the questions and reservations thati have raised in this letter.Extend my greetings to all your aides and whoever qualifies to be with You. Everybody here sent their greetings.Till i hear from YOU. . Yours sicerely, Owoeye Steven

#25 Guest_udofia akan E.

Guest_udofia akan E.
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:42 PM

Dear God, this world you have created perfect but hallucination in life seems real bomb blast,earth quakes,floods, storms,drauth and wars had so many lives been taken away visions can not be predicted good men no tales to tell passions for life long is lost shadows only,listern to dreams life like plant lacks it nutrients why? am i living other peoples life was man creation a mistake? or was i born on the wrong world? my mind is burnt with worries warry and confused anxiously i keep wondering for answers or should the world be destroyed for it to become better i have but one precious life and life can not be trade like diamonds patience i have long exercised but the patient dog this days eat no bones at all, GOD, how long would i be wondering what will happen if i can not stand it any more

#26 Guest_alaowei jombo jr

Guest_alaowei jombo jr
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:43 PM

Dear God, Life for me is dream, most of it is not what it seems I wonder is life a random walk? I ask myself most of the time with the curiosity to how, why is nature killing nature? Are we the cause of all the problems in our world today? Maybe if there were no planes there will not have been 9/11, are we here to end up destroying ourselves. May be if there were no nuclear bombs world war two would not have ended when it did. Can I say we are to do what we want with what u have given to us. Do u have a plan for humanity? Why is it easier to do bad thing than good things? What is the real purpose of the devil? Is he here to teach us? Or here to destroy us? Even the so-called saints, holy men and women are still in his reach and in most cases just as easy to manipulate. You made us in your own image and likeness that means we have some similarities. we are made out of love. Does love destroy love? I don’t thing so if we are destroyed then a part of u is also destroyed that also means that we really cannot be destroyed? The devil is just a teacher nothing more. if love is what we are, then we need not look further than one hearts because it is all there. We are made out of love to love we all will return, after being purified of course. I will like to know. Yours Faithfully Aaowei jombo Jr

#27 Guest_Amanullah Sayeed

Guest_Amanullah Sayeed
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:44 PM

Dear God, May this letter finds you in the time of your showering blessings. May my wishes be fullfilled and your showers of blessing be bestowed upon me. I want you dear God to grant good deeds, good health and good results in my work. Do give me sucess in whatever I do. I hope you must be in your good mood and grant me my wishes. Next I would also like to ask you to bestow some blessings on my friends and also on my dear and near ones. I heartily thank you for all the wordly beautiful things given to me in this world. But last and not the least before I forget I would like to request your kind goodselves to also grant me heaven after my death. I have heard the gleams of heavenly things from your holy books and I hope to feel and see it with my our eyes. I would also like to request you not to be so angry on this world,I know though this world is always disobeying you, but still dear God do them favour by not being angry and by not making all things in a mess. All the world is in a mess in the form of floods, earthquakes, famine and all other things which makes human beings to run hither and thither and feel sorry for disobeying you and they repent heartily so do grant them with your shower of blessings and give them the right path to obey you. Last and not the least be with me always in what I do, in my deeds. Make my fortune bright and gay. Yours loving diciple, Amanullah Sayeed

#28 Guest_Amy Zabinski

Guest_Amy Zabinski
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:44 PM

Dear God, I think you know me because my Ma told me that when I was born an angel kissed me and made me special. I figured you sent the angel so you gotta know who I am. My name is Harry. Some people call me dumb Harry, but my Ma she always called me Harold. So maybe you know me by that name. I know my ma loved me a lot because she taught me to never say ain’t and always to say please and thank you. Nick says I have good manners. I live with Miss K now in the big building the man took me to after Ma went away. I guess she must be with you now. Would you tell her that I miss her? Tell her that Miss K is very nice to me but she does not hug me tight like my Ma used to. I sleep in a room with Joey, Anthony and Michael. I like Joey he is my best friend. No one ever comes to visit Joey and me so we talk to each other. Michael he don’t talk too much he just sits on his chair and rocks back and forth. Do you know him too God? Do you remember when Anthony took my money that Nick gave me, well now I have a new hiding place but please don’t tell Anthony okay? Anthony always tells me I am dumb, but God, he can’t be too smart because he is living in the big building with us. Anthony is mean like my Pa. My Pa would take me in the yard and put a stick in my hand and throw a ball at me and yell, “hit it!” I did not want to “hit it!” then he would grab the stick and tell my Ma that he “gives up”. When his friends came to visit I had to go to my room. I did not mind though because my Ma would come into my room and lay in my bed with me and hug me and tell me how special I was and how much you loved me. I never met you God, but my Ma she talked about you all the time. One day my Pa told me he was sorry. I did not know what he was sorry for but he hugged my Ma and me and said he was sorry again. I never did see him anymore after that. But my Ma she taught me lots of good stuff like how to tie my shoes and how to count money. She showed me letters and numbers. I was good with numbers. That made her happy. It was nice being with Ma she took care of me. She had lots of gray hair when they took her away. Was that when she came to stay with you? Please tell my Ma that I work for Nick at the pizza store. He tells me I am smart. He says I have a good system for putting the pizza boxes together. Nick pays me $5.00 for one hour. He helped me buy a bike with three wheels and a basket so I could pick up cans and newspapers. I gave him $20.00 for the bike out of the money I made. He said I made a good deal. I know Ma would be proud of me. I help Nick clean off the tables too. Sometimes I hear a customer say to Nick he should not hire a slow person like me, they must think I cannot hear. Nick just winks at me...he says it is our special joke. Sometimes I wish I was not Harry, sometimes I wish that the angel did not kiss me and make me so special. My Ma used to tell me that “if wishes were horses beggars would ride” but I cannot ride a horse. What did she mean God? Well, my hair is white now like my Ma’s was when she went away. So I guess I will be going away soon too. Ma told me one day the angel would come for me a take mo to a place where no one would ever call me dumb Harry. I will miss Nick and Joey, but I will be happy to see you God and to see Ma again. Harold This is the name my Ma called me so please don’t get me mixed up with someone else okay?

#29 Guest_Aghaji Dennis

Guest_Aghaji Dennis
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:45 PM

Dear God, Mighty in warrior,i salute u.I have come unto thee in my nothingness and sublimity.I just want 2 bless you for been so faithful to me.Ages past you still remain unchangeable.Thank you for your love for humanity;it is uncomparable,thank you. I charge you O Lord to bless this human race with your continual love.Bless the world and give us the spirit to love and tolerate each other this day.May all the people we come across be blessing to us.I trust you Lord for i know my prayers are granted.Amen

#30 Guest_Ann DeLise

Guest_Ann DeLise
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Posted 21 November 2005 - 12:46 PM

Dear God, So many times I have been meaning to write you but did not know how to go about it. Anyway, where would I have mailed it to? I suppose it was by sheer luck that i found you on a Website such as this. I was never raised to be Religious, as I was told early on to choose my own way in life, and any mistakes that I make, would be of my own doing. I always had believed in prayer, up until a few years ago. You really do not hear prayers, do you? You send someone else in your place to listen, is when I came to that conclusion. Do they, whoever it is, relate to you the prayers that were heard from many people all around the world? I don't think so. If it was told to you, why haven't you answered my prayers? I am sure you have a lot on your mind, but we all do for that matter. My major prayer was not to help me, but to help someone else in dire need. That person believed in you as well as I, but do you help, no. I am really shocked to find out that you may or may not exist. Also, I have come to the conclusion that life is not what you, my dear God make it, but what we the people as a whole make it. I enjoyed writing this letter to you. Its been long overdue.I hope your listening now.