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"Jesus will tell me"

Posted by 5402Wilson, 04 February 2012 · 1,022 views

Kathryn, our first grade daughter, and her daddy are on a "Daddy Daughter Date" tonight. I was talking to her about that before he got home from work. I asked her about what she was looking for in a husband. She shrugged. I asked her "So, how will you know when you meet him?"

I loved her answer. Kathryn didn't miss a beat. She didn't pause. She didn't even think about it. She already knew her answer. "Jesus will tell me." smile.gif

I pray and hope she really does listen for that. I hope she trusts Him enough that she'll wait for whoever it is God has designed for her, however long that takes.

And I pray and hope that whoever that boy, who is out there unknown to me and will one day be my son-in-law, is listening for that too.

In Jesus' name, let it be so even as Kathryn and her momma has stated. Bring this back to Kathryn's remembrance, Holy Spirit, and let her heart always stay soft and pliable, even when storms and trials come. May the fruit of the Holy Spirit develop and flow out of her as she reaches out to others and may the words of her mouth be filled with Your power to bring hope, peace and life to those, Lord, you would bring across her path, even at a young age. Thank you for your angels who shall bear her up in their hands lest she dash her foot against a stone. May favor go before her, be around her, and follow after her as a shield, and Your word be her delight and she seeks You and even find that as she delights in You, that the joy of the Lord will be and is her strength. I just bless her in Jesus' name. Amen.
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