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Only Prayers can help us.

Posted by tulipsforall, 02 February 2010 · 574 views

Dear friends in Christ,
I am exhausted from worry and stress. It seems the harder i try the harder things get. I need to keep a roof over my head as i am caring for my elderly mother (83 yrs old) but the bills keep coming and i am not sure if i can keep my unit, which is our home. Our small family have been suffering for years now,it seems from the slings and arrows of ill-fate i truly believe that the only way now is through Christ and prayers that have been heard on our behalf God may intercede and give me some relief.
Thank you sincerely for your help, if you get a moment to pray for us.

I am so sorry to hear of your difficult circumstances.
Do you have a home church?
I would reach out for help to anyone who would listen.
(Church, community services, county, state, non-profit)
Sometimes just telling your story starts the wheels of His solution.
Yes, you have to swallow your pride, but often that is part of God's process to make us more like Him.
Ask for your mother, and anything for her will be for you as well. "Only prayers can help us" - prayers lead to faith and trust ....... and faith and trust often lead to actions that answer those very prayers. wink.gif God Bless You dear one.

Oh Lord,
You know these needs,
I ask that You provide them in a wonderful way that honors You.
In Jesus name,
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[quote name='Mike4Hope' date='Feb 3 2010, 07:45 AM']
Dear Mike thank you, it is such a comfort to know someone else cares, i am trying to ask for help but find it very hard - not sure who to ask as people have their own worries and cares.
you are an angel.
God Bless you and keep you always,
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Yes, I care.
Your Lord in heaven cares.

There must be someone / somewhere for you to reach out to.

A church? Call and ask, they may lead you to the next call.

God has many "hands and feet" on this earth, sometimes they just need to know who needs the help.

I know first hand that depression is a tool of satan. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES.

You must remain Your own best friend on earth and Your Savior your first love.

Know there is help somewhere, and in faith go find it (for your mother) ....... we do better stepping out for someone else even when it is for us as well.

You are a much loved and chosen child of God dear sister ........ exercise your rights. wink.gif

I hope you go to church or catch it on TV this morning.

Love In Jesus,
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