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#342405 Answered Prayer!

Posted by Walkinginpromise on 30 April 2011 - 12:18 PM in Praise Reports & Answered Prayers

To God be all glory!! My son is here... he is healthy...he loves to laugh...and has my heart overwhelmed with a joy like nothing I could have ever imagined. He is now 3 months old... I seem to always end up back on this site... how amazing to see how it has grown... I was number 93 and loved to see how many thousands of members there are now. To give a little background I struggled with conception, told for years, "you are still young". At the age of 36 and newly married (yaaaaaaaaay) we attempted IUI's 3 times, all of which failed. We then prepped for the last option... IVF ... My husband was sent overseas so it was just me and God and on May 7th 2010 the embryos were placed (2) During week 7 I lost one little heart beat as one had attached outside of my uterus...I began to hemmorage and they had to surgically removed this baby as well as my tubes (both). We prayed for my little heart that remained and he indeed survived the surgery. Wow, what a long story this is to remember now.... 9 months later and many restless nights I can see his face... my miracle, my answered prayer... I GOT MY BABY BOY! I just knew I would have a girl every one kept saying..."that is definately a girl"... i will never forget the day I heard the words "You are having a baby boy"... I was in shock..."God, did you really do this just for me?"... I wanted a boy so much... we named him Matthias Jezreel... he is a gift from the seed God planted. Funny how for so long I was told I was young and had plenty of time, now the opinion is that my age is too old to start a family. Well, I was 38 when I delivered and prayerfully I will be 40 when we deliver our NEXT!!! Please keep us in your prayers! If you or someone you know struggles with this, dont give up... do not listen to others who may be negative... put your life in Gods hands and know that "God is in control"