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#411195 Thanksgiving

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 22 June 2012 - 12:47 PM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Dear God, I cant find the words to thankyou for the miracle that is our baby daughter. She is healthy,whole,beautiful. Although i didnt deliver her normally as i had hoped,the c section was a success andi feel much better. Baby has a pleasant disposition and am grateful everyday that she is sunny. God watch over bab,bless her with good health and give me the wisdom to bring her up in a manner befitting of you. As a new mommy i may not know what to do so guide me,sharpen my instincts and my veteran mums for advice. I dedicate my baby to you oh Lord and may you watch over her and protect her from evil in Jesus name amen...

#403444 Uncertainty

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 22 April 2012 - 12:25 PM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Oh God, Thank you for this forum.Blessed be your name and bless all those who post prayers and bless those who pray for others. Dear God,my husband and I are expecting our first child in a few weeks and am so scared that I will be left alone to take care of the baby because of transfers that come out soon.God am alone in this town with no family and just a few friends.What I wouldnt give to be near family and not be separated from my husband! But we need to earn a living.This has been a concern for a while and am feeling so low. Only you knows what lies ahead and I will have faith that your will is best.Please God be my rock and my strength for what lays ahead. Amen

#402098 Safe Delivery

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 14 April 2012 - 02:43 AM in Physical Health & Healing

God, You have watched over me so far and now that am remaining with a few weeks,I pray that you watch over me and my baby.Keep us safe. I also pray for an uneventful delivery. I cant wait to hold this baby in my arms and I pray the baby is healthy and whole in Jesus name Amen

#397762 sugar levels

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 15 March 2012 - 06:00 AM in Physical Health & Healing

God, Tommorrow I have to go into hospital to have a glucose test done and find out whether I have gestational diabetes.Am so scared.My twin has diabetes and have seen him suffer with that disease.Please God let everything check out alright and watch over my baby that he isnt affected. In Jesus name.....

#392692 Dilemma-Work and Baby

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 13 February 2012 - 02:34 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Am expecting my first baby in May and at my last appointment,everything looked ok and the the pregnancy is advancing well.Thank you God for that. Please watch over me for the remaining duration. Yesterday I received some news that had left me feeling conflicted. Every few years or so transfers are carried out and you find yourself moved from one region to another.Am so worried because my partner also works for the same organisation and the transfers could go either way.Oh God am so scared of being left alone or having to move somewhere else and him to some place else.I have no family nearby and I will really need them when the baby comes.I am also feeling bad because some workmates who have people to influence already have letters to areas of their choice.What happens to those of us who know of no one but God to hear our pleas? The areas no one wants to work in are harsh with no hospitals and basic amenities.I fear I may have to resign or leave the baby with my aged mother and its so hurtful. If we weren't expecting a baby we would work it out somehow,but I have to think of the little one :( Please pray for us....

#383639 Please pray for my sever allergies

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 25 December 2011 - 12:20 PM in Physical Health & Healing

Merry Christmas Everyone! Thank you God for the wonderful day. Please pray for me that my health improves.I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and have been suffering with severe allergies for a while.Before I got pregnant I was able to take medicine to control my symptoms,but now that am expecting I have had to stop medication fearing the medicine may harm the baby. I have been two times requiring medication.God please I pray that the medicine doesnt affect the baby.I pray you touch me with your healing hand that my allergies go away. I thank you everyday.Amen

#372127 Confused: Please pray for me

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 07 October 2011 - 01:48 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Hi God, Yesterday someone gave me the worst news ever! A week ago I found out I was expecting and I had made my peace with it. Back to yesterday,this person calls to tell me that the man who i have loved for 5yrs and even agreed to have a baby with has been sleeping around with other women and workmates for as long as we have been together. She wouldn't tell me who told her and that people have known and decided to keep quiet because they didnt know how to tell me. And they were now telling me because they had my best interests at heart.Why tell me now? Oh God what do I do? Am shattered! Am sad! Am hurt! Please help me through this

#371274 Hallelujah! Praise God

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 26 September 2011 - 08:16 AM in Marriage & Family

Thank you guys for the prayers. However I feel there are people who are misusing this forum. Charityanne and Sunnyisle I was neither asking for your opinion nor your judgement! I already know what I did is wrong so please keep your comments to yourself. God the merciful has shown me HIS GRACE! Believe me thats why its a MIRACLE despite the circumstances it has happened and am grateful and glad.

#371188 Hallelujah! Praise God

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 25 September 2011 - 12:09 AM in Marriage & Family

Hi God. Hi Guys, I just discovered am pregnant! Am so scared and at the same time,calm. God,you know me and know I have done cowardly things that didn't please you in the past. For me to be pregnant,it's a MIRACLE! Please grant me serenity,peace and calmness. God whatever happens,let it be thy will.Watch over me and protect me. Please God,let me find a way to tell my parents since they have never met the man responsible. Am 31 so they will be disappointed :( I pray that the man responsible(dated him for five years) will stand by me.Give him strength too and walk with us that we may make the right decisions. God I have been praying to you on this issue and I beg for your mercies and pray and hope you will answer. God,I pray to have a stress free,uneventful and pregnancy.Watch over me Amen

#368476 Yay My Birthday!

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 08 September 2011 - 04:57 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Hi God, What can I say apart from praise you and exalt your Holy Name! Today I turn 31 and am doubly blessed to share my birthday with my twin brother.Am glad God that he is in good health since he's had a rough year after been diagnosed with Diabetes. The gift of life is a privilege and I pray for many more birthdays! Grant us health and watch over us as always. Amen :D To those celebrating their birthdays today: Happy Birthday!

#362189 Heart break

Posted by wnjuguna8 on 30 July 2011 - 08:50 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Hi guys, I met this guy about five years ago.At the time I wasn't looking for a relationship,but there was something special about him and we started dating.It has been going well till sometime last year. When going to work at night one day he sent me a text asking me to move out of his house.No reason was given but i did move out and didn't speak to him for four months.He came looking for me and he tried to explain.I forgave him and i thought things were on track,we were talking about kids,and i even went of the pill. He even took me home to meet his family,which here is a big deal showing seriousness and commitment. Yesterday he sent me a text saying that he isn't interested anymore.Am tired. Guys please pray for me to God to give me strength coz the first time we had issues it almost killed me. Whatever the outcome pray for me guys that I come out of it stronger.Pray for him too that he does find the person who will be perfect coz it doesn't seem to be me NB: I had been praying here in the finances and work forum and am glad to say God answered my prayers and I was transferred to a better work station and my health is much improved.Glory to HIM!!!!