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#135 Cancer

Posted by Mary M on 09 January 2005 - 11:25 AM in Physical Health & Healing

Please pray for my son Jeremy. He had surgery 2/16/04 to remove a tumor in his colon. At that time he was a stage 3. He under went Chemo treatment to try to kill the existing cancer cells in his lymph nodes and in his blood. He had a CT scan done on his birthday 12/10 and found out the results 12/29. His Dr. scheduled him for a Pet Scan the next day. He visited his Dr again on friday and he cancer is now a stage 4 and is not curable. She told us that he may have 2 years. He is 28yrs old and the fear that he has is so real. Please pray for God to lay his healing hand on him and take away this horrible disease. I know that God is the true physician in this world and I pray that he can remove his pain. He is starting his chemo treatments again this wednesday. Please pray that this treatment will reduce these tumors in his abdominal lining, liver and lymph lodes of his spleen. Please God give him strength to fight this terrible killer. As a mother I have lived my life for my 2 children and tried to protect them. Now I know it is out of my hands and that I cannot protect my son, but I will ask for everyone's prayers to heal him and give him a miracle that only prayer and God can answer. Mary