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#30463 Under satanic attack

Posted by zimri on 27 May 2006 - 07:46 PM in Salvation & Deliverance

Heriberto is a man in his 60's, and he has been under demonic (demons) and satanists (alive people in their spiritual and/or physical bodies) for a long time. He already received Jesuschrist, but since that, things has becoming worst. I've been teaching him about the word of God, praying, worship, spiritual battle, and several other issues. But actually that situation has affected myself also because I don't know what else to do. Right now while I'm writing this he is almost totally defeated, and he believes what satanists have told him..."We will kill you tonight". He was involved in the past in some kind of sects that practice material domain trough the spiritual body, inclusive traveling to other places in this way. I thaught him about the real face of this satanic sects, and he quits. But now his situation is really misserable, terrible, and after some months without contact he called me today just to say "Good by my brother, I am sure they will kill me tonight" The local church seems not to realize about the seriousness of this situation, and I really need your incesant help in behalf of Heriberto, to be strenghtened and to be completelly delivered.