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#201711 My heart is broken

Posted by WINFLO on 14 March 2009 - 04:45 AM in Marriage & Family

lord hear our cry now,Lord showup heal and wipe away our tears in jesus name i have prayed.amen

#201710 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 14 March 2009 - 04:40 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i come to you once again to remind you about caleb's family.God you are our father please don,t let us to suffer anymore if we have gone against you ways lord bring us back and forgive us.father it has taken us month and we are still requesting and praying for a miracle to happen and bring marion back to caleb,lord hear our calling and cry now if it is the devil who is bringing obstacles dear father remove them,lord look at us and answer our prays do not let us suffer anymore i have vision that one day we will stand very high on a mountain sing the song of victory.Amen

#201708 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 14 March 2009 - 04:30 AM in Marriage & Family

Lord open my gate which satan is trying to lock after opening.Thursday Patrick called and we met and we shared he promised to talk to me later.now lord why all this he is not talking to me neither telling me what next.lord i will continue to seek for your answer if it's your will we will renconcile with patrick and demonic power will be embarrassed i will conquer through your power and spirit you have given me i remain the winner devil you are a loser now.God guide me through this rough path and let me see you power in jesus name Amen.

#201610 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 13 March 2009 - 08:30 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i come to you once again to ask for permission if it is your will let patrick call me in jesus name i have prayed AMEN

#201569 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 13 March 2009 - 04:43 AM in Marriage & Family

Lord i come to you this afternoon to remind you about caleb's family lord i pray for marion touch her heart and children.bless them.lord give caleb enough glory and strengh to pray,do not let him dow he has confessed everything and he is waiting for your answer.God hear his prayers in jesus name i pray Amen

#201444 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 12 March 2009 - 06:51 AM in Marriage & Family

Greetings everyone... Please pray that the Lord may give my wife, Marion, the heart to forgive me for all the wrong I've done her, and that we may both be touched by God's love, so that our love for each other may be restored and strengthened unconditionally, and so we may serve, please, and bring God back all the glory that is rightfully His, according to our purpose as Husband and Wife.

Like so many other couples, we have both grown apart along the way. It seems like she is now enjoying the company of the world than mine's... and she has told me that she doesn't have any love for me anymore... all the while i was forcing to fix things, but in the end of it all... God has proven me wrong to try and take everything into my control, when I should have let Him work His plan for us. I love my wife so much, and I will never give up on her because I vowed to the Lord that I will fight for her... no matter what. She is my blessing to the Lord, and I don't have any other desire right now than to earn back her love, and be God's instrument in bringing back the blessing that she is for God's greater glory.

We have recently separated, and it seems that with all the hurtful things and words that have come between us, the devil is rejoicing because he thinks he has finally won. But I refuse to give up on the love of my life, and I'm determined to follow Christ so that he may teach me the right path to serve and glorify Him, and then have faith that I shall then regain my wife's love so we'll share finally, one unconditional love for His greater glory.

Please, please, I ask all of you... please pray for my beloved Marion.

Thank you all... and help me keep believing and having faith in Him.

Jehove redeemer i have come once again to remind you about caleb family dear lord bless them abundantly fill caleb with enough grace and strength at this time of trials and meet his desires i have prayed in jesus name AMEN

#201443 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 12 March 2009 - 06:39 AM in Marriage & Family

[dear lord was again i have come to remind you about my family issue lord let your will be done still holding on you and i will always trust and believe in you.AMEN

#201286 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 11 March 2009 - 08:31 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i come to you once again to pray for this family,let us witness the coming back of marion.God do not leave caleb alone at this time of stiff journey be his closest friend provide him with his love and evelasting joy.lord i pray for marion wherever she is.take care of her and talk to her silently touch her heart and soul bless her and guide her according to you will Amen

#201275 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 11 March 2009 - 07:44 AM in Marriage & Family

Thank Jesus for what you are to do in my life,thank lord for the far you have taken me i rejoice and sing song of praise for softening Patrick heart and telling his cousin that we will solve our problem between today and tomorrow lord i want to witness your miracle i want to witness you answered prayer by softening Patrick heart and agreeing to solve the issue lord i believe in your power and glory let witness your power in Jesus name Amen

#201125 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 10 March 2009 - 09:24 AM in Marriage & Family

our father who at in heaven i come to you once again to pray for this marriage lord i feel more touched whenever i see the pain caleb is going through lord restore caleb strength hold his hand and show him the direction to fall.our almighty father i lift marion and children unto your holy hands please ipray lord bring marion back don't let caleb to suffer anymore.if calebs annoyed you that why he is suffer all this i have repented on his behave lord see the love she have for marion and his children lord don't let him down he as confessed all .and now is your turn to answer his prays lord come down and heal this family.satan has no good plans for us ,but you, you will always remain our true friend.lord have mercy and bring caleb family together again. so as to serve you together in jesus name i have prayed AMEN

#201119 Friends we have not heard from for awhile;

Posted by WINFLO on 10 March 2009 - 09:05 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i thank you for making me to no prayway,it has really strengthened me, i feel restored whenever i pray with you. lord bless and meet our needs accordingly, lord we kneel down everyday praying for your glory to shine to us we have prayed and we will continue to call your name during the time of frustration and rejoicing because you have a good plans for us.all our burdens we pour unto you lord solve our problems see how the devil us destroyed many marriage lord hear our prayerand restore every marriage. in jesus Name i have prayed AMEN

#201113 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 10 March 2009 - 08:42 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i give you are the glory and honor,i adore you this evening i shout and call you because i need ,i need you to show up and solve this problem i cry unto you dear lord my redeeme move this mountain,lord i know patrick heart,that why am calling for softening patrick heart,i wount let devil to take over our love i will oray day and night untill the day satan will raise and say lord i have surrendered,the devil of arrogance,proud,infidelity,humiliation,heavyheart is defeated and demolised like the wall of jerich now,patrick you will talk to me in jesus name i cause anyone who is standing between our relationship with patrick in jesus name,i tell you very soon you will be embarrased because i will win in jesus name satan you are a looser always,God had a good plan when he brought as together with patrick and had a purpose and a good reason to be called patrick wife and patrick to be called floras husband so any one who think she/he can separate has is defeated, i will never lose hope every day i have a new vision for patrick and patrick if possed by any demonic power i paralyze them in Jesus name i send seven angels and holy spirit to come in your heart tonightto soften your heart and call me i trust in Jesus name .AMEN.

#201049 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 10 March 2009 - 03:27 AM in Marriage & Family

lord i come to you this wonderful moment asking for your forgiveness and repenting before YOU for my sin and Patrick sin.lord how awesome you are. God i trust your only name because you are the lion of judah that roar and everything change,dear redeemer you are abba father the lion of Judah,the king of kings this moment i humble my self before you with a lot of thanks giving and honor for the far you have taken me i love you because you loved and knew me before i was born that way you brought me to this world with a purpose, that way i will always proclaim that you are my God and saviour,thank God for your sharpening lord i accept it and i pray you continue showing me the way untill the time i will come what you want .Jesus you are my Dad and i trust in you lord i have prayed for many days and months asking for your miracle and your will to be done i loved patrick so much and agreed to be his wife for the few months i stayed with him there was no problem with him until the day devil stood between us and made us to separate and be what we are now. myheart is in great pain and tears i pray for your restoration and strenghthenig me,also lord don't forget to forgive and soften patrick heart lord i pray if there is any obstacle making us not to meet and sort our issues may you move it,and if is your will to stay that's way show me another direction and man to love and cherish me. i trust you jehovah and believe in your evelasting love God give me Hope because i feel down and deserted.I PRAY AMEN

#200824 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 09 March 2009 - 12:29 AM in Marriage & Family

lord once again i come to you this wonderful morning to pray for our marriage i know there is a reason for me to go all this may be its because of patrick our families all me but i pray for your forgiveness put us a new clothes and write us in your book of blessing restore peace in patricks family and floras family bring unity in jesus name.lord how i pray to bless patrick and enter into the inner most part and build him again remove proud heavy heart and lies from him.lord i also ask you to remove patrick in this world things which has made him to be what he is now i rebuke all the evil spirit that could be driving him now let him come down and see right in jesus name. everything will be well with me and patrick Amen

#200675 Please pray for my son and his friends

Posted by WINFLO on 08 March 2009 - 05:42 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Give this son wisdom like the one you gave solomon in jesus name amen

#200669 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 08 March 2009 - 03:43 AM in Marriage & Family

Our dear lord i come to you once again this afternoon to dedicate my prays once again,i have prayed that you change patrick heart and move him ,God loves patrick so much that why he gave him me so that i can pray for him and change his life from darkness to righteousness he has tried many ways to rescue his life from wifes to ladies beer to smoking and chewing miraa but all this are in vain until the day he will soften his heart and come unto your alter.lord continue moulding, and sharpening patrick untill the time he will come what you want,lord take care of him at this particular moment don't let him to forget me because of world thing but soften his mind and heart and let him see a good wife in me.i have prayed in jesus name and i have faith you will answer my prayers Amen

#200558 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 07 March 2009 - 04:11 AM in Marriage & Family

LORD i come to you this wonderful time to give you all praise and glory,thanks for being together with me and patrick i know you are doing something new in our heart and miracle is going to happen according to your will,lord talk to my soul and mind so that i can be able to make conclusion between me and patrick am still holding and waiting for you reply thank you jesus.i have prayed amen

#200437 Update! Please keep praying!

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 08:53 AM in Marriage & Family

thanks heavenly father,thanks for bringing her husband back,now lord i pray for your love to be manifested in this family renew they love once more.i pray for the devil who is trying to stand between them to be difeated in jesus name.lord i pray Amen

#200430 marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 07:42 AM in Marriage & Family

dear heavenly father i come to you this wonderful evening,thanks your wonder love and care that you have shown me this far i give you all honors and glory there is none like i adore you thank for my grandma thank for making her to be my grandma i love her thats way am calling upon your name to set her free from this demonic powers she is practising to luin our family and expecially me i come against them and i destroy every plan she is organising now let there be peace in our family loosen the chain that he as put in this family destroy all power and show her the right path to seek help not to witchcraft devol yuo are powerless now we are nolonger in darkness any more we are the winner and you will remain the looser always i have prayed in jesus name Amen

#200407 Urgent prayer request to banish negative force!

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 04:32 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

LORD meet the prayers of mmumt.lord let him not to struggle anymore be on her side always. do not let him down let her prosper in all direction.satan power or any spirit that my be loaming in his house creating some funny confussion i declare him defeated now he has no room in mummt house anymore God bless this family strengthen them.in jesus name i have prayed.AMEN

#200404 Please pray for my Marion

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 04:05 AM in Marriage & Family

LORD i come to you once again because of this family i want to thank you because i know they is something happenning now to marrion let you spirit continue to disturb her until the day she wil come to her senses, lord i thank you for answering my prayer which i have just made i had no money to pay house rent,but now i have i thank you jehovah you are great receive all honours and adorations thank for you miracle.has you have done to me do miracle to this family, how i pray for the spirit and demonis powers that are trying to have a room in this marriage i rebuke them in jesus i declare now devil you are powerless and looser this minute i authourise you to move out of mirriam and let her be free to come back to his husband,God loves you marrion thus why i feel they is something good is going to happen to you and caleb.lord strengthen caleb restore him every morning i know the pain he is going through God renew is glory every hour.lord i remind you once again do not let this family to suffer anymore.am undergoing the same situation because of my husband patrick who currently is enjoying world life lord speak to marrion and patrick.i come against the power of loaming from on corner to another as they look for water because they are thirsty ,bring them back to your well, where they will take you water and they will never go thirsty again .i praise you and i now something good and miracle will happen to our families. lord we feel lonely we need your help. i have prayed for almost 2 months now please answer my prayers i trust your name and i know you will send your seven angels to disturb marrion and patrick until the day they will come back to they senses.in jesus name i have prayed

#200402 A man in need of help

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 02:31 AM in Marriage & Family

Our father who at in heaven i come to you this wonderful moment to pray for this marriage it has really touched me i know i have the same proplem but i take this strength to pray for this marriage so that as you do miracle to my marriage also you do to this couple.father i have prayed for you almost two moths now day and night the time has come know to answer our prays see how satan want to manifest in various family but am declaring him defeated now he is powerless you are paralysed and anything you are planning in this marriages is cancelled in jesus name. satan now take your belonging and powers move out of that family and my family now,there is no room for you.jesus who liveth forever and ever heal this marriage now bring them together.when they meet to talk let you spirit and angels stand between them and everything will be well.the demonic spirit that is showing this madam to devorce is own husband i palalyse it through the power you have give me .in jesus name Amen


Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 02:16 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Dear father this are your children why let them suffer?lord if they are suffering because of they sins or families sins may you forgive them.lord heal the one who is seek stand between they relationship and the spirit that is coming against they relationship i rebuke it in jesus name i pray and trust in your miracles answer this pray.amen

#200399 Marriage

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 02:07 AM in Marriage & Family

In jesus name i come against powers which are bring confussion and lack of understanding in this marriage.let your will be done i have prayed and believed you will do miracle and they will testify of your wonders Amen

#200392 Trust and Obey God

Posted by WINFLO on 06 March 2009 - 01:03 AM in Finances & Work

Our father in heaven holy be the name,i pray you this wonderful may you meet the desires of this patches son.you are how father that why we seek your help during the time of our needs.father meet is desires now in jesus name i have prayed Amen