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#194909 Want my fiance back

Posted by xpinfinity on 28 January 2009 - 12:05 PM in Marriage & Family

God please hear our prayers. Let these hearts be as one and act in faith with your commandments. Please forgive any sins they have come across for they might not have known what they were doing, please let this one live in strength and see your love and your divine outcome as what is best for all. Provide guidance and love and sooth the ache that these hearts feel and open their eyes for truth. I lift these two up to you in the name of Christ Jesus our savior. Thanks you God, we praise your holy name. Amen, AND AMEN!

#194480 marriage family lost

Posted by xpinfinity on 25 January 2009 - 09:07 PM in Marriage & Family

Please pray for our marriage and my wife. She left unannounced on Tuesday and went to her Dad's house. He spurned me and sent me away, even called the police. She had been depressed and not going to church. I did not know how to deal with her depression and fear I handled it wrong. After no argument, but me suggesting she take care of herself, she left. Now I have not heard one word from her, I don't know if she is leaving me for good, or if she just needs to get away and her mind settled, but her Dad has made me the enemy and does want this marriage destroyed. The irony is that she is 58, he is 83, I am 56. We are adults and we can handle this, you would think we could handle this ourselves but I am being castigated. I spend my time in prayer, have spoken to church friends, but close friends and family are starting to ask questions and I have no answers. I went to 3 church services this weekend. Please pray for Stephanie and Eli, please ask God to provide his will and guidance and that Jesus return to her if she is lost. Also please pray her father sees the love that we had. Please pray he softens his heart in lieu of the Lord. May he be saved. This is sudden and there is no explanation, we spent last weekend professing our love for each the other, so what is going on? God Bless you whomever reads this and acts.