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#275872 I need your urgent prayers

Posted by AngelFive on 16 July 2010 - 04:40 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Dearest everyone, I am so sorry to bother you so soon. My landlady threw a bobshell today…she wants to put another tenent to my room!!!! My room is tiny and there is barely space for me…they want to put another person!!! This problem came before and I said that I don’t like it. But now today my landlady was adamant. She has even found a person!!! If I was her daughter, I can fight and say no I don’t want another person in my room…but I am only a distant relation and a paying guest, so my objections are brushed aside. They think that because I don’t have a job, I am sitting on my backside enjoying life…God only knows the torment I am in.
Mama wont even agree to rent an annex and move here. She wants to protect our broken furniture!!! I was thinking of going home tomorrow for 2 or 3 days…but now after this, I am afraid to go home…I wouldn’t put it past my landlady to put few people in while I am away.the room is tiny…there are other rooms in the house, but she is after my place. What am I to do? I cant put my foot down in this…returning to Ambalangoda is out of the question…God what am I to do???? Plaese please very especilaly pray for this matter, that God will change my landlady’s heart and leave my room alone. I cant ask papa or anyone to interfere…please pray for a miracle!!!
Please pray that God would open us doors to a house of our own or some decent rented place somewhere in western province.
Please pray for good health, protection salvation of my parents.
Please forward me to your praying friends?

God Bless You!!!!
Lots of love,

Dear LORD,

Asking that you meet these requests by Sanju. Praying for ABUNDANCE to surround Sanju at this time. I pray for Sanju's parents, Lord and ask that you bless them and protect them and bring them into perfect health, I pray your salvation on them. I pray that you bless this family with a beautiful new home and the income to afford it and the knowledge to handle it all wisely. I ask Lord that your presence be with this family and that all things work to the good for You. In JESUS name, AMEN

#275870 Drinking Problems....

Posted by AngelFive on 16 July 2010 - 04:34 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Im going to try to make this brief, but about 4 years ago or so i started to drink alcohol, i never before in my life till then. For about 2 years or so i drank almost everyday and it was from beer to hard liquor and it got really crazy to the point that sometimes i didnt know how i got home. Well anyways i got a little sick and had gallbladder problems etc
I reconciled with God and got healed and persevered in my dads church and played drums.
After almost a year of not drinking, i started hanging out again with the wrong crowd. I picked up my drinking habit and again it started with just a couple beers,i soon found myself drinking rum,vodka and wine. Today i had some family problems wich made me go to the liquor store and buy some rum mixed with a drink, but i couldnt finish it all i felt naseaus, but i was walked home i felt so saddened to see my self drinking again, especially by myself on the bus, in the mall....i felt so alone. I do not want to fall back in that dark hole i was in a few years ago...its depressing, i dont want to throw my life away like that, i need help, i need prayer. I told myself i wouldnt drink today but problems led me into getting liquor and i know it wont solve anything. Please pray for me. :(

Dear Lord,

I pray today that you meet this request for relief. I pray that the true emotional wound be revealed so that healing can take place. I pray for loving, caring, genuine friends to show up with open arms and unconditional love. I pray for the need to serve others, flood this heart. I pray that the upcoming days be filled with JOY, and grattitude and generosity. I pray most of all Lord for this childs perfect HEALTH. I ask this in JESUS name, AMEN


#275738 Prayer needed for low self esteem on physical appearance

Posted by AngelFive on 15 July 2010 - 04:43 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

Dear Lord, Asking that you show Donna how beautiful she is. How you created her to be a unique light and that she has the God given power to accept, and receive the gift of beauty you gave every child. Praying Father that you give Donna the same knowledge and gift you gave me to reclaim her inner wisdom, power and VOICE, to claim the Beauty within her...so that shines outwardly for the blessing to be bestowed upon all who see her. Praying Father, that she receive sight, that everytime she look in the mirror, into her own eyes, that she sees you , your beautiful spirit living within her very being. I pray for her LIGHT to shine so brightly that people stop in their paths to get a second look. May her BEAUTY become a witness for you, LORD. Praying LORD that you give her the tools and the resources to regain her confidence, that you send the right teachers and people into her life, to bless and heal her in this area and every area that needs attention. Praying All Donna's requests be fullfilled and that your WILL be done. I ask this in JESUS name, AMEN.

#275737 Prayer for our nation

Posted by AngelFive on 15 July 2010 - 04:33 AM in Pray for the Nations

I don't how many of you are aware of Dr. Michael Youseff. He has a covenant to pray for America that is going on from July 4th (our Independance Day) to November 2nd (midterm election day.)

He is looking for 100,000 to convenant to pray with him daily for the United States of America during this time.

If you are interested you can find the details at godsaveourcountry.com.

He is at 12,042 right now. And there is just over 1 week left as I write this.

Please join him in this. America is in desprate need of it. We need an awaking and a miracle in this country.


Dear Lord,

I pray for our country and I pray for our EARTH. I pray that PEACE and LOVE sweep over this Entire WORLD, and that YOU come forth as our KING. YOU are LOVE and YOU alone bring PEACE. I pray for understanding to flow through the minds of every human being, and that all fighting and disagreements about your existance cease. That the love and respect for your creation, every man, woman and child and beast be saved by your LIGHT. That this earth be reclaimed as SACRED and PURE and everyone feel the need to treat it in such a way. I pray that Hate..be extinguished...and everyone love and respect one another regardless of race, creed or status. That Darkness exist no more, but that it only be a reminder of your beauty and truth. I pray that THE WAY HOME BE Visible to those who are READY to receive you.

I ask this with a pure heart and love and healing in mind. I ask it in JESUS name..AMEN

#275734 My Obligations

Posted by AngelFive on 15 July 2010 - 04:22 AM in Finances & Work

Dear Lord, I pray your Blessings and Abundance be visible at this time. In Psalms 23 you tell us that we shall have no wants, that our cup will overflow. Praying Lord, that the spirit of receiving surrounds Delores and that her cup overflow. You can give her so many shoes that her closet can't hold them..in one wink of an eye. You can Bless her to the point she has to bless her entire circle of friends and family to the point they become believers, Lord praying that all of Delores's requests be met, and then a multitude of BLESSINGS both material and spiritual rain down in her life and the lives of all those around her. Praying for your presence, your royalty, your mastery...to flow in this situation. In JESUS name, I ask for these things...AMEN HUGGS Delores, God Bless YOU and yours.

#275733 Girl needs Help

Posted by AngelFive on 15 July 2010 - 04:15 AM in Salvation & Deliverance

This is from a young mom we know, S she needs lots of help right now, please pray for her and her mom, S also has a 2 year old to take care of too. Please help me in prayer for this young girl, she could easily slip to the bad side of life right now.
Thank you so much :(

I am in Eugene at sacred heart hospital taking care of my terminal ill mom that had a tumor removed on saturday that was maligmant.. I cant stop crying I am so lost I dont know what to do I feel like a little kid lost in a huge store it hurts so so bad its ripping a whole in my chest and burning... the doctors gave her three months with kemo and radiation. I dont sleep or eat barley anything.. I walk around like a zombie when Im not at her bedside.. What do I do how do I get through this its no FAIR!! Please help me please.


Dear Lord,
Praying for the requests made here. Praying for strength and encouragement, praying Father that you touch this family right now with your loving presence and that they KNOW you are in control of even the most trying situations. I ask Lord that you help this girl SEE the good in this situation, even though there seems to be so much darkness. Requesting the presence of your angels and workers to surround them at this time. I ask this in JESUS, name, AMEN.

#275731 Daddy

Posted by AngelFive on 15 July 2010 - 04:05 AM in Marriage & Family

I've a hearing in the morning about moving Daddy's guardianship (which I hold) from one county to another. An attorney is accompanying me. Daddy was moved after a stint in the hospital and his physical requirements could not be taken care of in the long term facility he was in so he was moved to one with a skilled nursing bed. Pray that this hearing be brief and in our favor. He is in a very nice place and 30 minutes closer to mother and I. Pray we are given favor.

Dear Lord,
Praying for Nessa's request to be made and that your will be done. I pray that if this request is not met that you show them why you had something better in mind. I pray that you strengthen them and help them through this time in their life. I pray for Wholeness and Healing on this entire family. In JESUS name, AMEN.

#255456 A prayer for Pam...

Posted by AngelFive on 15 February 2010 - 07:51 AM in Spiritual & Emotional Needs

I am asking those who will, to come together and pray for a friend of mine. She is facing alot of difficulty with a troubled past, and needs God to intervene and help her to move forward and to forgive herself. She needs to see that it is never too late to begin again and that no matter what she has done, Jesus can heal her and set her free. She needs to see that she has potential and that today she can move forward and do something good in her life, in service to God and to others. Please pray for her. Thank you for your time. AngelFive

#255455 Please somebody do healing for my sis.

Posted by AngelFive on 15 February 2010 - 07:46 AM in Physical Health & Healing

My sis age is 22. Her name is "Saumya Aashoo Lata". She is suffering from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma i.e CANCER. Please pray for her.

Dear Lord,
I pray for this beautiful child of yours, I ask that you heal her, and help her through this trial in her life, I pray for the highest good to come from this entire situation and all the lives that are touched and effected because of it, see you, hear you, feel you and recognize you performing your miracles. I pray for the family to be strong and supportive and use this as a time to come together as ONE. In Jesus name, AMEN.

#243731 Desperately looking for God's guidance

Posted by AngelFive on 24 November 2009 - 06:34 AM in Finances & Work

Dear Lord, I pray for Rasoi Forme's needs to be met, I pray you send guidance, strength, motivation and your holy spirit upon this situation in Rasoi's life, may your will and plan be met. In JESUS name I pray, AMEN.

#243730 God's Favor

Posted by AngelFive on 24 November 2009 - 06:31 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

Please agree with me in prayer for God's Favor, Grace, Strength and Victory in my life. Thank you so much.. In Jesus Name, Amen

Dear Lord, we need your Grace, Strength and Victory in our lives. We ask for these in the name of JESUS, AMEN.

#243729 pray for my exams.

Posted by AngelFive on 24 November 2009 - 06:29 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests

i am very sad about my exams i am not passing any 1 yet because of hard paper please pray for me in name of our lovingly lord of jesus.

Dear Lord, I pray for mega to be instilled with the knowledge, wisdom, strength and motivation to endure the challenges of school. I pray that you help Mega pass the exams and to overcome any trials at this time. I ask this in JESUS name, AMEN.

#226323 Unclean Spirit

Posted by AngelFive on 11 August 2009 - 05:27 AM in Other Prayers & Prayer Requests


It's kiind of strange that I have heard shower sounds coming from my brother's bathroom. In fact, I heard it since half an hour or so ago. But the thing is my brother isn't home yet as I type this. Moreover, my brother doesn't take a long time to shower. I could tell it's the sound of shower cos it's different compared to when one turns on the tap and just let the water flow. Now it's the 7th month or very near the 7th month where I live - it's also called the Hungry Ghost Festival - where a lot of Buddhists and Taoists will burn incense, etc to appease the 'hungry ghosts' (which are actually demons). Moreover, according to my sister who's a very strong Christian, the devil is trying to create havoc in my family becos we have reconciled after many years of discord, etc. Of course, I am not afraid even if it's the devil that is behind the showering sounds that I have heard. But I would still like to have prayer covering for my family. Thanks a lot!

Dear Lord,

I pray for your unconditional love, encouragement, and will for this family to be manifest today. May any negativity cease to exist in the minds or each individual. You have already defeated all satanic thought processes, and IN YOU we are saved. I pray your presence and Christ CONCIOUSNESS overrule any negative vibrations that may be affecting this family.

I pray this in JESUS holy name, AMEN