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#4237 Marriage

Posted by mpatriarca on 04 August 2005 - 04:08 PM in Marriage & Family

Please pray for the healing of my marriage, My husband left us for a month now he said he wants to find himself, he closed his mind for us to undergo counseling, he closed his mind to peoples advice, slowly I discovered that he might be involved with someone else. With God's guidance I am praying for his deliverance from seen and duvine intervention so he sould open his mind for what is suppose to be the right thing to do. Please pray also for my son He doesn't talk about this I do not know what he thinks. And please pray for me so I will have strenght to hold on with this marriage. Thank you.

#1221 Marriage and Family

Posted by mpatriarca on 24 March 2005 - 10:33 AM in Marriage & Family

Please pray for me my marriage for 14 years is in turmoil. Pray for the enlightenment of my husband that we are his family and I am his wife. I love him so much and that he should atleast reciprocate this love. Pray also that he soften his heart and listen to advice of the people who are dear to us and also the prayers that we are offering for him. Enlighten also the third party who is trying to destroy this family that she will have to find somebody worthy of her love who does not have any attachment. Pray for me so that I will have strength to deal with this trial and still maintain my integrity and sanity as a person, wife and mother. Thank you.